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Social Fund "Legal Support center "

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Brief Project Description


Social Fund “Legal Support center “Alas”


Project: ““Current status and trends of pharmaceuticals supply to population and monitoring rights for the guaranteed volume of health services in Mangistau Oblast”
Objective: conduct monitoring and assessment in the area of guaranteed volume of pharmaceuticals supply and health services to facilitate addressing issues on improving quality of the services rendered, planning and allocation of resources.


Active Youth of the North-Kazakhstan Region (Youth Public Association)


Project: “Development of Self-Government in the North-Kazakhstan Region”
Objective: implement a sustainable self-government in 3 regions (Kyzylzharski, Mamlutski, Yesilski) near the city of Petropavlovsk and nominate a leader for each self-government.


Association “Kazakhstan Nuclear Society” Nongovernment Institution “EcoMangistau”


Project: “Teaching to write grant applications in Mangistau Oblast”
Objective: organize and conduct two training workshops to teach nongovernmental organizations of Mangistau Oblast writing grant applications.


Legal Entities Association “East-Kazakhstan Oblast Association for Health and Environment Protection Facilitation “Ecosoglasiye”


Project: “My Little Motherland: Nature, Culture, Ethnos”
Objective: develop active personal and environmental interests, skills and abilities among youth by involving students and pupils of East-Kazakhstan oblast in educative research, expeditions and propaganda activities.


Social Foundation “Association of Peasant Farms “Eremeynin Kyzdary”


Project: “Development of NGO infrastructure based on evaluation and monitoring data of “Eremeynin Kyzdary” Association”
Objective: evaluation and monitoring practices to improve effectiveness of project and programs implemented by rural society organizations in 13 rural districts of Ereimentau region, Akmola oblast.


Society Fund “Kameda”


Project: “Strengthening organizational and institutional potential of South-Kazakhstan NGOs to address the issues of local community in South-Kazakhstan, Dzhambyl and Kyzylorda oblasts”
Objective: strengthen organizational and institutional potential of civil society foundations in three oblasts of South-Kazakhstan region by conducting a 3-day School for NGOs in Shymkent City.


Public Association “Taldykorgan Human Rights Center”


Project: “Introducing concept of self-help groups in the villages of Almaty oblast”
Objective: establish and implement a human development mechanism by merging people into self-help groups to shift civic consciousness of the population and activate it.


Public Association “Urpak”


Project: ““Activating citizenship of population for the right to live in clear environment in Abay region of Shymkent City”
Objective: activate civil society by informing population, involving parents and children living on the contaminated area into the joint environmental activities; maintaining dialogue between local governments and population on environmental issues.


Public Fund “Kazakhstan Human Rights Center”


Project: “Barrier – free environment to ensure equal opportunities for disabled people”
Objective: ensure equal opportunities and integration of disabled people into society by providing access to social infrastructure facilities and enhancing responsibility of organizations to follow the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On Social Protection of Disabled People in the Republic of Kazakhstan”


Public Fund “Akbota”

Arnasay Village, Akmola Oblast

Project: “Establishment of a resource center for civic mindset formation of rural youth in Akmola Oblast”

Objective: prepare a team of leaders capable to push for civil initiatives and activate local work on forming the basics of civic culture of children and youth in four rural districts of Akmola Oblast in order for them to actively participate in addressing social and environmental challenges of rural communities.


Society Foundation “Center for Children, Juveniles and Women’s Support “Tomiris” Zhezkazgan

Project: “Development of rural women’s potential in Zhezkazgan City”
Objective: develop potential of rural women via education, public awareness and social activities and drawing attention to the poverty issues, protection and implementation of women’s rights in rural area

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