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Chris Guilfoyle Guitar/Chris Engel Soprano Sax

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Chris Guilfoyle - Guitar/Chris Engel - Soprano Sax/

Sam Comerford - Tenor Sax/Barry Donohue - Bass/Matt Jacobson – Drums

'A vibrant set of original tunes… thrilling back-and-forth between the two saxophonists—but even in the midst of the most exuberant solos a pronounced sense of collective groove held sway.' - All About Jazz

Umbra effortlessly move between the rich harmonic world of contemporary jazz , the cyclical grooves of bands like Aphex Twin and Meshuggah, all played with the energy of a punk rock band. Displaying an approach to ensemble writing that has drawn influences from John Hollenbeck & Jim McNeely. Led by guitarist & composer Chris Guilfoyle, the music cleverly integrates this smorgasbord of influences to distill a band sound that is decidedly contemporary and indeed complex, but one which never loses sight of the melody.

Drummer Matt Jacobson and bassist Barry Donohue lay down wonderfully elastic grooves, while the contrasting horns of soprano Chris Engel and tenor Sam Comerford make the most of the explosive front line in the company of Chris Guilfoyles intricate guitar playing.

Umbra is a 5 piece jazz band led by guitarist Chris Guilfoyle and features some of the most well known jazz musicians in Dublin. Umbra's sound is hard to place with a broad range of influences ranging from the lush harmonic textures of John Hollenbeck and Jim McNeeley to the cyclical grooves of Meshuggah and Aphex Twin with the energy and power of a punk rock band. While at times the compositions can be quite involved, there is an emphasis of stretching the boundaries of form as well as maintaining a melodic cohesion that appeals to both musicians and listeners alike.

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