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Meeting Agenda and Minutes Form

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Meeting Agenda and Minutes Form


Contra Costa Libertarian Party Monthly Meet-Up





Start Time:

7 pm PST



Denise Kalm

Finish Time:

9 pm PST


Denise Kalm, Randy Marsh (acting chair), Terry Floyd, Sandra Kallender, Chris Coward, Kurt Schulz, Terry Roark

Agenda & Meeting Notes


Agenda Items (Lead)


Treasurer’s Report

  • Current Balance: $2200.89. (same as last month) Still outstanding costs are $78.02 for the election postcards.

Chair’s report

  • Working on web site. Dead until new secretary can get it fixed.

State issues

  • Prop 14 overturn effort – (per Terry )The situation with Proposition 14 continues to evolve.  Brian Darby, LPC Treasurer has been in contact with the Fair Political Practices Commission in Sacramento to make sure we are doing everything properly in this case, but the General Counsel of the FPPC has requested some information that I do not have with me on my vacation.  They wish us to disclose the amounts and dates of the donations we have collected, and since all the checks are still at my home in San Leandro, I am unable to answer these questions.  Since I cannot provide that information, I must then ask why this is necessary, since these funds are not intended to support a political campaign, and they have not asked the Greens or the Peace and Freedom parties for this information in regard to their donors.  Of course, Brian's original intent was to confirm we are following all the required disclosure laws, but the FPPC has not told us this information is required, they have simply asked for it.  They also asked for the names of the plaintiffs, the Prop. 14 defenders, the text of our complaint and other information that is already easily available to download from the Alameda County website, since that is all public information. We still need to find $3000 as our share of the legal costs. Plan is to raise it at the convention. Cory has pledged his MeetUp refund towards this. Sandra suggested we look at if there is any benefit to our party for the Top-Two. Since we’ve lost, perhaps we can exploit it. Fund-raising at the Convention and outside raised $1501.00 which doesn’t include some pledges not yet collected, nor $200 from Terry. Discussions centered on how Libs could benefit from Top Two or how we might run an initiative against it.

  • Local initiatives and office – deadline approaching to file for the ballot

Local Issues

  • PRI Annual Gala – October 22, 2015 at the Ritz Carlton.

Database of Interested People

  • Sandra suggested that we need to be creating a database, not just of registered libertarians, but of everyone where we find common ground. List names, contact info and area of concern, so we can quickly rally people when needed for local meetings, events and protests. Ex. If you attend a city council meeting, note who had concerns and talk to them and ask if they would be willing to be contacted on this and similar issues. Update: Sandra noted that whoever has the biggest DB wins, so she is suggesting connecting with the Halfway to Concord blogger. The biggest issue is who sets up and manages the DB. We can gather the info, but we need a real DB to store it in.

  • 8/6 – Randy set up a cloud-based, Hotmail account in Outlook where we can begin to add names, contact information and interests. We probably need to figure out which categories to track.

Action Committee

  • To give us a forum to plan activities, Sandra has volunteered her living room for working on projects. She will propose dates and times and see who can make it. Planned for Sunday 2/15 afternoon.

  • Update 3/5 - 2 meetings have been held already. As this is not a function of the party, meeting minutes aren’t being taken here. However, it looks like every other Tuesday is good and she will use the MeetUp site to post future meetings. Please join us.

  • Update 7/2 – Meetings continue. Ricardo has created info to post to the Lib website on the meeting dates, agenda and minutes for local city council meetings. This will really help us focus on issues that matter to us.

  • Update 8/6 – No status.

New Business

  • Sandra suggested advertising for candidates for local elections. Cory will run it on a blog he can submit to. Might have a phone number set up thru Google Voice for people to contact.

  • Kurt shared news about Liberland, a new country. See It hopes to be a really Libertarian nation. Sign up for info, citizenship, etc at this site. Update: Founder arrested in trying to plant flag; UN Official trying to validate borders was also arrested. So status is not clear. But you can become a citizen with money or through volunteer work.

  • Suggested we invest in material to create a handout packet for new people. Can poll on MeetUP on best bumper stickers.

  • Terry came to seek support on overturning SB277. She explained the problems with the new law and her concern about the large number of vaccines administered. They need more than 400K signatures.

Action Items List

(Completed Actions have been removed)


Action Item



Expected Completion



Open / Complete




Future Agenda Items

Who to Present

Targeted Meeting Date

Next monthly meeting


Proposition 14 Legal Fund

Terry Floyd


Student outreach thru Joe Canciamello



County Board of Directors



Interests Database


Post flyers on CC LP at DVC


End of document– AZAF030 Meeting Agenda and Minutes

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