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Date : 19/1/2008 Activity : Pole Management session

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Date : 19/1/2008

Activity : Pole Management session

Morale : High----Low----Low-----Very Low-----High-----Very High

Done by : Hiok Yang

Length (Words) : 1981
It was a beautiful day, trees were swaying around and leaves were rustling around, flowers were blooming and birds were singing their hearts out. Talking about birds… let me introduce to you a bird, or rather, an extraordinary bird. It is called HAWK. *wahhh*…
Hawk. Yes hawk. Don’t know what it actually is? No fear, because is here.

The term hawk refers to birds of prey in any of three senses:

In strict use in Europe and Asia, to mean any of the species in the subfamily Accipitrinae in the genera Accipiter, Micronisus, Melierax, Urotriorchis and Megatriorchis. The large and widespread Accipiter includes goshawks, sparrowhawks , the Sharp-shinned Hawk and others. These are mainly woodland birds with long tails and high visual acuity, hunting by sudden dashes from a concealed perch. More generally (especially in North America) to mean small to medium-sized members of the Pandionidae (the Osprey) and the Accipitridae - the family which includes the "true hawks" (Accipiters) as well as eagles, kites, harriers, Buzzard and Old World vultures. Loosely, to mean almost any bird of prey outside of the order Strigiformes (owls). The common names of birds in various parts of the world often use hawk in the second sense. For example, the Osprey or "fish hawk"; or, in North America, the various Buteo species (e.g., the Red-tailed Hawk, B. jamaicensis).


And so, Hawk is a bird. And in 01 raffles scout group, it is a patrol name. and the members? Me, Vijay, Yiming, Marcus, Edmund, Firdaus, Johnathan Edward. MUHAHAHAHA. HAWK OWNZ…

The instructions was for us to gather at Braddell west lake, aka the poleshed, for horseshoe. BUT. Obviously some people did not know how to go there/ reach there. The perfect example would be Firdaus, who arrived 1 hour late because HE JUST WOKE UP AT 8, THE ASSEMBLE TIME. And somehow, he did not know where was the assemble place.

Ok, so since Hawk has such a nice Patrol Leader, he wanted the whole patrol to wait for him at Raja block. Then they can go together and have a patrol talk. We gathered at 7 40 and set off… through the main gate. Since the email stated “RI AND RJ WILL BE CLOSED.” We thought that if we go through the school, which is a super short cut, it would be kind of stupid since the gates are supposed to be close. But we were wrong. WRONG. WRRRRRRRRRRONG.

We went off and walked slowly, and at 7 45, we still could not see the overhead bridge which lead to the poleshed. Ok GG.
We ran and ran and ran and stopped then ran and ran again then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped then ran then stopped until we saw this grey little thing for the corner of our sharp hawk’s eye. THE OVERHEAD BRIDGE. 7.53AM. 7 more minutes to horseshoe. This sounds so like 24.
We gathered at the hall because the place was raining. And guess what, the originally brown tiles on the floor of the hall were all grey. And when the PLs did push ups and finally got to recover, our hands were grey too and the floor has been cleaned by us, leaving 12 handprints on the beautiful grey floor. Yay. The next thing we knew was ben hong asking us all to put our bags at 1 corner, the most dusty and grey corner. Yay!
Kestrel eagle hawk suppose to move the poles from the poleshed to some random place for falcon and owl to measure to poles and KF, being god, shall do all the poles in the hall. We analysed the situation and gave you a detailed explanation as to how the work has been divided.

KF is a godly patrol. Ratio of time taken to ratio of other patrols time taken is 1:10. So KF must do 10 times the amount of work. So they will do the poles in the hall.

Falcon and Owl job is very very hard. Sitting down, taking out a measuring tape and measuring all the poles and writing the lengths down. This is called skilled labour for the skilled thais. E.g suphasak
Kestrel Eagle and Hawk job is just so easy. Moving out poles in the poleshed which weigh much much more than a measuring tape =). This, is called unskilled labour for the unskilled people.
Basically, the whole thing went past so successfully. That we were ahead of time. AHEAD. That’s very very rare in 01 because J1s like ben hong loves to call PL call from 100m away and blowing at a speed of 10blows per second, it is hard to be ahead of time, unless the PLs can pump even faster than 10 push ups per second. -.-
To reward our efforts, the J1s gave us a 15 minute break. Most people don’t get the meaning of break. Well, the break started off with people chasing each other around, and some people whack each other, or rather, Raga trying to whack everyone. The amount energy needed seems so similar to the energy needed carrying poles around. That was only the first 5 minutes of the “break”. The sec 3s saw everything and everyone during the break, obviously because we were sitting down, talking cock, and looking and everything, and having what is called a REAL break. The next ten minutes went like this. Sec 2s were still running around, and then they rushed up to the pull-up bars with the ventures and started doing pull-ups. Oh my god, who spends their break in such a weird way.
The next half of the activity was more fun and interesting. Kestrel eagle and hawk get to take an easier job this time instead of Falcon and Owl sitting down smiling like they never smiled before (not saying that pole management session is boring and so degen) 
Hawk went to “help” with the painting of the poles. We just went there to carry one pole by one pole from one end of the basketball court to the other.  that’s what I call having a good life.
After doing everything we were like “ok now what?” And before we could even ask a J1 what to do next, a towering figure appeared in front of us.
‘Waaooohh,” everyone said as we looked up at Shi De.
“You, go paint pole. You go bundle poles. You screw off. And you… follow me.” Shi De commanded us. Just for your information, I shall change the “you” to the people he was talking to.
“Vijay, bleah… go paint pole lar. =P.

Yiming and Edmund and Marcus, go bundle poles.

LOL Jon ed, screwwww oofffffff.

And you, hiok, follow me. Hehehe… by the way you look like a sec 2 =P.”

And thus, I followed him, dragging Jon Ed along. Shi De then asked us to make sure all the poles were painted white before the ventures could paint them red. That was easy. We finished in no time. And reported back to Shi De, our new J1.
We were then told to started taking newspapers and helping the ventures to lay them on the ground so that the paint would not touch the ground. “eh why everything must help the ventures” I said. “ppfffft. Screwwwww ooooofffff” he replied.
After doing lots of things for Shi De while he talks to nathan and chee yeow about everything under the sun, we went back to Shi De and asked him, “OI, do what now?”
“Er, looks like I have nothing else for the little puny sec 2 to do. Why not you ask that big giant J1 there?” Shi De said in his low and loud voice as he pointed to Sarun.
I turned and saw this white figure in front of my eyes. Oh, it was his shirt. I glanced up and saw the RJC School crest and glanced up again some more until I saw his chin. Wow he was really big.
“Yes, I can hear you little boy. Oh, what do you want to ask me?” Sarun replied in his gentle and gay voice. He then gave a gay and wide smile.
“oh, ok why not you go to that black rubbish bin there and try to pick up all the rubbish around it. Oh and put the rubbish into another bag, the black bag has no more space. After that bring both bags to the corner there.” He replied in an even gayer voice. He also gave an even gayer smile.
I then did what he told me to. But there were newspapers in the drain that were wet with some weird liquid. But still, I had to pick them up. After feeling the bag with lots of newspapers, I faced a problem. A problem that was so hard to solve that even the Bryan’s Theorem does not help. How to carry 2 bags without any help??? *GASP* *GASP*
I called kenneth to help me, and he did help me carry the red bag to the rubbisg bag area, but the black bag was much harder. It was WET with some weird water, I think it is drain water, and it was filled with dead and wet leaves. Also, the bag was so heavy with water and leaves that part of it broke already.
I decided to attempt carrying it from the bottom, but it was too wet, so I tried the dry part, but after I lifted it for 1 sec, the bag broke into a million pieces of little small little black plastic (I am just exaggerating). But it really broke. And it was a really big hole. I called sarun to help me, because maybe his size might be an advantage to him, but somehow it attracted everyone, like everyone must see a broken bag, treating it like something that has never happened…
So we used a newspaper to cover the hole and just dump everything at the rubbish bag area. Like what Sarun said “that is the cleaner’s problem once the bags are at his area.”
And there we go, the pole management session ended. If you are thinking “who put the poles back to the poleshed?” I’m proud to say the J1s are fair enough to make Owl Falcon and Kingfisher to do that, but actually it would only take one of the gods from Kingfisher to do that. There are J.r God, G Sherman, G Yang Yang, God Nay Myo, God RAGA SUEN GOS OBE USPA NJSKDL IQ JFSN FLAIS NEWLAV SON OF JNSEOF SOEFH AFI JAF A AO HOHF OHFOEAH PH FPAH POAHFPUIEAHFPOHA.
We had batch lunch after that, though firdaus did not follow us. By the way, Firdaus came 2 hours late. No he did not have a stomachache. Maybe this time his stomach acted abnormally and didn’t produce enough pain for him to go to the toilet. The real reason was that he overslept. Headache?
And after the batch lunch, we did not go LAN. Somehow, we just went home, emo and slit our wrists or something.

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