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Welcome to camp lor-ray! Lor-Ray Camp Association

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Lor-Ray Camp Association
Family Camp Regulations and Rates

  • This is your campground, keep it clean and safe - help us to make it so for others. It is understood that each camping family will help clean the bath and restroom facilities - if we all do our share it can be fun for all.

  • Camp Lor-Ray counts on Family Camp volunteers to clean, work and maintain the Camp’s facilities. Your assistance with this helps us keep camping fees down. Thank you!

  • Try to keep the campsites, swimming and boat launch areas, as well as the woods, the way our Lord made it. Enjoy His creation – but leave it for others to enjoy.

  • Your input is always welcome. Let us know what you like; let us know of any problems you may have encountered. Please let us know of any suggestions you have that would help us improve Camp Lor-Ray.

  • We, the Association, and especially the Board of Directors, would like to thank you for your cooperation. We hope that you enjoy your stay and that you take away many fond memories of Camp Lor-Ray.

It is understood that camping at Camp Lor-Ray is a privilege and those who enjoy that privilege will act accordingly:


  1. Register with the Family Camp Manager and be assigned a camp site. You will be able to pick out your campsite without having your camper with you. You personally will have to be present and make payment to the manager when picking out your site.

  1. Pay for each day in advance. If unable to locate the Family Camp Manager, please place your payment in the ‘Fee Pipe’ beside the message board on camp site #3 before occupying your camp site.

  1. Limit of one camping unit per camp site unless otherwise approved by the Family Camp Manager.

  1. Pets are to be leashed or tethered at all times. No pets are allowed in the beach areas at any time. Pet owners, please be sure to clean up and properly dispose of your pet’s waste.


  1. Always conduct yourselves as Christians, showing discretion in your dress and use of alcoholic beverages, consideration for your fellow campers and concern for the general welfare and facilities of the camp itself.

  1. Control unnecessary noise at ALL times, but especially between 10:00pm and 8:00am.

  1. All camping activities are suspended during church services which campers are expected to attend.

  1. Any complaints or disagreements should be handled in a Christian manner by privately discussing them with the persons involved (refer to Matthew 18:15-18) to keep friction and dissent from the camp.

  1. Alcohol is not allowed in the beach areas.

  1. Smoking is not allowed in any building owned or operated by the Lor-Ray Camp Association.

  1. Soliciting is not permitted within the campground.

  1. Three violations of these camp rules will result in the loss of all camping privileges. Ask the Family Camp Manager if you need an explanation of this item.


  1. Build fires only on your own camp site and then only in BBQ grills or fire rings. Fires should never be left unattended.

  1. For the safety of all campers, please do not ride bicycles through the campground after dark.

  1. Please do not park cars, boats, utility trailers or tents on empty camp sites.

  1. Motorized vehicles – ATV’s, mopeds, dirt bikes, go carts, golf carts, etc. – are not to be operated within the camping areas, except by handicapped campers (or for official Association use; see Family Camp Manager)


  1. Potable water connections to your camping unit must include an anti-siphon device. See Family Camp Manager if this is missing from your site’s water supply.

  1. Please be responsible for the proper disposal of your ‘Holding Tanks’.

  1. ‘Gray water buckets’ and ‘French drains’ are not allowed. $50.00 fine for first offense; second offense will result in immediate loss of Association membership and all camping fees. Membership may be reapplied for the following camping season.


  1. Arrange for the proper supervision of all beach activities; no one is to swim alone. Minors will not be allowed to swim unless supervised by a parent or designated adult.

  1. While using boats or canoes, anyone under 18 must wear a life jacket. Each adult must have a life jacket or cushion in the boat, as stated in the Michigan boating regulations.

  1. Life jackets and paddles must be returned to the boathouse after each use. Parents will be responsible for any damage or loss of any Association equipment.

  1. Boats, canoes and kayaks must be returned to the designated areas after each use. Please overturn them to ensure water will not collect.

  1. Outboard motors are not allowed on the lake; manpower only except for handicapped campers who may use electric motors.

  1. Concrete blocks may not be used for anchors. Small anchors may be used, but must be removed from Association boats after use.

  1. Campers under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult while using a boat or canoe.

  1. Campers over the age of 13 may fish from shore without adult supervision.

  1. Fishing is NOT allowed in the Swimming or Boat Launch Areas. PLEASE OBSERVE POSTED SIGNS.

THE LOR-RAY CAMP ASSOCIATION’S Board of Directors has charged the Family Camp Manager with the enforcement of these regulations which most will happily observe. Repeat offenders and those guilty of flagrant violations will be dealt with decisively. After conferring with any Board Member, the Family Camp Manager has the authority to immediately suspend the offender’s camping privileges and may recommend loss of membership which can be revoked by the Board of Directors. Such action can only be reversed by a personal appeal to, and a favorable decision by the Board of Directors at one of its regularly scheduled meetings.

Revised May 2015 Visit our web site at:


  1. Members:

(Rates are in addition to the $35 annual membership fee)

1 Day Tent…………………………………….$20

1 Day Trailer…………………………………..$25

1 Week (7 Consecutive Days)………......$175

1 Calendar Month…………………………$300

2 Calendar Months………………………..$400

3 Calendar Months………………………..$500

4 Calendar Months………………………..$600

5 or 6 Calendar Months (Season)………$750

  1. Non-Members:

1 Day Tent………………………………....…$30

1 Day Trailer……………………………….....$35

1 Week (7 Consecutive Days)………......$245

  1. Guests/Visitors: (when in the same camping unit as a member) Any person not covered directly by a family camp membership is to be charged for each overnight visit. A family member is a dependent as defined by the IRS. All others must have their own membership or pay the non-member rates.

Overnight visitor rate………….……..$2.00/night

  1. The Nurse’s Cabin at Kid’s Camp may be rented for $40 per night (plus a $10 cleaning deposit) on a first-come, first-served basis, up to four persons. Additional per person charge of $7.00 per night applies. Maximum occupancy is 12. Please check in and out with Family Camp Manager.


  • Camping season begins on the first Saturday in May and ends on the last Saturday in October.

  • All fees are to be paid directly to the Family Camp Manager or placed in the ‘Fee Pipe’ on camp site #3.

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