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1-day trip to Mt. Fansipan and 1-day Biketour to Binh-Lu on April 8th and 9th

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1-day trip to Mt. Fansipan and 1-day Biketour to Binh-Lu on April 8th and 9th




Apr 7th

Night 1: Hanoi to Lao Cai by the night train 4 berth soft sleeper cabin with AC

At 7:00 pm you will be transfered from your hotel to the Hanoi train station for boarding at 8:35 pm. You will be in a shared AC soft sleeper cabins of 4 to travel North to Lao Cai town.


Apr 8th

You will commence the trip from Sapa uphill to the Silver Waterfall where you cycle up to Heavens Gate, the highest pass in Vietnam definitely you will experience the stunning views across the valley then travel by bicycle downhill to the Black Hmong village of ChuVa, where you can enjoy a swim in the river, while your cook is preparing lunch. REF: SPT-B5

It is also possible to walk around in the village and explore the local life. After lunch, you will continue descending to Binh Lu. Upon arrival in Binh Lu you will be able to visit the local market.

From Binh Lu it is also possible to take another 1 hour on the bike and 1 hour walking to visit a remote village inhabited by the Coin Dao minority. Great day of biking and adventure. Van back to Sapa. Trip ended.


Stay overnight at Fansipan


Sep 30th

Meet your guide and driver at the hotel at 5:00am, (we arrange some takeaway breakfast for you to enjoy on the way, the restaurants in Sapa are too early to open) leave Sapa for Heaven gate.
Check your equipments and baggage carefully before the trip. At 5.30, start to an adventure the highest peak in Indochina. Trekking through a primary forest giant centuries-old pine expanses of yellow bamboo. At the elevation of 2.600m above sea level, stop for breakfast and having a short rest in 25 minutes. Continue ascending to the top at 12.00 where stop for lunch in 40 minutes, then take some pictures for unforgettable experience and your proud of victory at the top. After taking in the scenery and atmosphere on Vietnam's highest point, take the same way to go down to the foot of Mount. At 4.30, then take a car to the Sapa. Have a shower. At :17:30 pm, you will be transfered by a car to Laocai train station.


Night 3: Lao Cai to Hanoi by 4 berth soft sleeper tourist sharing cabin to Hanoi. Here your Sapa experience ends and we hope you have enjoyed your time with us. Take care.



This is price for 1 person basing on private tour of 2 persons

$ 265

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