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Guest 8732 Dear president our hp psa unit is not doing well pl do something?

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Guest_8106 programmers must show their strength to the ministry and categorically tell these polts/bucats that only programmers of air/dd can spread goodwill among the masses towards any govt but/if the programmer is himself feels happy about/towards govt.ashwani,trex,air hamirpur
Guest_8732 Dear president our HP psa unit is not doing well pl do something?
Guest_4212 Yeah, We would like to see our busy PSA central commitee members soon on this site.....Lets be M A D (Making A Difference)
Guest_4212 Being happy doesnt mean everything is perfect.It means you have decided to see beyond the imperfections...Yet the PSA members are not happy....Help
Guest_4212 The act of putting pen(keystrokes) to the paper(monitor) encourages pause of thought. This in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us to regain our equilibrium- Shirley,Kochi
Guest_6943 So far... hopeless msgs Try to discuss something useful.
Guest_2421 we at the central unit are constantly reading your feelings, anguish at the way things are and also your interest in wanting a better professional future for all of us , but for want of time are not able to be in touch through this chat box. But rest assured we are constantly working for our collective welfare and are constantly taking all constructive views in to consideration. let us all please do keep up this healthy spirit. with warm regards ...SANJAY, PSA PRESIDENT.
Guest_2533 Dear guest 6943, Do you have a message useful and with a glimmer of hope? Pl do share.
Guest_2533 The fact that we are reaching 30 messages is a hopeful sign of things to come. The struggle inside our minds will find its way to a solution . Lets keep the camaraderie alive and kicking (even if its into thin air..)
Guest_8823 Dear guest 6943 u r sounding absurd and -ve like old air bosses without any programme sense be pragmatic and ve,goodluck!
Guest_7640 An arrow can b sent only by dragging it back, so when life is dragging u back wth difficulties, its going 2 launch u to victory...
Ganesh Friends As per Dte's orders today those trexs who have been reverted but asked to be in charge as pexs without corresponding emoluments are to become full time trexs again. No more pex-in-charge status for them.
Guest_1386 The latest directorate order is what was expected.The worst part of the whole episode is our PA(T) freinds should atleast now realise the plight of TREXS,and ask for promotion in a separate stream ,and not try to grab the food of an already starving man.All said and done we are fellow brethren.Lets not be a hinderance to each other.The story of two cats fighting for a piece of cake and the monkey cheating them finally is a moral to be thought of rightnow.Our hardearned money is eaten by lawyers.Think of alternate means to target the real enemy.PUT YOURSELF IN ANOTHER MANS SHOE AND EMPATHIZE.With much more to say one last word 'hold on to your inner peace'. Regards,A.B.Elizabeth.
Guest_7058 Dte order of Friday appears to be last nail in the coffin of Programme people. The msg is loud and clear "you damn people! we donot care for you. go to hell"

ganesh the way i understand it the latest order just takes away the autocratic order which made many reverted trexs work as pexincharge at trex's emoluments. Actually the lamenting should have been about that insensitive order which was like rubbing salt in to the wound, reverting, reducing the salary but asking to discharge the same responsibility.

Guest_7511 Take this challenge as an opportunity to address our real issues.Not d r8 time to go cynical.Asking 4 d wrong things,ofcourse, 4 d r8 cause,we got trapped by ourselves.Let's be honest about it nd fight unitedly without losing hearts.As some one pointed out,here itself, it was something,onlyexpected .......... K.Jyothish kumar
Guest_3360 Bhai trexo ye to hona hi tha,pahle ssc ka written test phir interview to bhai logo kafi hurdles cross karne ki adat hai ssc trexs ko aur bhi hurdles ayenge par aap apni efficiency show karte rehna apke saath jo ssc allindia comp exams ke baad incometax/excise inspectors ya assistants ya crpf or bsf mein SI/ inspectors lage the wo kahan hain ya phir so called khali interview wale kahan hain aur dikhao efficiency aur ikktha karo revenue sa****
Guest_7889 hi friends! let us not lose spirits by the latest order.all of use this moment to intensify our future agitation-srihari
Guest_1367 Dear Central Unit Office bearers, we have elected u only with the HOPE that there would be some positive measures. What is happening now ? The degradation is becoming more
srihari let us not lose hope with this order.use it as a weapon to stir up the cadres
Guest_1923 Dear friends, we would like to inform u that Kochi CAT has stayed the PEX-Incharge order. However we donot know whether it is applicable for all.
Guest_1923 The Central unit has filed a case on the same issue today morning. It will come up for hearing tomorrow. let us HOPE for the status-quo-ante. We invite your suggestions on how to agitate on this issue. Pour out your views here so that we will be able to reflect our thoughts to central unit.MohanaKrishnan, State Rep., Tamilnadu
Guest_3373 Presently I'm working in AIR as a TREX.I was appointed in 2004 in DDK,Jaipur as a Prod.astt.. Can I become a member of PSA.
SHIRLEY guest 8921 ji, (When I joined Delhi in 1989) Sab logon ka kehna yeh tha ki aap to UPSC likh lete,kyon SSC diya? Yeh sab to chance ki baat hai, Kya aap ek budhimaan aur sahi broadcaster hain ? This is the matter we have to address....KNOW the rules that govern you and assert the ideals of the fourth estate.....
SHIRLEY Where were the emotions that run high now when individuals among us suffered for the very same reasons ? Magnanimity to be the underdog or reluctance to face all odds...God knows how we kept quiet all these years ?
Guest_4019 I completely agree with you shirley. Coming from UPSC doesnot necessarily means that one is more efficient then others. This is a useless discussion. The problem is that apart from Dte some programme persons also become a party in humilating other programme people..
Guest_7705 RESOLUTIONS PASSED AT AN EMERGENCY PSA MEETING HELD ON 09-06-08The Chennai Unit of PSA has widely appreciated and welcomed the efforts taken by the Central Unit in preparing the WHITE PAPER document, however it was incomplete especially in places where the action taken by the Central Unit in response to court verdicts.The following resolutions have been passed:1. As far as the first demand of the WHITE PAPER is concerned, in addition to the claim of DPCs from PEX to JTS, demand should also be made for conducting DPCs from Trex to Pex,2. Demand for ACP - ACP for Trexs which is NOT legally taken up, should be taken up and fought either through lobbying or agitation. At the same time legal advice should also be sought on the possibility for an agitation over ACP for PEX's while a case is still pending.3. Clarification should be immediately sought from DOPT and UPSC about the status of Recuritment Holiday of the present position and stand of the department in this regard.regardsunit secretaryPSA Chennai
Guest_6373 can I becom a member of PSA email ID -

Guest_1501 Subhash Bohra ji , Kya aapne President ji se baat ki? Some matters have to be cleared before any further decision is taken.Vaise aap kyon hamare saath kuyen mein koodna chahte ho ?

Guest_7857 Dear comrades, Have u gone through the employment news 31may-6th June08 where ssc (NER) has advertised for TRANSMISSION EXECUTIVES with all relevant details like P.S (pay scale) DQ,EQ etc and interesting to WATCH A.I.S.L( all India service liability=NO{Transfer in the same capacity to be made within the NER ZONE only,except promotion} Does SSC knows the RULES or DIRECTORATE knows the rules This also pertains to our seniority ;IS any one listening �NO� we ourselves don�t want to solve this problem? Am I right?

Guest_7884 CEC should understand that they are not above any unit. This is what happened earlier also . There should always be de-centralisation of powers to avoid any unhealthy trend in decision making.Trexs problem is a more complicating one which needs to be attended simultaneously .As guest no.7857 says nobody wants to listen. Solutions in bits and pieces will TAKE US NO WHERE IN THE LONG RUN. NO AGITATION WILL GAIN SUCCESS WITHOUT THE SUPPORT OF TREXS.

Guest_6656 congrats central unit team in taking up such avaluable time in preparation of a apiece of white paper.u have managed to give a big BLACK paper for PEX IN CHARGE.Thanks for the effort. M.G. MOHANAKRISHNAN

Guest_5875 Mr. President - WHAT IS INSITU PROMOTION?

Guest_5875 AN APPEAL TO ALL TREXs- Production Assistant(Technical) employed in Doordarshan through back door means after 1985, have been lobbying hard in the Directorate, to include them in our Trexs Seniority list. Directorate is also seriously considering their plea despite the fact that there are a few cases pending in this regard. Production Assistant (Technical) cannot be equated with Trexs because they --- have separated Recruitment Rules.---- have NOT undergone a common entrance examination--- have NOT recruited through an authorised recruitment agency like staff Selection Commission--- Not the feeder cadre to Pex-- Hence their inclusion in our seniority list would be illegal. It will lead to immediate reversion of more than 275 Pex-Adhocs and retirement of 1992

Guest_9795 please see that the trexes who have already availed the transfer facility to their home by losing their seniority andbygiving the required undertaking should not be eligible for re instating their seniority orthis will invite court casesagainand all further promotionsneedto be stayed till theseniority lists are not put back in status of 2005.

Guest_5479 please put the court stay order on site immediately

Guest_6873 pleasesendfax tostationsofstayorder

Guest_1783 Dear 9795,No TREXES in their right mind would have dared to disobey the Directorate's order even as it is today just like that of the order dtd. 9.6.99. The same Directorate who issued the undertaking calls for a representation from the concerned trexes to restore the seniority --- which one would you consider ? That which is ..... Why the poor trexes who just followed the Govt . Order be unecessarily hunted down by unkind words , fierce looks, and .... ? Pl talk to the Directorate regarding this and also why we are languishing as (almost dead) trexes fighting for a morsel that is not within our reach even now.How sadly misplaced our affections are ?What would 'you' do in similar circumstances ?

Guest_9951 Friends i would like to request all our members giving their suggestions to please avoid criticism of other programme cadres as it will only lead to more frictions among us and ultimately hurt us all in the long run. Thank you all for taking a look and i shall get back to you all through this site at the earliest instant.please avoid criticising other cadres and induviduals and also kindly give your names at the end of your suggestions so as to give me a feedback on your induvidual views.SANJAY KUMAR,PRESIDENT,PSA.

Guest_9564 As usual the attitude of the PSA ,it appears from the letter of the president after meeting CEO, softened .Are you again plannig to give up our agitation plans on these dubious assurances?GOD CANT SAVE US

Guest_9564 pl post a model letter on behalf of PSA to meet MP S and other VIPS to mobilise support for the cause of PSA.Pl dont succumb to mgt on their casual assurances!

Guest_6816 BEWARE of more REVERSIONS

Guest_2477 what the hell the PSA Office bearers were doing when the reversion drama was on in delhi what preventive measures were taken.Were some of the past office bearers staying at delhi to create more confusion.Sanjay srivastava you have to rise to the occassion and not be a dummy.Only time will show what has been done.As for so many years it is a sinking Titanic.

Guest_9609 Friends please avoid personal criticism or else we shall be forced to delete such critical comments.SANJAY KUMAR,PRESIDENT,PSA

Guest_5433 What do u want Srivastava? Only garlands... NOT brickbats!... Then QUIT.

Guest_1596 Wah-2 No.5433 great comment,India Is Known for Its Vicious Politicians,Be a Politician Sir Srivastava,Garlands will also follow U hard times ahead? we all are with U? But thora bahut criticism sahna parega BHAIYA?

Guest_2838 I agree with you guest 1596. Mr President you are bound to be criticised till a positive result is seen. In fact you should take these criticisms as challange, and continue to work for our betterment.

Guest_9741 Dear comrades, Directorate has circulated A letter with a Subject Staff Requirement of Parsar Bharati. With a reference to MIB letter regarding same where it is mentioned that until the parser bharati is in process of constituting recruitment boards a massive recruitment drive is to take place under DR QUATA ,again it is mentioned that 7727 posts to be abolished as recommended by the ERC (ECONOMIC REFORMS COMMISSION REPORT) SIU norms are also to be kept in mind, Now PSA has great JOB to SAVE the posts OF PROGRAMME cadre, WHY DON�T WE DEMAND IN-SITU-PROMOTION to ALL TREXS WHO HAVE COMLETED 08 YEARS OF SERVICE AND start RECRUITING NEW TREXs AS FEEDER cadre to IBPS? There is no financial implication in such decision!

Guest_9587 Oh dear guest 9741 IN SITU Promotion is bulk promotion granted to Gr. D without any DPC but our Plight is WORSE THAN Gr.D ,OH DEAR after the implimentation of VITH pay commission there will be NO Gr D emloyee as every body will be promoted IN SITU to Gr C, Alas !there ll be TREXS AND PEXS with no promotion for 18-20 years is MIB listening!

akdanraj dearmost ganesh excellent job keep it up i have forwarded all the details to your 3 batches of official formats. all our beloved colleagues would be benefited by them

ganesh Hi dhanraj got the documents. I will post all those documents in a new link called Model Documents under ARCHIVES. Thank you.

Guest_9166 dear president dont act on thesignals of old psa learn to do somehing inteam your office bearers are struggling todo something new and u r doing onthe acts on oldpsa team so donot dance on their finfer tips do something in favour ofall and please do not be selfish by doing acts in directorate which benefits u the most personally or quit and stay behind all members know what u r trying to do and on whose signals

Guest_9440 Bechara Trex Gr.C no promotion in coming yrs,no hope for drawing an acceptable seniority list,Dte least interested in holding a DPC? Allaha,Prabhu,wahe Guru

akdanraj Dearmost Ganesh thanks for the communication. I have the seniority list of the programme staff prepared ready for publish. If you can insert an url I can send the seniority lists of all the programme cadres to you to be published in our website which would useful to our beloved colleagues. most affectionately always urs danraj
ganesh Hi dhanraj please send the list you have to the contact mail id of our site. Just click 'contact' link on the top of our page and send the list you have as attachment for onward transmission to central PSA for official purposes.

Guest_4889 dear ganesh i have forwarded some of the programme cadre seniority lists to your email id, now i am forwarding one more seniority list

akdanraj dear ganesh i have forwarded some of the programme cadre seniority lists to your email id, now i am forwarding one more seniority list to the email id you may publish the same for the benefit of our beloved colleagues


akdanraj dearmost in the additional contacts we can also add the aupo/tripod upsc direct recruited officers association

Guest_3929 All trexs who have completed 12 years of service should get ACP. This will automatically help kool down the frust. President PSA prioritise this move ditto with PEXs ACP. Act now.

Guest_1297 The new sen list is shocking.

Guest_3384 akdanraj will u stop giving unnecessary ideas and just shut up? if u have any ideas start ur own website.

guest 123 Once again a fresh eligibility list has been issued giving undue advantage to IZTs. is it because the President's wife is an IZT or is it because the GS is an IZT himself. looks like the present team is still running on the lines of the old team and why not, the present President was GS in the old team. somebody please tell us why this fresh list has been issued and what purpose will it serve as no DPC can held on its basis.

guest 123 why are the psa office bearers hell bent upon giving undue advantage to IZTs who have themselves given in writing that they ware ready to lose their seniority for choice posting.

guest 123 is this what was promoised to your elected representatives that they will favour IZTs. is it in synch with their promises. those who supported this team--- are you feeling a little let down.

guest 123 sorry correction. is it what was promise BY your elected representatives.

Guest_5554 The fresh eligibilty list is only going to lead more litigation. Why psa team is not reacting?

Guest_4898 Can you kindly throw away DDK prod.asst(Technical) from PSA?

Guest_7024 Dear 123, Pl. ask the admn who accepted"given in writing thing" ....... and who issued orders "requesting restoration of seniority" Are not these signed by the same persons ? same directorate ? Why this infighting .... Very sad as we continue to go back to square one and one and one...again and again

Ganesh The link latest news from president has no date because it is there for easy uploading and whatever it shows is the latest. It will be replaced with any new updates. Earlier ones can be viewed in Activities/Central Unit.

Guest_4616 Day by day the individual criticisims has grown in this website. This will lead to litigation among the programme cadre only. there should not be any guest nos instead each and everyone should be identified by their name and station. this will reduce the direct comments upon each other and throw disrespect among us.

akdanraj Dear Guest 3384 God bless u for your decency, manners and good suggestions.

Ganesh When there is an open forum criticisms bound to happen. Let us not make it personal, by name. But while critisizing we can also give suggestions and alternatives.

akdanraj Dear Ganesh thanks for the comments dearmost guest 3384 has criticised trying to develop enimity among cadres. but god is great. unity is a must at this jucnture. opening more websites and more associations will complicate the present status of all our air and dd personnel as we are already fighting to roll back. If dear guest 3384 shows who he is and advices the same once again things may be analysed to be decided for ever. Does he wants split among the programme staff of air and dd. only dearmost president should answer this. what i feel is when each one opens the website he should register himself with his membership number and code word so whenever he makes a suggestion in guest box or shout box his name and psa number should be displayed. I believe that world is small and living together is more important. we have brought nothing along with us and are going to carry nothing with us while we leave this world. then why the unnecessary ego and enimity in heart. let god bless everyone to live in peace and harmony.

Guest_2678 the site is a good effort.Mr president what is the process adopted to stop cat cases as why uniform policy is not adopted as now with this list more cases will come up. how many people are supposed to be promoted if there is a DPC and in that case if people below u are promoted then are u promoted or file a cat case.

Guest_6318 Dear President details of stay order please regarding TREXs OOPS! PEX(I/C) status. Whats your gut feeling?Will we call a spade a spade?Or the ostrich posture linger.Honest

D.K.Mazumder The annual event of publishing the eligibility/seniority list of Trexes is here again . Just how many times are we supposed to do the same the same thing over and over again. Just how many eyes and ears must one man have to finish it off for good. This is too much!!!!!!!

Guest_5617 The current scenario vis-a-vis private radio stn is grim.Shoulnt we be realigning ourselves instead of being hell bent on getting personal benefits like seniority and promotion knowing fully well as to where one has jumped Q .Influence should be applied for the benefits of the masses and not for personal or a few chosen ones ones .

Ganesh pl some one open a new topic in the forum on the ways to improve the visibility of AIR and let us have a go at it

Guest_4643 Hello lord ganesha we can talk about stars,moon,nature and oceans when our existance is in danger.let us talk business.u should remember that we have our friends in remote areas were they can rarely access computer and net.PSA is not delhi and big cities.Thanks mobile we are in touch but lot of people are not aware of what is happening and are working like dogs day and night.One should remember taht it is us TREX/PEX recent batches who are running most of the ststion and here is what we get.

Guest_3437 Hello! Hello! Is this the central unit of psa? Can the president or the general secy tell us anything about the long pending ACP case of pexs.? Have the supreme court directions reached the delhi high court? It was supposed to be disposed of before May 5th. Is the case still alive ? or has the central unit decided not to pursue the case! will the central unit have some time to answer this simple yet important query!!!!President and secretary ! hope u r not deaf to this question!!!!

Ganesh Hi 4643 Don't you think that while our progress is important our organisations's progress is also so. Yes we have problems but thay don't stop us from caring for our families or for ourselves. What is wrong in caring for the organisation to get ahead so that we can regain our old glory. It is never the organisation but only the people who run it, who have controlling power, who manipulate we should be wary of. I agree that all of us do not have access to computer or net. That doesn't mean others shouldn't use them. Like everywhere else those who can should help or enlighten those who can't.

Guest_5198 The ACP case for PEXs will come up for hearing after july 8th in the high court and the date of listing shall be finalised only after 8th of july. The case for ACP to TREXs also is being taken up with the authorities failing which by august PSA will be filing a case for ACP to trexs. SANJAY KUMAR, PRESIDENT, psa

akdanraj Dear Ganesh I am preparing more essential official formats for the use of all our colleagues will forward you in due course of time. May I kindly know the position of uploading seniority lists in our thepsa

Guest_6735 Dear dhanraj, i would like to thank you for some of your valuable inputs but please understand that ganeshji is doing all this web work free of cost spending his time ,energy and efforts. So do not put pressure on him as any information you send has to be seen by me . The combined seniority list of pexs and producers you had sent cannot at any time be uploaded in a PSA website as the concept of a combined seniority list is against all known rules and court judgements. Please be patient and do not try to tell what should be displayed in this web site. Thank you once again for your inputs . D o continue with your interactions. SANJAY KUMAR, PRESIDENT, PSA

Guest_6483 The eligibility-seniority list by the directorate has been put out for comments, rectification to be forwarded to the directorate within a time frame . Rather than using expletives on the comments and remarks that is made on this site by colleagues, are we making any progress ?? When someone makes you work like dogs day and night, it is not the distant PSA HQ that has to sort the matter. First the individual and then the local unit. Friends in "remote areas" please unite. Friends in "remote rooms" in Delhi, please find time to unite and demand proper management of working conditions.SELF-MANAGEMENT: WORKERS SELF-EXPLOITATION It is an economic weapon in that it tries to get the workers to take up responsibility for enterprises hit by the crisis by making them organise their own exploitation. Sj

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