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November 2013 GK Randy Kominczak

St. Maximilian Kolbe Knights of Columbus #10720 Volume 22 Number 1

2013-2014 Officers

Grand Knight Randy Kominczak
Deputy GK Tom Gooney
Financial Secretary Joel Docog
Treasurer David Greaney
Chaplain    MSGR Kleas
Chancellor Mark Hoffart
Advocate   Ray Williams
Recorder Nick Boyd
Lecturer  Don Kleihege
Warden    Terry Clifton
Inside Guard Mark Abruzzese
Outside Guard Paul Mattern
Trustee 3RD Yr.    Carlos Rivera
Trustee 2nd Yr. Richard Leoni
Trustee 1st Yr. Jeff Kopecky

Happy Birthday

Nov, 10 Jon Francisco


Nov, 12 Bretton Flemmons

Nov, 12 Chris Buckley

Nov, 13 Mark Trevithick

Nov, 15 Richard Cano

Nov, 15 Dennis Field

member Count: 22
Non- Officers: 6

Good of the Order

Attendance Winner :

Nick Boyd

50/50 Winner:

Ron Contreras

Brothers, it’s that time again BBQ’d turkeys, deep fried turkeys maybe some chickens for the homeless at Christmas and a council Christmas party. All within a few weeks. We will be busy. So please come out and participate, that is why you joined, isn’t it?
With the amount of brothers joining the Council and coming to the last few meetings, we hope that will translate into more brothers coming to help out at events. It is great to see the increasing number of brothers coming to council meetings. We hit 25 last month which is a record since I started counting the members in attendance at the meetings. Remember we have attendance and 50/50 drawings at the end of the nite so you may leave with some spending money.

First up is our annual Turkey sale. $40 a turkey, fried or bbq’d. Come help cook on the 26th. Pick up on Wednesday November 27. You can contact anyone at the bottom of this newsletter to get one.

Meeting Notes

Thanks to Don Kleihege for chairing the Festival, Ken Wall for the Blood Drive and Dave Everest for the Golf Outing. All of the events were successful. Thank you brothers.

One more note on the turkey sales, every time you sell one, your name will go into a drawing and at the Christmas party will pick a name and the winner will receive a gift card.

For all our Sir Knights the 4th degree party will be on December 7th. The Council Party will be on the 14. Santa will make his annual showing so if you have children please send their names and ages to Joel so they can buy some age and gender appropriate gifts.

We will be selling Tamales the weekend of the Council party, the 14th and 15th. This is a good fundraiser to please support it.

Clergy Appreciation night

The Galveston-Houston Chapter of the Knights of Columbus will host the Thirtieth Annual Clergy Appreciation Night on Friday, January 31, 2014, at the Stafford Center, located at 10505 Cash Rd. Stafford, Texas 77477, (6:30 PM cocktails and 7:30 PM dinner). Once each year we Brother Knights welcome the opportunity to express our thanks, respect, and solidarity with our Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and Religious. Please contact Randy or Joel as soon as possible since there are limited seats available.

The St. Maximilian Kolbe Knights of Columbus will be cooking turkeys

this year for your enjoyment on Thanksgiving. You can choose to have

your turkey Barbequed or Fried for only $40 per turkey, and we provide

the turkey!! Your turkey will be ready for pick-up on Wednesday,

November 27th in the Barbeque Building. Don’t miss out on this limited

opportunity. We are planning on cooking ~50 turkeys on a first come

basis. Please complete the order form below and bring it to our table in

the Education Building after masses in November or pass it along to one

of the Knights before November 22nd to place your turkey order.

EMAIL or PHONE IN ORDERS Accepted (see contacts below).

Please pay in advance.

Checks should be payable to; KC 10720.

Christian Brown-- 713-545-1055 --

Rollin Boyd -- 281-744-5598 --

Don Kleihege -- 281-782-5234 or 281-890-7120 --

Randy Kominczak – 713-410-3662 –

Order Form





Name _____________________________ Phone______________

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