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Integrity ~ Teamwork ~ Caring ~ Open-mindedness

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Vol XXVII, No 1 connections

Spring 2009

Integrity ~ Teamwork ~ Caring ~ Open-mindedness

Genesis Deals with Economy

Every day we hear how bad the economy is now – stock values continue to drop; unemployment is up and spending is down; people are loosing their homes, retirement funds, jobs and insurance; it hasn’t been this bad since the Great Depression.

So how does the present state of the economy affect Genesis Development and the people who participate in Genesis programs and services? Just as everyone else, we are feeling the effects of the nation’s economic woes. Government cutbacks at all levels – federal, state and county – are trickling down to us too. On a budget that was already very tight, of course this will have an affect. Across the board government budget cuts will certainly lessen the amount appropriated for mental health services. This may mean that funding for those receiving our services may be cut back. Instead of coming to the Genesis work center five days a week, some may find that their funding will allow them to come for only three or four days. Fewer people in services means fewer dollars received from funders and less money to maintain the same facilities, programs, and staff.

At the beginning of 2009 orders for our corrugated boxes fell off significantly and subcontracted labor projects were not as plentiful as businesses that use our services cautiously cut back on their production. Less work at Genesis means fewer job stations for those in the Work Services (WS) program. Some shifting of people to the Discovery program a day or two a week enabled us to keep everyone busy, but this meant a cut in wages for those in the WS program as they lost a day or two a week of paid production time. Lower market prices for recycled products have also had an affect on our recycling operation.

But on the brighter side of this situation, box orders have now increased. Late in February, we received our largest single order to date from Brighton Cromwell for 19,500 boxes. With only two weeks of production time to meet their deadline and a box size that required that every box be hand glued, we were very busy. The laundry although affected slightly by a decrease in the hospitality industry needs is in good shape. We also expect to have more requests from people wanting assistance finding jobs after being let go by employers who are scaling back.

Tight budgets for area businesses may also lead those businesses to look for cheaper labor solutions and Genesis can provide that. With our proven subcontracted labor pool and experienced supervisory staff, we can provide work crews to handle tedious and time consuming tasks that might otherwise be eating up the valuable time of higher paid employees. Contracted labor projects can be provided at a business’s work site or at our Genesis facilities.

There seem to be more and more people looking for the kinds of services that Genesis provides. A sad fact of the economic state is that some providers like Genesis will not be able to withstand the economic turndown and will cease to exist leaving more people with disabilities seeking other providers to assist them. Because of our reputation for providing high caliber services and our dedication to our mission to create opportunities, choices and support for people with disabilities, Genesis has been requested to assist struggling agencies in the past, and we will continue to be here to provide those needed services in the future.

Meet Our Staff

With the beginning of 2009 came a change in leadership at Genesis in Storm Lake when Sandy Pingel was named as the new Site Director replacing Cindy Wiemold who is now the Administrator of Faith, Hope and Charity. Sandy will be responsible for oversight of all programs and services provided at that location. She will also coordinate Title XIX compliance for all Genesis sites. She is a graduate of the Anamosa Community High School and attended Iowa State University for Child Development for the Handicapped and Kennedy Western University in Wyoming for Health Care Administration. She has been with Genesis for the past nine years holding the positions of Recycling Supervisor and for the past seven years, Program Director.
Jennifer Ellis has been Site Director at our Boone location since January 2008. At that time Genesis in Boone was undergoing some major changes due to assimilating new staff and clientele when Good Connections Inc. closed its doors. Jennifer was hired as a Program Coordinator in July 2001 and was promoted to Supported Community Living (SCL) Team Leader for Boone in 2002. She has worked diligently to develop and establish what is now the largest Genesis residential program with ten group living homes and an SCL program.  She also oversees the Discovery program in Boone.  Jennifer holds a bachelor's degree from Iowa State University in Children and Family Services.

Twenty Years of Service Honored

Linda Redfern began her employment with Genesis Development in January 1989. She is the Residential Director for Genesis in Jefferson and Panora and is responsible for ensuring that the people who receive residential support from Genesis have a positive learning environment. She also oversees the certification and licensure requirements for those residential programs and provides Mandt and Behavioral Modification training to Jefferson and Panora staff. “During the last 20 years there have been many changes in the provision of services for people with disabilities, but our overall mission has not changed” commented Linda. “We still strive to create opportunities for people with disabilities so they may enjoy a fulfilling life. I have always been proud to be associated with Genesis Development as we have a part in enhancing the lives of so many people."
Five-Year Milestones

Genesis commemorates five-year anniversaries for all staff members.

The following have reached a milestone since December.
Linda Redfern, Jefferson – 20 years

Carolyn Blair, Winterset – 10 years Sharon Mason, Winterset – 10 years

Genesis Mental Health Services Update

Genesis Mental Health Services located in offices at the Dallas County Hospital in Perry and a satellite office in Waukee, recently completed an Accreditation Review by the Department of Human Services and was awarded the full three year certification. Dr. Martin Fialkov, a Des Moines psychiatrist, continues to provide psychiatric services for children and adults and is available to us one full day a week. In addition, we offer the services of five therapists. Angie Troutner, LMHC, provides emergency assessments at the Dallas County Hospital and is in the process of adding a designated crisis line. Linda Lemons, LISW, has over 18 years of experience working with adults living with severe and persistent mental illness. Rodney Collins, LMHC, is trained to administer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). Both Kirk Bragg, LISW, and Teresa Wilkerson, LISW, have experience working with children and adolescents. Janet Moore, RN and our Winterset Site Director, assists Dr. Fialkov, and Lisa Brandt, office manager in Perry schedules appointments for both the Perry and Waukee offices.
Thirty-minute assessment interviews are offered during regular office hours at no charge to determine what services an individual might require. Referrals to the appropriate agency or provider are made accordingly. In addition, a Depression Support Group meets every Thursday at 1:00 at our Perry office. For more information or to schedule an appointment call 515-249-1261 or our toll free number 515-877-7541.

The Listening Post ……

You asked and we heard you
Genesis Development has long prided itself in its ability to respond to the wishes and suggestions of our consumers, their families, case managers, funders and staff. The Listening Post will let you know what issues are being addressed and what changes are being made.
County request: The Dallas County CPC office approached Genesis with an innovative idea for a short-term placement option for people who needed an immediate short-term home for anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Genesis has responded by developing and furnishing a home in Adel that can be used for that purpose. While in the home, residents will be eligible for Genesis Supported Community Living services. We will also help them establish a long term plan and assist them in accessing various funding sources and benefit plans. This will be a collaborative admission and assessment process between the Dallas County CPC office and Genesis Development. The County had a need…......…..we collaborated for change.

Guys & Dolls”

Josh Egly and Martha Wilt, of Lamoni recently performed in a musical extravaganza titled Guys & Dolls at the Little Princess Theater in Mount Ayr. The production, sponsored and organized by Ringgold County Supportive Services, was done entirely by people with disabilities. The play received rave reviews for both of the “standing room only” performances.
With each act built upon the theme of a famous show, entertainer, musical, or song, the actors surprised and delighted the audience with their talents. From the stage scenes to the costumes to the choreography, they put together a memorable and heart-warming evening that will long live in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to have witnessed their efforts.

Wish List

Work centers & Offices

8’ or 6’ tables

Coat tree

30-cup coffee maker

Fork lift

Impact (air) wrench

Industrial floor fans

Locking file cabinets



Pallet jacks


Screw driver set
Homes & Discovery

Washing machine

Battery operated radios

Weather radios

Carpet shampooer

Easy chairs

Lawn mower


Vacuum cleaners


Picnic tables

Electric skillet

Brooms, mops, XL dust pans

XL area rugs

Removable wall hangers

Beanbag toss games

Bocce ball sets

DVD games

DVD players

Read along books &

head sets

Learning programs - 1st

Aid, birds, weather,

Tornados, etc

Exercise balls

Exercise bike



Fishing poles &



Kick balls for outside

Foam balls for inside

Croquet sets

Lasso Golf game

Plastic bowling sets



Rhythm band instruments

Short story books

Wiffle balls & bats

Elmer’s glue, craft glue

Wheel chair accessible


Arts & crafts supplies

Colored chalk & pencils

Electric pencil sharpener

Scissors – adult size

Ziploc baggies – all sizes

Pens, markers, crayons

Colored paper

Stencils – alpha &


Watercolor paints

Tempera paints

Hot glue gun – low temp

Old CDs & DVDs

Egg cartons

Pony beads

Used Christmas cards

Ink pads

Foam trays

Squeeze bottles (ketchup)

Paper towel/toilet paper


Knit gloves, any size,

singles or pairs

Aquarium heater

Cookie cutters

Cake decorating tubes

Measuring cups – wet

Wheat flour & corn meal

Potting soil



Flower pots



Computers – PIV or newer

Desktop copy machines

Fiberglass step ladders

Lift van

Outdoor benches

Paper shredders


Shop vacs

Snow blowers

Snow shovels


Genesis Christmas Projects

Belle Plaine

Lorie McIntire, Dustin Polton , Mary Brown and Luke Heitmann, Belle Plaine consumers not only volunteered to be bell ringers for the Salvation Army, but also went to the Salvation Army facility in Cedar Rapids and picked up the kettles and bells for their community.

At the Boone Spirit of Giving Holiday Dinner staff served turkey, ham and all the trimmings to approximately 75 people and donated the leftover food to Pastor Bruce Thomas for the Men’s Shelter. Kevin Beaman and Courtney Hall provided musical entertainment, Santa made an appearance and called the first Bingo number, and several boxes of food items were donated for the local food pantry by those who attended.

The Boone Discovery program decorated 300 brown paper sacks and filled them with soap, shampoo, dust gloves, sewing kits, and mints to be included in the Salvation Army Christmas baskets distributed to people in need.

Eight Boone Aktion Club members partnered with the Kiwanis Club to ring bells for the Salvation Army and sang Christmas carols while they were ringing. The Discovery group there also did some bell ringing.


Genesis in Winterset participated in the annual Festival of Lights parade the day after Thanksgiving.  They also made a donation to the Multi-Purpose Center’s Food Bank.

Our Mission

Genesis Development

creates opportunities, choices and support for people with disabilities.


Indianola’s SCL Group enjoyed a Christmas outing to Southridge Mall where they shopped for their loved ones and got gift ideas for their own Christmas lists.  After a meal at the mall, they all went to

Jolly Holiday of Lights.


Consumers and staff in Jefferson wanted to show our troops overseas how much they appreciate the sacrifices they are making by sending them several boxes of health and grooming supplies, cleaning supplies, and nonperishable snacks. Staff member, Cory Kokenge, who has served a tour of duty in Iraq and will be going back again this spring, helped them choose a unit to send the items to and make up a list of items to include.

Storm Lake

The Genesis Holiday Choir accompanied by Roger Christiansen, entertained at Storm Lake’s annual Christmas party. The choir, made up of consumers who practiced after work hours, also sang at nursing homes during the Holidays. Other activities at the party included a musical staff trio, Bingo, gift exchange and a surprise visit from Santa who had gotten to know Genesis volunteers at Santa's Castle.  

Thank You for Your Help

We Appreciate Your Generosity!

Contributions made December 2008 through February 2009

Denny Lautner, Jefferson

Brad & Maureen Strader, Storm Lake

Medicap Pharmacy-Bill Monroe,


Lee & Ann Johnson, Ogden

Lowell & Rosella Morgan, Ogden

Iowa Water Management Corp,


Taylor Contracting Co Inc-David

Taylor & Tim Smith, Storm Lake

Steve & Karen McCoy, Jefferson

Ron & Pauline Wright, Jefferson

Bill & Peg Raney, Jefferson

Pauline Gliem, Jefferson

Terry & Jody Lang, Jefferson

Terry Adams, Churdan

Joe Healy, Jefferson

Priscilla Still, Scranton

Richard & Joan Schultz, Boone

Dottie Cammack, Storm Lake

Dr. Wayne & Joyce Rouse, Boone

Hamilton Law Firm, Storm Lake

Clayton Christensen, Storm Lake

Dan & Trisha Easton, Bagley

Dick & Janet Davis, Jefferson

Janet & Chris Durlam, Jefferson

Lila Brelsford, Jefferson

John Redfern, Jefferson

Krieger’s Flower Shop, Jefferson

Michael & Margaret Mumma,


Les & Neva Arp, Jefferson

Sheri & Dave Haupert, Jefferson

David & Reva Owen, Jefferson

Mark & Tina Shaw, Jefferson

Community State Bank, Paton

Randy & Betty Ann Schmitz, Boone

Hunter Farms-Richard Hunter,


Karen Bentz, Jefferson

Vernon & Alice Fritz, Grand Junction

Dale & Jo Ann Eppert, Luther

Steven Ehlers, Newell

Betty Barrow, Jefferson

Jean Finch, Jefferson

Viola Anderson, Paton

Margaret Last, Grand Junction

Jim & Lois Last, Grand Junction

Boone McFarland Eye Clinic

Bill & Mary Kibby, Ft. Dodge

Marv, Fran & Kathy Otto,

Fergus Falls, MN

Perry Law Firm, Storm Lake

Central Bank, Storm Lake

Doug Wenger, Paton

Dr. Robert & Rosemary Burke,


Hamilton Redi Mix, Jefferson

Wayne & June Hancock, Ft. Smith, AR

Durlam Electric, Jefferson

Carl Juergensen, Churdan

Kevin Hicks Construction, Inc, Boone

Lee Horbach-State Farm, Jefferson

Harry & Trudy Goettsch, Jefferson

United Way of Boone County

Panora Knights of Columbus

United Methodist Women, Jefferson

Mark & Deb Williams, Storm Lake

Jim & Nancy Teusch, Jefferson

Clingman Pharmacy, Inc, Vinton

Lori DeBok, Jefferson

Larry & Joan Lang, Jefferson

Storm Lake I.O.O.F.

Jimmy Hibbs Trust, Storm Lake

Bill & Donna Sutton, Jefferson

Dr. Paul Klodd, Jefferson

Tim & Denise Buenz, Jefferson

Dr. Thomas Fagg, Jefferson

Larry & Cheryl Olofson, Boone

Mike & Carol Christensen, Jefferson

Gene & Gloria Lyster, Storm Lake

Bob & Cheryl Batschelet, Panora

Maxine Zubradt, Storm Lake

Lynne Gentry, Rockwell City

Dean & Donadee Nicholson,

Storm Lake

Mike & Lori Porsch, Storm Lake

Margaret Giddle, N. Sioux City

Exchange State Bank, Adair

Donna Blair, Jefferson

Glen & Beverly Hoyt, Scranton

Isabelle Nuckolls, Paton

Doug & Jan McDermott, Jefferson

Bill & Donna Duncan, Golden, CO

Stone Printing & Office Supply, Carroll

Dale & Nancy Hanaman, Rippey

Jerry & Gayle Peckumn, Jefferson

Dr. Elvin & Patti Thompson, Jefferson

Bob & Charlotte Schmidt, Jefferson

BPO Does #196, Jefferson

Elmer & Neva Eggimann, Jefferson

Buena Vista Stationery & Printing,

Inc., Storm Lake

John & Katherine Podlesak, Jefferson

Clyde & Leone Harrison, Jefferson

Peterson & Houston, PC, Boone

Rexine Johnson, Churdan

Gary & Judy Von Ahsen, Jefferson

Osmundson Manufacturing, Perry

Paul & Pat Schmitt, Churdan

Mr & Mrs Harold Woodruff, Jefferson

Loews Carpet One-Jeff & Becky Loew,

Storm Lake

Paul & Stefani Merten, Storm Lake

Marilyn Connor, Cumming

Lynn Johnson, Boone

Great Plains Orthotics & Prosthetics,

Inc, Ames

West Central Coop, Jefferson

Jean Taylor, Jefferson

Edna Heitmann, Keystone

Ella Rohda, Paton

Walkers Carpet Cleaning-Tom Walker,


Bill & Mary Zinnel, Boone

Al & Gretchen Rowedder, Jefferson

Jack & Shirletta Orchard, Jefferson

Dan & Pat Benitz, Jefferson

Top & Body Repair Inc, Jim & Linda

Ballantyne, Boone

Maxine & Stan Redeker, Boone

Roswell & Elizabeth Garst Foundation

Bill & Mary Figenshaw, Jefferson

William & Martha Monroe, Jefferson

Craig & Janie Hertel, Jefferson

Beverly Boorn, Grand Junction

Dick & Karen Pound, Jefferson

Char & David Anderson, Storm Lake

Henrietta Kestal, Storm Lake

Linda Rice, Jefferson

Alana Curnyn, Jefferson

Carrie Wilde, Jefferson

Bob Hickman, Jefferson

Don Wills, Jefferson

Linda Redfern, Jefferson

Karen North, Jefferson

Cindy Boyd, Jefferson

Sandi Drewry, Jefferson

Deana Shriver, Jefferson

Scott Bonebrake, Storm Lake

Seiler Plumbing-Jerry & Barb Seiler,

Storm Lake

Boone Medical Assoc Pharmacy

John & Nancy Gerken, Jefferson

Brian & Stephanie Role, Indianola

Wayne Higley, Storm Lake

Pauline & Jim Irwin, Jefferson

Marie Lindgren, Paton

Marla Siruta, Jefferson

Peoples Bank, Indianola

Tim & Julie Bantz, Des Moines

Dale & Jane Finch, Jefferson

Meryl Youngblood, Jefferson

HyVee Drugstore, Jefferson

Storm Lake Lions Club

Gail Rueter, Grand Junction

Dawson Township Charities

Evelyn Sipe, Panora

MidWestOne Bank, Belle Plaine

Uptown Café, Jefferson

Donald & Joan Linnan, Storm Lake

Wet Goods-David & Linda Redfern,


Bob Lebischak, Guthrie Center


In Honor of Adam Rucker

By Nancy Goodman

In Honor of Ashley Porter

By Parker Welding & Fabrication

In Honor of Bryan Price

By Marilyn Leek

In Honor of Jay Duncan

By Joe & Dot Davis

In Honor of Mr & Mrs Wilbur Eason

By Warren Robson

In Honor of Nathan Spading

By Bob & Kay Spading


In Memory of George Henning

By the George Henning Family

Terry & Darla Johnson

Linda & David Redfern

Sandi & Noel Drewry

Kathy & Joe Pittman

Ashley Coil

Don & Debbie Wills

Cathy Miller

Tom Duncan

Terry & Cindy Wiemold

Daryl Sigler

Pat & Neil Bryan

Rita Dunivan

Robert Telleen

Wendell & Darlene Hoskins

John & Alana Curnyn

Jim & Karen North

Horace & Ruth Hedges

Terry & Candy Hoyle

Bill & Jane Ecklund

Lois Graven

Marlene Larson

Mary Garst

Duane & Valerie Ogren

Curly & Helen Eason

In Memory of E.A. Rector

The E.A. Rector Estate

In Memory of Alan Pound

By Irene Pound

In Memory of Becky North

By Tom & Gina Harrington

David & Rosemary Hoyt
In Memory of Bernice Schaal

By John & Alice Hamilton

John & Kathy Milligan

Jean Taylor

Bill & Betty Schaal

Jim & Karen North

Alice Shriver
In Memory of Danny Egan

By Pat Rusnak

Curly & Helen Eason

In Memory of Carrie Wadsley

By Alan & Angela Wadsley
In Memory of Darrell Scheuermann

By Judy Larson & Dennis Kemble

In Memory of Dick Orris

By Margaret Orris

In Memory of Dr. George Canady

By Norma Milligan

In Memory of Elda Ogren

By Elinor Barrett

In Memory of Eric & Sally Pohl

By John & Sharon Pohl

In Memory of George Carpenter

By Terry & Darla Johnson

Dr. Esther Streed

Sandy & LeDen Pingel

Angela & Gary Duitsman

Robin Stephan

Danny Caudill

Kris Clouse

Cindy & Terry Wiemold

Christy & Joey Hoelfling

In Memory of Jim McCleary

By Terry & Darla Johnson

In Memory of Merritt Duncan

By Duane & Valerie Ogren

Don & Alice Yepsen
In Memory of Melba Byerly

By Curly & Helen Eason

In Memory of Darrell Booth

By Curly & Helen Eason

In Memory of Galen Goughnour

By Curly & Helen Eason

In Memory of Gerald Sherlock

By Wayne & Isabel Smith

In Memory of Harold Duke

By Pauline Duke

In Memory of Helen Powell

By Violet Vaughn

In Memory of June Farrow

By Pat Rusnak

In Memory of Karol Kirkpatrick

By Dorothy Kirkpatrick

In Memory of Kevin Wills

By Dave & Janie Simonson

In Memory of Lila Johnston

By Madonna & Fred Woodley

In Memory of Lila Perrin

By Beulah Millard

In Memory of Mary Putzier

By Ken Putzier

In Memory of Michelle Sargent

By Sherry Sargent

In Memory of Molly George

By Marv & Beth Rasmussen

In Memory of Paul Trost

By Ruth Trost

In Memory of Rev. Alan R. Wesseman

By Craig & Nancy Fratzke

In Memory of Robert Bradley

By Wendell & Phyllis Durlam

In Memory of Robert Wullenwaber

By Louise J. Harris

In Memory of Ron Zwicky

By Carol Zwicky

In Memory or Rory Autenreith

By Pat Rusnak

In Memory of Russ Jennett

By Sally Jennett


John Johnson, Boone

Betty Nearhoof, Jefferson

Kim Wright, Jefferson

Gail Rueter, Grand Junction

Julie Blackmer, Jefferson

Dick & Karen Pound, Jefferson

Denny Lautner, Jefferson

Terry & Jody Lang, Jefferson

Orvie & Ellie Umbaugh, Scranton

Duane Dozier, Jefferson

Linda Foust, Jefferson

Brett & Kim Tjepkes, Jefferson

Barbara Pierce, Boone

Don & Alice Yepsen, Jefferson

Norm & Jean Lindhart, Jefferson

Alan & Kathryn Neese, Grand


Scott & Zoe Ann Havens,


Meta Bank, Storm Lake

Buena Vista Regional Medical


Chris Henning, Jefferson

Jerry Howes, Des Moines

Dianne Blackmer, Jefferson

Dollar General, Boone

Central Christian Church,


Carolyn Erickson, Boone

Wal-Mart, Storm Lake

Vision Care, Storm Lake

Godfathers, Storm Lake

Subway, Storm Lake

Taco Johns, Storm Lake

Nancy Wilson, Storm Lake

Missy Wandrey, Storm Lake

Sandy Pingel, Storm Lake

Ted Hoffman, Storm Lake

Donations to the Storm Lake

Printing Remodel Project

Robert & Barbara Tollefson Security Trust & Savings Bank

David Dvergsten, Security Trust & Savings Pres; Dale Carver, Genesis; Cindy Wiemold, Genesis; Ben Dvergsten, Security T&S VP

Donations to the Jefferson Expansion and Building Fund

Kathy & Joe Pittman

Barb & Jim Gorman

Donald & Patricia Wills

Larry Hecht

Glen & Cheryl Christensen

Copeland Insurance

Terry & Jody Lang

Harlan & Debi Helgren

Syngenta Seeds Inc.

Larry & Jackie Fie

Doug & LeAnn Monaghan

Ken & Karna Converse

Madonna & Fred Woodley

Viola Anderson

Casey’s General Stores

Terry & Darla Johnson

Linda & David Redfern

Alana & John Curnyn

Cathy Miller

Janet Moore

Sandi & Noel Drewry

In Memory of Merritt Duncan

By Rick & Joyce Batcheller Sherwood

In Memory of George Henning

By Linda Rice

Pamida Donation

Dave Keifer, manager of the Jefferson Pamida Store, a long-time supporter of Genesis Development, presented a $750 Pamida gift card to the Jefferson site just
before Christmas. The Pamida Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of citizens in the communities in which they do business and has contributed more than $4.5 million to charitable organizations since 2000. So far Genesis has used that gift to purchase a Wii system and Wii fitness program for Discovery, and a vacuum cleaner, lampshades, rugs, and a toaster for the Residential program.

Dave Keifer and Linda Redfern, Genesis Residential Director in Jefferson


401 West McKinley Street

P.O. Box 438

Jefferson, IA 50129
710 12th Street

P.O. Box 95

Belle Plaine, IA 52208
1607 North Lake Avenue

Storm Lake, IA 50588

1007 West 4th Street

P.O. Box 30

Vinton, IA 52349
704 Story Street

Boone, IA 50036

1809 West 2nd Avenue

Indianola, IA 50125

115 East Washington St.

P.O. Box 488

Winterset, IA 50273

610 10th Street

Perry, IA 50220

Yes, I would like to make a contribution to help Genesis Development accomplish its Mission:

(Please give your name as you would like it to appear in our donor recognition list)

I would like my gift to be:

____ In Memory of ________________________ ___________________________________________


____ In Honor of __________________________ ___________________________________________


____ For the Jefferson Building Fund ___________________________________________


____ Other _______________________________ __________________________________________


$5,000_____ $1,000_____ $500_____ $100_____ $50_____ $25_____ Other_____
Thank you for including Genesis Development in your charitable giving plans

Mail to Genesis Development, P.O. Box 438, Jefferson, IA 50129

Genesis Development is a not-for-profit 501( c)(3) corporation. Donations to Genesis are usually tax deductible.

If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please notify us at P.O. Box 438, Jefferson, IA 50129

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