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Note: This document contains footnotes, by Jello Biafra. Choose “Footnotes” under the “View” menu to see them.

V 3.51 (Word 95)
This is the Semi-Official MS Word 6 Version of the Lion King Script, originally cast into textual form by Phil Pollard of JMU, and re-edited several times into the form you see here by Brian Tiemann of Caltech. This is your guarantee of quality, that what you see here on your screen is as close to what was presented in the movie as is humanly possible. -BT

The Lion King and all its respective work and ideas are copyrighted by the Disney company and its distributors. This is a script rewritten from viewing the movie, various printed resources, and the localized radio broadcasts from Town and Country Cinema. This is meant just as a fun way to review the movie and a source to quote from. Please do not charge money for the distribution of this script.

Flame Retardant:

Comments and discussions welcome. Corrections expected and are encouraged. All flames will turn on tiny sprinklers in your computer and flood your hard drive.

The Cast

In alphabetical order, with translations of the names where applicable:

Banzai [Skulk / Lurk] : Most quick tempered of the Hyenas. Best with come backs. Offsets Shenzi and Ed quite well. (Cheech Marin)
Ed : The stupidest Hyena. He has a Bill the Cat stare. Noted by warts on the tongue and holes in the ears. Too stupid or slow to lie at the right time. (Jim Cummings)
Chaka1 : Simba's and Nala's cub. He completes the Circle.
Mufasa : Current King of the Pride Lands. Well-built lion. Thick mane. Brown eyes. Biiig Kitty. Father of Simba. Older brother of Scar. (James Earl Jones)
Nala : Friend and companion of Simba. She can pin Simba in a wrestling match. As an adult she and Simba fall in love, prolonging a tradition they refused as cubs.

(Niketa Calame / Moira Kelly)

(Singing: Laura Williams / Sally Dworsky)
Pumbaa [Simpleton] : A well-padded wart-hog and friend of Timon. A little slow, but when he catches on, it's surprising what he can do. Has a flatulence problem. (Ernie Sabella)
Rafiki [Friend] : A mandrill whose role is of a mystical shaman. Outwardly he appears to be crazy, but in reality he is very wise. (Robert Guillaume)
Sarabi [Mirage] (Madge Sinclair): Mother of Simba. Wife of Mufasa. Reddish eyes. Leader of the lionesses.
Sarafina : Nala's mother. Friend of Sarabi. (Zoe Leader)
Scar : Younger Brother of Mufasa. Uncle of Simba. Well chiseled, bony features. Flat Black matted mane. Aspires to be king of Pride Rock by deceit, due to his thin size and weak stature. His claws are always partly extended. Has a vertical scar around his right eye that presumably accounts for his name. (Jeremy Irons)
Shenzi [Uncouth]: Female of the Hyena trio. Major attitude. Probably the smartest and deals the best with Scar. Most even temper. (Whoopi Goldberg)
Simba [Lion] : The cub of Mufasa. Soon to be King of Pride Rock. Initially a cub, later an adult. Reddish-brown eyes, from his mother. As an adult, he's not as well built as his father was. Friend of Pumbaa and Timon.

(Jonathan Taylor Thomas / Matthew Broderick)

(Singing: Jason Weaver / Joseph Williams)
Timon : An outcast meerkat; a friend of Pumbaa. Very self-reliant, quite a fast talker (like a used car salesman). Stands about 6" tall. (Nathan Lane)
Zazu : The King's loyal servant. A hornbill, which is a large-beaked bird. (Rowan Atkinson)

The Script

{Open, Black screen}

{Start nature sound effects}
{Cue Castle screen}
{Fade to black}
{Cue lion roar in the background, calling the animals to gather to Pride Rock for the Ceremony.}
[ MS: Male Singer

BS: Background Singer

FS: Female Singer (lead) ]
{Sunrise on African grassland, lightly treed, in time with opening chant to The Circle of Life}
MS: Nants ingonyama bagithi baba [There comes a lion]
BS: Sithi uhhmm ingonyama [Oh yes, it's a lion]
{Various shots of animals raising their heads at the sunrise: rhinos, antelope, a cheetah, meerkats, storks...}
MS: Nants ingonyama bagithi baba [There comes a lion]
BS: Sithi uhhmm ingonyama [Oh yes, it's a lion]
MS: Siyo Nqoba [We're going to conquer]
BS: Ingonyama

Ingonyama nengw' enamabala [It's a lion and a tiger]

{repeats 5}
Ingonyama nengw' enamabala (Se-to-kwa!)

Ingonyama nengw' enamabala (Asana)

{repeats 1}
{The Circle of Life ground forms in the BS's and holds its pattern for eight bars. It is a non-chordal BS part. The progressions are in the medium ranges of the strings. Various pans and camera views of African animals, all moving. Coinciding with the FS pickup in the eighth bar, we first view the giraffes, panning to a long shot of all the animals in their procession}
[The Circle of life text]
FS: From the day we arrive on the planet

And blinking, step into the sun

There's more to see than can ever be seen

More to do than can ever be done

{Camera is panning and jumping to elephants, zebras, ants, birds, storks, etc, etc ...}
There's far too much to take in here

More to find than can ever be found

But the sun rolling high

In the sapphire sky

Keeps great and small on the endless round
{When the "The Circle of Life" is mentioned the long distance pan centers on Pride Rock where all the animals are gathering. Mufasa is on Pride Rock. Long camera arc to Mufasa and Zazu.}
It's the Circle of Life

And it moves us all

{Zazu bows to Mufasa, who smiles and nods at him}
Through despair and hope

Through faith and love

{Appearance of Rafiki, the mandrill. He passes between ranks of animals, who bow to him; he then climbs Pride Rock to where Mufasa is standing.}
Till we find our place

On the path unwinding

{Rafiki and Mufasa embrace.3}
In the Circle

The Circle of Life

{Decrescendo in BS. FS drops out. Pan Flute takes simple lead.}
{Mufasa leads Rafiki over to Sarabi who is holding Simba}
{Rafiki puts the juice and sand he collects on Simba's brow-- A ceremonial crown. He then picks Simba up and ascends to the point of Pride Rock. Mufasa and Sarabi follow. With a crescendo in the music and a restatement of the refrain, Rafiki holds Simba up for the crowd to view.
FS: It’s The Circle of life
{The crowd starts howling, stamping, etc... }
And it moves us all

Through despair and hope

Through faith and love
{The clouds part and a sunbeam highlights Rafiki and Simba on Pride Rock.}
Till we find our place
{The crowd bows down, one by one}
In the path unwinding
{Camera slowly zooms out to a striking panoramic view of the Presentation.}
In the Circle

The Circle of life

{Bass drum hit (fff) and immediate switch to black screen with title "The LION KING" in blood-red caps.}
[Mouse / Challenge Scene]
{Cue mouse sounds}
{Visual fade into mouse in cave}
{Mouse comes out and starts preening in the light. Begins sniffing. Becomes frightened. Suddenly a large lion paw swoops down and catches it.}
{Cue the Scar theme (dissonant, slow, reed theme). Fade in slowly and up full during speech}
{Camera switch to Scar holding the squeaking and struggling mouse in his paw. He talks to it while playing with it}
Scar: Life's not fair, is it? You see I -- well, I... shall never be King. {exhale lightly} And you... shall never see the light of another day. {closed-mouth laughter. Starts to place the mouse on his extended tongue} ... Adieu... {quiet laugh}
Zazu : {Interrupting} Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with your food?
Scar: {Light sigh. The mouse is under his paw.} What do you want?
Zazu: I'm here to announce that King Mufasa is on his way. {bows} …So you’d better have a good excuse for missing the ceremony this morning.
{The mouse runs away from Scar}
Scar: Oh now look, Zazu. You’ve made me lose my lunch.
Zazu: Hah! You'll lose more than that when the King gets through with you. He's as mad as a hippo with a hernia.
Scar: Ohhh... I quiver with FEAR.
{On “FEAR” Scar crouches down and is baring his teeth at Zazu.}
Zazu: {very concerned} Now Scar, don't look at me that way... HELP!!!!
{Scar quickly pounces on the bird, catching him in his mouth.}
Mufasa: {almost immediately and off-camera} Scar! …
Scar: {Mouth full} Mm-hmm...?
Mufasa: Drop him.
Zazu: {Speaking from Scar's mouth} Impeccable timing, your majesty.
{Scar spits the Bird out, covered with saliva}
Zazu: {Slimed} Eyyccch.
Scar: {Sarcastically overjoyed} Why! If it isn't my big brother descending from on high to mingle with the commoners.
Mufasa: Sarabi and I didn't see you at the presentation of Simba.
Scar: {Faking astonishment} That was today? Oh, I feel simply awful.
{He turns and start scraping his claws on the rock wall. Zazu cringes at the sound.}
Scar: {Admiring his claws} ...Must have slipped my mind.
Zazu: Yes, well, as slippery as your mind is, as the king's brother, you should have been first in line!
{Scar clicks his teeth at Zazu, who has flown near his face. Zazu takes cover behind Mufasa's foreleg. Scar bends down to speak to him.}
Scar: Well, I was first in line, ... until the little hairball was born.
Mufasa: {Lowering his head and meeting Scar eye to eye} That “hairball” is my son -and your future king.
Scar: Ohh, I shall practice my curtsy.
{Scar turns away and starts to exit}
Mufasa: {Menacing} Don't turn your back on me, Scar.
Scar: {Looking back} On, no, Mufasa. Perhaps you shouldn't turn your back on me.
Mufasa: {Roars and literally jumps in front of Scar baring his teeth for the first time} Is that a challenge?
Scar: Temper, temper. I wouldn't dream of challenging you.
Zazu: Pity! Why not?
Scar: {Looking at Zazu} Well, as far as brains go, I got the lion's share. But, when it comes to brute strength {looking at Mufasa} ...I'm afraid I'm at the shallow end of the gene pool.
{Exit Scar}
Zazu: {Deep sigh} There's one in every family sire... Two in mine actually. {perches on Mufasa's shoulder} And they always manage to ruin special occasions.
Mufasa: What am I going to do with him?
Zazu: He'd make a very handsome throw rug.
Mufasa: {Chiding} Zazu!
Zazu: And just think! Whenever he gets dirty, you could take him out and beat him.
{They exit chuckling. Pan out into open Savannah.}
[Painting Scene]
{Rise in music—“This Land” track-- with theme stated in African flute, it broadens eventually with chorus and full orchestra. We see a rainstorm gently crossing the Savannah. Multi-layered approach to Rafiki's tree. Camera switch to inside. Rafiki is doing hand paintings on the wall. We see he is completing a lion cub.}
Rafiki: {Mutters to himself, in which the word "Simba" can be heard} Hmmm... Ah heh heh heh heh heh... {completing the ceremonial crown in the painting} Simba.
Rafiki: Hmmm.... Ah heh heh heh heh heh.... {completing the ceremonial crown in the painting} Simba.
{Horns and brass close theme in a stately manner with a decrescendo, fade to black keeping the painting of the cub as a crossover to the fade in of Pride Rock in early morning}
[The Sunrise / Pouncing Scene]
{Simba is seen coming out on the rock. He runs back into the cave and leaps over several of the lionesses, accidentally jumping on a few.}
Simba: Dad! Daad! Come on, Dad, we gotta go, wake up!
Random Lioness: Oomph!
Simba: Sorry!
{Simba starts to wake Mufasa}
Simba: Dad? Daad. Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad4...
Sarabi: {Over Simba's endless noise of “Dad”s, sleepily} Your son.... is awake....
Mufasa: {Also sleepily} Before sunrise, he's your son.
Simba: Dad? Daad! Come on, Dad! {tugs at Mufasa's ear.} Daa— Whoa!
{He loses his grip on Mufasa's ear, and slips and crashes into something off camera. He then comes running back on screen and butts Mufasa. Mufasa sleepily eyes his son.}
Simba: You promised!
Mufasa: {Seeing his son's impatience} Okay, okay. I'm up. I'm up.
Simba: Yeah!
{Mufasa yawns a well-recorded lion yawn, Mufasa and Sarabi follow Simba up to the top of Pride Rock. Simba rubs up against Sarabi, she nudges him ahead and stays behind. Departing shot of her, with a loving expression. The sunrise illuminates the top of Pride Rock impressively. Both Simba and Mufasa are on the point. Cue music.}
Mufasa: Look Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom.
Simba: Wow.
{The camera pans from a reverse view to a frontal shot}
Mufasa: A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day Simba, the sun will set on my time here- and will rise with you as the new king.
Simba: And this’ll all be mine?
Mufasa: Everything.
Simba: Everything the light touches... {Simba looks all around. He views the rip-rap canyon in the distance, to the right} What about that shadowy place?
Mufasa: That's beyond our borders; you must never go there, Simba.
Simba: But I thought a king can do whatever he wants.
Mufasa: Oh, there's more to being king than-- getting your way all the time.
{Mufasa starts back down the rock}
Simba: {Awed} There's more?
Mufasa: {Chuckles} Simba.
{Camera switch. Mufasa and Simba are out walking on the savannah}
Mufasa: Everything you see exists together, in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance, and respect all the creatures-- from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.
Simba: But, Dad, don't we eat the antelope?
Mufasa: Yes, Simba, but let me explain. When we die, our bodies become the grass. And the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.
Zazu: {Lights on a nearby rock} Good morning, sire!
Mufasa: Good morning, Zazu.
Zazu: Checking in... with the morning report.
Mufasa: Fire away.
Zazu: Well! The buzz from the bees is that the leopards are in a bit of a spot ...
{Zazu's speech will continue through without stop. Simba and Mufasa's conversation is the focus.}
Mufasa: {Distracted} Oh, really?
{Simba, uninterested in Zazu, pounces at a grasshopper and misses}
Zazu: {continuing, not noticing Mufasa's lack of enthusiasm} ... And the baboons are going ape over this. Of course, the giraffes are acting like they're above it all....
Mufasa: {To Simba} What are you doing, son?
Simba: {Disappointedly looking in his empty paws} Pouncing.
Mufasa: Let an old pro show you how it's done.
Zazu: ... The tick birds are pecking on the elephants. I told the elephants to forget it, but they can't ...
Mufasa: Zazu, would you turn around?
Zazu: Yes, sire. {Continuing immediately} The Cheetahs are hard up, but as I always say ...
Mufasa: {Whispering} Stay low to the ground.
Zazu: Cheetahs never prosper…
Simba: {Whispering} Okay, stay low to the ground, right yeah ...
Zazu: {Realizing something is amiss} What’s going on?
Mufasa: A pouncing lesson.
Zazu: Oh very good. Pouncing. {Realizing} Pouncing!?! Oh no, sire, you can't be serious ...
{Mufasa motions for Zazu to turn back around.}
Zazu: Oh, ... this is so humiliating.
Mufasa: {Still whispering} Try not to make a sound.
Zazu: What are you telling him Mufasa? {Looking around uneasily. Simba and Mufasa have seemingly disappeared} Mufasa? ...Simba?
{Simba does a full pounce leaving Zazu stunned on the ground}
Mufasa: Ha ha ha ha ha. That's very good. Ha ha ha...
{A gopher emerges under Zazu.}
Gopher: Zazu.
Zazu: {Exasperated} Yes?
Gopher: {Saluting} Sir. News from the underground.
Mufasa: {to Simba} Now, this time--
Zazu: {Interrupting and with urgency} Sire! Hyenas!! In the Pride Lands!
Mufasa: {Serious now} Zazu, take Simba home.
Simba: Oh Dad, can't I come?
Mufasa: {Curtly} No, son.
{Mufasa heads off at a full gallop}
Simba: I never get to go anywhere.
Zazu: Oh young master, one day you will be king; then you can chase those slobbering, mangy, stupid poachers from dawn until dusk.
{They head off. Camera pulls back to wide view of savannah}
[Scar Tricks Simba Scene]
{Camera change to Scar on an overhanging rock ledge. We see Scar pace a bit and kick an old bone off the edge.}
{Enter Simba}
Simba: Hey Uncle Scar, guess what!
Scar: I despise guessing games.
Simba: I'm going to be king of Pride Rock.
Scar: {Sarcastically} Oh goodee.
Simba: {Looking out over the edge of the rock}5 My Dad just showed me the whole kingdom, {greedily} and I'm going to rule it all. Heh heh.
Scar: Yes. Well… forgive me for not leaping for joy.... Bad back, you know.
{Scar flops down on his side.}
Simba: Hey, Uncle Scar? When I'm king, what will that make you?
Scar: A monkey's uncle.
Simba: Heh heh. You’re so weird.
Scar: You have no idea. …So, your father showed you the whole kingdom, did he?
Simba: Everything.
Scar: He didn't show you what's beyond that rise at the northern border…?
Simba: {Disappointed} Well, no… he said I can't go there.
Scar: And he's absolutely right! It's far too dangerous. Only the bravest lions go there.
Simba: Well, I'm brave! What's out th--
Scar: {Interrupting} No, I'm sorry Simba; I just can't tell you.
Simba: Why not?
Scar: Simba, Simba; I'm only looking out for the well-being of my favorite nephew.
{Scar rubs and pats Simba's head}
Simba: {Snorts sarcastically} Yeah, right; I'm your only nephew.

Scar: All the more reason for me to be protective… An elephant graveyard is no place for a young prince ... {faking surprise} Oops!

Simba: {Enthusiastic} An elephant what? Whoa!
Scar: {Faking dismay} Oh dear, I've said too much.... Well, I suppose you'd have found out sooner or later, you being so clever and all.... {pulling Simba near} Oh, just do me one favor-- Promise me you'll never visit that dreadful place.
Simba: {Thinks} No problem.
Scar: There's a good lad. You run along now and have fun. And remember… it's our little secret.
{Simba leaves the rock, Scar walks away with an evil smile. Menacing music.}

[Bath Scene - Intro to Water Hole Scene]
{Simba is running down the slope of the bottom part of Pride Rock. He runs down towards two lionesses (Sarabi and Sarafina). Sarafina is giving Nala a bath. Music is light, almost jazzy. Pan flute lead.}
Simba: Hey, Nala.
Nala: Hi, Simba.
Simba: Come on. I just heard about this great place.
Nala: {Through clenched teeth} Simba! I'm kind of in the middle of a bath.
Sarabi: And it's time for yours.
{Simba tries (too late) to escape; Sarabi bends down and grabs him. She proceeds to give the struggling cub a bath.}
Simba: Mom! ... Mom. You're messing up my mane.
{Sarabi smiles}
Simba: Okay, okay; I'm clean. Can we go now?
Nala: So where are we going? It better not be anyplace dumb.
Simba: No. It's really cool.
Sarabi: So where is this “really cool” place?
Simba: Oh.... {thinks} uh ... around the water hole.
Nala: The water hole?! What's so great about the water hole?
Simba: {Whisper} I'll show you when we get there.
Nala: {Whisper} Oh.... {normal} Uh.... Mom, can I go with Simba?
Sarafina: Hmm… What do you think, Sarabi?
Sarabi: Well...
Nala and Simba: {through broad, forced grins} Pleeeease?
Sarabi: It's all right with me....
{Nala and Simba are overjoyed}
Nala: All right!

Simba: Yeah!!

Sarabi: ...As long as Zazu goes with you.
{Simba and Nala stop dead in their celebration}
Simba: No! Not Zazu.
[Water Hole Scene]

{Camera is at a ground angle slightly behind the cubs walking towards the water hole. Zazu is visible in the sky overhead}

Zazu: Step lively. The sooner we get to the water hole, the sooner we can leave.
{Camera angle changes to the cubs from an immediate real view}
Nala: {Whisper} So where’re we really going?
Simba: {Whisper} An elephant graveyard.
Nala: Wow!
Simba: {Whisper} Shhh! Zazu.
Nala: {Whisper} Right. So how are we gonna ditch the dodo?
{Camera switch to just above Zazu. We hear the cubs whispering back and forth below}
Nala: {Whispering} Oh I know how we can--
Zazu: {Flying down} Oh, just look at you two. Little seeds of romance blossoming in the savannah. Your parents will be thrilled… {He lands in front of them} …what with your being betrothed and all.
Simba: Be-what?
Zazu: Betrothed. Intended. Affianced.
Nala: Meaning…?
Zazu: {As though holding on to his coat lapels} One day you two are going to be married!
Simba: Yuck!

Nala: Ewww!

Simba: I can't marry her. She's my friend.
Nala: Yeah. It’d be too weird.
Zazu: Well, sorry to bust your bubble, but you two turtle doves have no choice. It’s a tradition…
{Simba mimics Zazu during these last words}
Zazu: …going back generations.
Simba: Well when I'm king, that’ll be the first thing to go.
Zazu: Not so long as I'm around.
{Start fading in intro to “I Just Can't Wait to Be King”}
Simba: Well in that case, you're fired.
Zazu: Hmmm.... Nice try, but only the king can do that. {Pokes Simba on the nose}
Nala: Well, He's the future king.
Simba: Yeah. {Thumping Zazu's chest} So you have to do what I tell you.
Zazu: Not yet I don't. And with an attitude like that, I'm afraid you’re shaping up to be a pretty pathetic king indeed.
Simba: Hmph. Not the way I see it.
{Full song, colors change to wild pop-African. Background abruptly becomes surreal, brightly-colored cartoon style.}
Simba: I'm gonna be a mighty king

So enemies beware!6

Zazu: Well, I've never seen a king of beasts

{Plucks hair where mane would be}

With quite so little hair

{Simba gets a mane of leaves}

Simba: I'm gonna be the mane event

Like no king was before

{Climbs log}

I'm brushing up on looking down

I'm working on my ROAR!!

{On "ROAR" he shouts at Zazu, startling him backwards into a puddle}

Zazu: {Drying on what appears to be a hanging towel}

Thus far, a rather uninspiring thing

{Camera pulls back; reveals the "towel" as the ear of a red elephant which hits Zazu with its trunk as with a golf club, sending him skipping like a stone across a shallow pool of water; the cubs follow immediately.}
Simba: Oh, I just can't wait to be king!

Zazu: {Speaking} You’ve rather a long way to go, young master, if you think....

{For this verse Zazu is making quick spoken-part replies to each line. Simba and Nala are on each side of Zazu; as he turns to talk to one, the other makes faces at him.}
Simba: No one saying do this
(Zazu: Now when I said that, I--)
Nala: No one saying be there
(Zazu: What I meant was...)
Simba: No one saying stop that
(Zazu: Look; what you don't realize...)
Simba and Nala: No one saying see here
(Zazu: Now see here!)
Simba: Free to run around all day
(Simba and Nala are now riding ostriches}
(Zazu: Well that's definitely out...)
Simba: Free to do it all my way!
{Pop-art style silhouette of Simba and Nala riding their ostriches, with Zazu flying in the foreground as the music bridges.}
Zazu: {Flying ahead of the cubs, looking back to speak to them and so not paying attention ahead}

I think it's time that you and I

Arranged a heart to heart
{Flies into a rhino}
Simba: Kings don't need advice

From little hornbills for a start

{Lights on a branch}
Zazu: If this is where the monarchy is headed

Count me out!

Out of service, out of Africa

I wouldn't hang about ... aaagh!

{The camera pulls back to reveal Zazu has lighted on a log being washed towards a waterfall. It disappears over the edge, eliciting a yell of surprise from Zazu. He quickly reappears flying towards and through the camera.}
This child is getting wildly out of wing
Simba: Oh I just can't wait to be king!
{The cubs trot up a corridor of zebras standing at attention; when Zazu follows, they all turn and raise their tails; Zazu covers himself with a wing.}
{Nala and Simba dance about under a moving herd of elephants while the African flute leads a short instrumental sequence. Zazu flies overhead, looking for them. Simba ends up standing on a giraffe's head}
Everybody look left {Zazu squawks as the herd tramples him}

Everybody look right

{Simba hops up a ladder of giraffe heads}
Everywhere you look I'm
{Sliding down a giraffe's neck into theatrical pose}
Standing in the spotlight

Zazu: {Speaking but in strict time} Not yet!

Chorus: Let every creature go for broke and sing

Let's hear it in the herd and on the wing

It's gonna be King Simba's finest fling
{The Chorus of hippos, anteaters7, antelopes, giraffes, etc. form a pyramid with the cubs on top}
Simba & Chorus: Oh I just can't wait to be king!

Oh I just can't wait to be king!

Oh I just can't waaaaaait ... to be king!
{The pyramid topples leaving the rhino sitting on Zazu}
Zazu: {Muffled} I beg your pardon, madam, but ... GET OFF!... Simba? Nala?
[Elephant Graveyard - Hyena Scene]
{Camera change to Simba and Nala making their way away from Zazu. They are laughing}
Simba: All right, it worked!
Nala: We lost 'im.
Simba: {Arrogantly} I ... am a genius.
Nala: Hey, Genius, it was my idea.
Simba: Yeah, but I pulled it off.
Nala: With me!
Simba: Oh yeah?... Rrarr!!
{Simba jumps at Nala; They tussle quickly. Nala ends on top and pins Simba with her forepaws, producing a resounding thump.}
Nala: Ha. Pinned ya.
Simba: {Annoyed} Hey, lemme up.
{Nala turns away, smirking. Simba looks at Nala and jumps at her again. They tussle, rolling down a short hill. She pins him again in the same position with another thump.}
Nala: Pinned ya again.
{A geyser makes a loud noise near by, ejecting steam8. The camera pulls back to a view of the surroundings that the cubs have just noticed. Mostly in grays, we see a dark craggy vale filled with skeletons of elephants. Eerie music.}
Simba: {Awed} This is it.... We made it.
{They look over the edge of the ledge they are on. A large bull elephant skull is nearby9. The camera follows to survey the entire bleak view.}
Simba and Nala: Whoa!
Nala: It's really creepy.
Simba: Yeah... isn't it great?
Nala: {Relishing her naughtiness} We could get in big trouble.
Simba: {Enjoying it also} I know, huh.
Nala: {Looking at the skull} I wonder if its brains are still in there.
Simba: {Walking towards the skull} There's only one way to know. Come on. Let’s go check it out.
{Simba walks towards the mouth of the skull. Zazu flaps suddenly up in front of him, emitting a shark squawk of “Wrong!” and giving the audience a start.}
Zazu: The only checking out you will do will be to check out of here.
Simba: Aw, man.
Zazu: We're way beyond the boundary of the Pride Lands.
Simba: Huh. Look, banana beak is scared. Heh.
Zazu: {Poking Simba in the nose} That’s Mister Banana Beak to you, fuzzy. And right now we are all in very real danger.
{Simba has moved nearer to the entrance of the skull}
Simba: Danger? Hah! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger. Ha ha ha ha!
{Following Simba's confident laughter we hear more laughing from inside the skull. Simba runs back and hides behind Nala and Zazu. Three hyenas emerge from the skull's eyes and mouth.}
Shenzi: Well, well, well, Banzai. What have we got here?
Banzai: Hmm. I don't know Shenzi. Uh… What do you think, Ed?
Ed: {Crazy laughter}
{They circle around the cubs and Zazu.}
Banzai: Yeah, just what I was thinking. A trio of trespassers!!
Zazu: And quite by accident, let me assure you. A simple navigational error. Eh heh heh...
Shenzi: Whoa, whoa, wait wait wait.... I know you. {peering close into the camera} You're Mufasa's little stooge.
Zazu: {With a bit of pride} I, madam, am the king's majordomo.
Shenzi: {Looking at Simba} And that would make you...?
Simba: The future king.
Shenzi: Do you know what we do to kings who step out of their kingdom?
Simba: Puh. You can't do anything me.
Zazu: Uhh.... Technically, they can. We are on their land.
Simba: But Zazu, you told me they're nothing but slobbering mangy stupid poachers.
Zazu: {Aside, surreptitiously, to Simba} Ix-nay on the oopid-stay...
Banzai: Who you callin’ “oopid-stay?!?”
Zazu: {Harried} My, my, my. Look at the sun. {starts to try to hasten the cubs away} It’s time to go!
Shenzi: What's the hurry? We'd love you to stick around for dinner.
Banzai: Yeaaaah! We could have whatever's ... lion around! Get it? Lion around! {laughs}
Shenzi: Oh wait, wait, wait. I got one, I got one. Make mine a cub sandwich. Whatcha think?
{Peals of uncontrollable laughter. Ed jumps up and starts gesticulating and jabbering.}
Shenzi: What? Ed? What is it?
Banzai: {Looking where Ed is pointing} Hey, did we order this dinner to go?
Shenzi: No. Why?
Banzai: ‘Cause
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