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Ministry of education and science of ukraine

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Institute of Pedagogical Education and Adult Education of

the National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine (Ukraine)

Zaporizhia Region Institute of Postgraduate Pedagogical Education (Ukraine)

University of Augsburg (Germany)

University of Graz (Austria)

Tallinn University (Estonia)

Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and Humanities (Poland)

Plovdiv University “Paisii Hilendarski” (Bulgaria)

You are invited to participate in the International Scientific-Practical Conference

Adult Education in the Context of Civilization Changes: Experience, Problems, Prospects”

on 16–17 June 2016


  • Theoretical-methodological and methodical grounds of lifelong education.

  • Psychological, pedagogical grounds of personal and professional development of different adult categories.

  • Andragogical grounds of specialists' professional training.

  • Non-formal education of different adult categories as a resource of regional development.

  • International and historical-pedagogical experience of adult education.

The Conference will be attended by leading domestic and foreign scientists:
Conference venueMelitopol Bohdan Khmelnytsky State Pedagogical University (20 Lenin Street, Melitopol, Zaporizhia region).

Form of participation – full-time, distance, part-time.

Conference languages Ukrainian, Russian, English.
The results of the Conference will be represented in special issues of scientific journals "Scientific Bulletin of Melitopol Bohdan Khmelnytsky State Pedagogical University. Series: Pedagogy" (pedagogical sciences), "Versus" (philosophical sciences) and in the collection of the Conference proceedings.


In order to reimburse organizational, publishing, printing costs and expenses related to sending of the conference proceedings, authors are required to pay a registration fee of 200 UAH (for citizens of Ukraine) or 15 USD (for international participants) for one publication (from 2 to 4 A4 pages) regardless of the form of participation in the conference – full-time, distance or part-time. In case of the publication volume excess, the cost of each additional page is 15 UAH (1 USD).
The program of the second day of the conference provides an off-site meeting of the Round-table debate at the resort town of Primorsk. Participation in this event is paid in addition to the amount300 UAH per day. The noted costs include travel expenses, accommodation, two meals (breakfast, lunch), a cultural program, technical support of events, integration and final parties.

The money is to be transferred to the card account: № 5168 7572 9207 6207 "Privatbank", Baluta Viktoria Serhiivna as a recipient.

To participate in the International scientific-practical conference "Adult Education in the Сontext of Сivilization Сhanges: Experience, Problems, Prospects" one should send to e-mail: these documents before the deadline on 15 May 2016:

1) Application form according to the sample below;

2) Proceedings of the report made according to the requirements below;

3) Scanned electronic note of the registration fee payment;

4)Review signed by Dr. hab. and certified by seal of the institution (for participants without a scientific degree in case the publication is submitted to a scientific journal).

Documents are sent in three files. The files are named by the name of the first author (e.g. Ivanov I.P._application_form.doc .; Ivanov I.P._publication.doc .; Ivanov I.P._payment.doc.).

After obtaining the documents the Organizing committee sends a letter of confirmation to the participant's address within three days. Should the participants fail to receive a letter of confirmation, re-send it, please.

All costs associated with the stay at the conference (travel, accommodation, meals, etc.) are paid by participants at their own expense or at the expense of the delegating party.

Address of organizing committee: 72300, Zaporizhia region, Melitopol, 20 Lenin Street, Scientific and Methodical Centre for Adult Education at Melitopol Bohdan Khmelnytsky State Pedagogical University.

Person of contact:

Baluta Viktoria Serhiivna – a staff member at the Scientific and Methodical Centre for Adult Education at Melitopol Bohdan Khmelnytsky State Pedagogical University; tel.: 068 447 88 97 .

Conference website:


Organizing committee

The structure of the article should contain the following elements: the problem setting and substantiation; analysis of the research the author bases upon; singling out the aspects of the problem which have not been thoroughly studied; formulation of goals and objectives of the article; presentation of the main material provided with substantiation of the obtained results; conclusions, recommendations, prospects for further research; references.

The volume of publications – no less than 2 pages A4 series.

Technical parameters. The text must be typed on a computer (Microsoft Office Word 98, 2003 or later). Font: Times New Roman, size – 14 pt, spacing – 1.5 pt. Margins: left – 30 mm, right, top and bottom – 20 mm.

Order of the material placement. The sequence of placing the article material by lines (sample attached):

1) UDC (on the left, type – normal).

2) Author's name (on the right, type – bold).

3) Name of organization, the city where it is located, e-mail (on the right, type – normal).

4) Blank line.

5) Article title (centered, type – all capital, bold).

6) Blank line.

7) Abstract in Ukrainian (about 5–6 lines), key words on a new line (at least five).

8) Author's name, the title of the report, abstract and key words in Russian and English.

9) Blank line.

10) The text of the report is aligned to the width. Figures: Figure 1. Title – centered, type – normal.

Tables: Table 1 – to the right; type – normal; the table name – centered, type – normal.

11) References are put in alphabetical order in accordance with the form approved by HAC of Ukraine (see Bulletin of Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine. – 2008. – № 3. – P. 9–13 and 2009. – № 5. – P. 26- 30). In the text of the article the references are marked by square brackets indicating the running number on the list of references and with a comma – the page number, e.g. [5, p. 115].

Sample publication:

UDC 374.71(4)

Ivan Ivanov

Melitopol Bohdan Khmelnytsky

State Pedagogical University, Melitopol


The article highlights the adaptive systems of adult education which aim is to create adaptive environment for adult learning …..

Key words: …
Under conditions of enhancing the role of adult education in the life of society and intensifying processes of economical and cultural globalization, modernization of adult education appeared to be natural, …..



  1. …..

Scientific journals. The Conference participants have a possibility to publish an article in a scientific journal. To do it one should send the article written according to the requirements to e-mail: with a note "Scientific journal".

Requirements to publications are placed on the websites:

  • " Scientific Bulletin of Melitopol Bohdan Khmelnytsky State Pedagogical University. Series: Pedagogy" (approved by the HAC of Ukraine №1-05/1 dated 10.02.2010 as scientific in the field "Pedagogical sciences"). The journal website:;

  • "Vеrsus" (scientific journal in philosophical sciences – Order of MES of Ukraine №1528 dated 29.12.2014). The journal website:

The cost of an article printing (35 UAH per page) is paid after the article has passed the expertise and has been recommended for publishing.
ATTENTION! The Organizing committee reserves the right to reject materials that do not meet the above requirements and topics of the conference.

Collection of scientific papers will be distributed at the conference. In case of part-time or distance participation the organizing committee undertakes an obligation to send the conference program, the participant's certificate and a collection of proceedings within 10 days after the conference to the address specified in the application form.


International Scientific-Practical Conference

Adult Education in the Context of Civilization Changes: Experience, Problems, Prospects”,

(16-17 June 2016) 

Surname, first name, patronymic (in full)

Scientific degree

Academic rank

Place of work or study (full name of the establishment or educational institution)


Address for correspondence

Telephone number (fax), e-mail

Form of conference participation

(plenary report, breakout session report, paper, article publication, proceedings publication, distance participation)

Publication of the article (specify the journal name)

Full title of the report

Focus area

Equipment required

Need for a hotel or hostel reservation (the date of arrival and the period of stay are to be mentioned)

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