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Grieta Tentere, State Employment Agency, Latvia

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Grieta Tentere, State Employment Agency, Latvia
State Employment Agency (SEA) is a state agency under supervision of the Ministry of Welfare. The agency’s duties are set out in its own statutes and in the law “On Support for Unemployed Persons and Persons Seeking Employment”. SEA is an implementing body of the state policy on unemployment reduction and support provision to the unemployed and to job-seekers.

Administration structure of SEA consists of the central board (head office) and territorial structural units – 27 local offices (affiliates) and 31 local sectors, which cover whole territory of Latvia and are established to ensure provision of services as close to client (employer and unemployed person/job seeker) as possible.

SEA works with its partners – employers and local governments in implementing employment policies in Latvia. The SEA is, in a certain sense, dealing with the consequences of economic and social policies – unemployed people and job seekers. Our range of clients covers a fairly extensive spectrum of the public. People who are registered as unemployed include persons who have lost jobs at companies that were shut down, unemployed from social exclusion risk groups, people who have lost high-ranking jobs etc.

The primary function for SEA is to register those who are unemployed and those who are seeking work and to help them to find proper jobs. The agency organizes an extensive range of professional training courses and programs for the unemployed, helping them to learn new skills or to raise existing qualifications. SEA takes steps of various kinds to increase the competitiveness of unemployed persons and job seekers and organizes also paid temporary works where unemployed persons can find temporary job.

SEA involves unemployed persons and job seekers in various programs which are aimed at facilitating employment. The goal of SEA is very simple: Help our clients (unemployed and job seekers) to find new jobs. Improvement of co-operation with employers and development of services for the employers is one of the key priorities for SEA. The mission of the SEA is to become a bridge between employers and employees, thus reducing the unemployment rate in Latvia.

Current official duties

I am a head of Strategical Planning and Analyses Department, State Employment Agency, Latvia

My duty of the job is to lead, to plan, to organize and to co-ordinate the activities of the Strategical Planning and Analyses Department. I am also responsible for the tasks and functions provided for the Department are performed qualitatively and in time.

The Strategical Planning and Analyses Department has a duty to:

  1. provide the accessibility for the statistical information on the unemployment situation in Latvia and the active employment measures which are organised by the State Employment Agency (SEA) and to prepare statistical surveys;

  2. work out new strategies, programs, action plans and projects which will advance the obtaining of the new experience and the improvement of the development of services and the research of labour market;

  3. work out measures and proposals on diversity of the services provided by the SEA in accordance with the needs of unemployed persons and persons seeking employment;

  4. organise inquiries of employers to forecast the evolution of demand and supply of labour force in labour market, to accomplish measures for the research of the demands of the labour force;

  5. estimate the implementation of employment policy, to organise the elaboration of documentation (annual reports, reviews) for the estimation of the SEA activities.

I am involved in the development of the ESF national programs in conformity with the SEA competence. I am responsible for the elaboration of statistical accounts of the implementation of the ESF national programs.

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