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12 June 2015
on Sunday june 28th, enjoy AN INCREDIBLE AND unique international musiciaL collaboration OF jazz AT LONDA HOTEL’S caprice restaurant
The sounds of Londa Summer Jazz continue to entice guests to Londa’s award-winning Caprice restaurant in Limassol, as on 28 June saxophone virtuoso Alexander Raichenok from Brasilia is accompanied by Cyprus Jazz musicians Leonid Nesterov, Nikolas Tryphonos and Andreas Stephanou. They will be performing a heady mix of jazz styles to suit all tastes.
Alexander Raichenok - originally from Latvia, Alexander is a one of the most versatile sax players from the Baltics playing robust and exciting solos to deep soulful melodies. Alexander began his musical journey at the age of 5, when his parents encouraged him to study the piano. Soon after, his innate musical ability began to emerge and by age 13 he started to play alto sax. In 1998, he relocated to Vilnius, Lithuania and steadily gained attention as one of the "Young Jazz Lions" of the country. Since 2001 Alexander has actively participated in almost every major jazz event around the Baltic States. He constantly performs with very popular jazz and pop bands live on stage as well as in the studio. Alexander collaborated with Estonian saxophone professor Villu Veski, taking part in his project "Primitive Music Society". He also played with Latvian and Russian star Laima Vaikule. For the last 5 years Alexander has lived and worked in Brazil, where he performs at many and various music events.
Leonid Nesterov began his music career in Latvia and has lived in Limassol since 2010; he performs on piano mainly around Cyprus sharing his passion for jazz by collaborating with various musicians from Baltic States, Germany, Cyprus, Russia and Israel.
Nikolas Tryphonos was born in Limassol and studied electric bass at Nakas Conservatory in Athens, at the Conservatory of Amsterdam and Conservatory of Utrecht where he graduated in Jazz double bass. Nikolas Tryphonos is an active musician in Cyprus’ flourishing music scene and often travels to The Netherlands to play.
Andreas Stephanou is one of the best drummers in Cyprus. From the tender age of 9 he started playing percussion and performing live with various musical groups in band competitions, concerts and recordings. After his service in the military philharmonic orchestra he continued studying percussion with George Koulas and in 2007 was accepted at the Rotterdam Conservatoire in Holland in the direction of Latin Jazz. Parallel to his studies he presented and took part in various projects such as The Hague Festival Latin Fanatics with musicians from all over the globe, with Nelson Faria, Anna Ellis de Jong and others. He lives and is musically active in Limassol, Cyprus, playing at music venues all over the island.


The Caprice’s cool Italian styled interior, flanked by the tranquil blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, is the perfect backdrop for the easy melodies and vibrant jazz sounds brilliantly performed by talented musicians.

Jochen Niemann, the Londa’s General Manager said, “The Londa is delighted to be one of the island’s most respected urbane venues for musical innovation. With this latest concert of internationally acclaimed musicians, we anticipate some of the best jazz performed so far in our Londa Jazz series of 2015.”
The concert will start at 17:00 in Londa’s Caprice Restaurant on Sunday 28th June.

Ticket Price - 20 euro per person including a welcome drink (children 6-12 years € 10). Snacks and drinks menu will be available.

Reserve your table now to avoid disappointment by calling Caprice at Londa,

Tel: 25 865540
For more information visit:
Contact: Andia Zamba, Communications & Events Executive

Tel: (+357) 25 86 5511


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