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Sushil Kumar, S\o Late Sh. Kuldeep Singh Vill kothi, P. O. Karara, Distt & Teh Hamirpur (H. P.) 177027

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Sushil Kumar, S\o Late Sh. Kuldeep Singh

Vill kothi, P.O. Karara, Distt & Teh

Hamirpur (H.P.) 177027

Mobile - +9188941-30560,

Email –

Carrier objectives:

My carrier objective have been aimed at working honestly, diligently, sincerely and continuously upgrade my knowledge & skill at the same time serve the organization with the best of my intellectual satisafaction and where every achivement is rewarded by increase in responsibility.

Academic qualification:

B.Sc in (Chemistry) from Himachal Pradesh University (2006-2009.)

Professional Experience:

  • 2 Years Experience with LANCER Pharmaceuticals pvt Limited (WHO certified company) as QA/QC chemist.

  • Presently working in Marico Ltd Paonta sahib (A Leading FMCG Company) (H.P.) as a senior quality officer from 1st Feb 2012 to till date.

  • Total of 5.5 years of experience with reputed organization.

  • Current Job assignments:

  • Carrying out Raw material and Batch Oil Analysis as per specified ITP and time norms.

  • Complete knowledge of lab instrument like uv-spectrophotometer, FTIR, Karl-fisher, ph-meter, refractrometer, etc

  • Upkeep and maintenance of laboratory equipments and their calibration as per SOP's.

  • Maintaining records of all test results of RM and FG as per legal requirements

  • Ensure GLP, GMP, Safety and Hygiene in Laboratory, Mfg & filling.

  • Timely clearance of RMs in SAP post physical clearance.

  • Conducting internal quality audits at 3rd parties.

  • Compliance and sustainance of HACCP and ISO systems.

  • Training workmen on SOP's for Quality systems.

  • Actively participating in TPM activities

  • Team member in improvement project/ process(New product development)

  • Involvement in batch manufacturing process(like mfg of Gel, Body lotion, hair Oil,potion,cream,shampoo).(Brands like Set wet, parachute, livon and Hair and care Nihar shanti amla oil. Ayurvedic product )

  • Monitoring the sanitization process ( CIP ) in mfg and filling section.

  • Oversee on-line process control &quality safety.

  • Closing the non conformities after corrective action plan

  • Complete knowledge of SAP.

  • Complete knowledge of 7 QC Tool and FMEA.

  • Documentation

Batch Mfg Record, Control of quality document

  • Extra Achievement-:

  • Star of the month.

  • Recognize Applause by the company CEO at annual function.

  • Having experience of various trainings attended on TPM, 7QC TOOL Personality devolvement, NABL, GMP (ISO-22716) organized by the reputed organization like DNV,QULTIMA etc.

  • Computer competency:

  • MS-Office (Word, Excel and Power Point)

  • Internet

  • Complete knowledge of SAP.

  • Language known

  • English, Hindi

  • Strength

  • Personal profile

Name: Sushil Kumar

Father name: Late Sh.Kuldeep Singh

D.O.B. 01/08/1988

Sex: Male

Marital status: unmarried

  • I do hare by declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my knowledge.

(Sushil Kumar)

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