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The drivers are distributed in three files: drivers zip, which contains executables and documentation, driver zip, which contains the first half of the sources, and drivers2

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The drivers are distributed in three files:, which contains executables and documentation,, which contains the first half of the sources, and, which contains the second half of the sources. 3C501.ASM Driver for 3COM 3C501. 3C501.COM 3C503.ASM Driver for 3COM 3C503. 3C503.COM 3C505.ASM Driver for 3COM 3C505. 3C505.COM 3C507.ASM Driver for 3COM 3C507. 3C507.COM 3C507.DOC Notes on installing the 3C507 in a system. 3C509.ASM Driver for 3COM 3C509. 3C509.COM 3C523.ASM Driver for 3COM 3C523. 3C523.COM 8250DEFS.ASM Definitions for the Intel 8250. 82586.ASM Include file for drivers based on Intel's 82586. 8390.ASM Include file for drivers based on National's 8390. 8390.INC Definitions for National's DP8390 Ethernet controller. 8530INC.ASM Definitions for Intel's 8530 SCC. AQUILA.ASM Driver for ADI's Aquila cards. AQUILA.COM AR450.ASM Driver for Telesystems SLW ARLAN 450. AR450.COM ARCETHER.ASM Driver for ARCNET that simulates an Ethernet driver. ARCETHER.COM ARCETHER.DOC ARCNET.ASM Driver for ARCNET. ARCNET.COM (requires a recompiled version of Phil Karn (KA9Q)'s NOS.) AT&T.ASM Driver for AT&T Ethernet and Starlan. AT&T.COM AT&T_LP.ASM Driver for AT&T LanPACER/StarStation. AT&T_LP.COM AT1500.ASM Driver for Allied-Telesis 1500T and 1500BT AT1500.COM AT1700.ASM Driver for Allied-Telesis 1700T and 1700BT AT1700.COM BIBLIO.DOC Bibliography of published packet driver articles. BUGS.DOC Possible bugs to be aware of. CHANGES.DOC Changes from release to release. CHROUT.ASM Subroutine to print a single character. COPYING.DOC The Free Software Foundation's General Public License. CRLF.ASM Subroutine to print a CRLF. CRYNWR.WAV .WAV audio file of a native Welsh speaker pronouncing Crynwr. CTRONDNI.ASM Driver for Cabletron DNI Exxxx. CTRONDNI.COM DAVIDSYS.ASM Driver for David Systems Inc Ether-T. DAVIDSYS.COM DE600.ASM Driver for D-Link Pocket LAN Adapter. DE600.COM DECOUT.ASM Subroutine to print a 32 bit decimal number. DEFS.ASM Definitions and macros. DEPCA.ASM Driver for Digital Equipment DEPCA. DEPCA.COM DESQVIEW.ASM Code to get IBMTOKEN working under DESQView. DESQVIEW.DOC Documentation on running the packet drivers with DESQView. DIGOUT.ASM Subroutines to print 1, 2, 4, and 8 digit hex numbers. DK86960.ASM Driver for Fujitsu's NICE demo card DK86960.COM DK86965.ASM Driver for Fujitsu's EtherCoupler demo card DK86965.COM DLLPKT.NOT Notes on Harry Stok's packet driver-over-DLL (Pathworks driver). DUMP.C Source of the trace dumper. DUMP.EXE DUMPHEX.ASM Subroutine to print a line of sixteen bytes in hex and ASCII ECOUPLER.ASM Include file for drivers based on Fujitsu's EtherCoupler. EEP15.INC Include file for Allied Telesis AT1500. EEP17.INC Include file for Allied Telesis AT1700. EN301.ASM Driver for Multitech EN-301. EN301.COM ES3210.ASM Driver for Racal/Interlan's ES3210 EISA adapter. ES3210.COM ETHERSL.ASM Driver for SLIP that emulates an Ethernet driver ETHERSL.COM ETHIIE.ASM Driver for ICL EtherTeam16 (formerly Nokia Data Ethernet IIe). ETHIIE.COM EXE2COM.C Chris Dunford's Exe2bin replacement. EXE2COM.DOC EXE2COM.EXE EXOS205.ASM Driver for Microdyne (formerly EXOS/Excelan) EXOS205T EXOS205.COM EXP16.ASM Driver for Intel EtherExpress. EXP16.COM EXP16.INC EXP16CON.ASM EXP16MCA.ASM EXPRESS.ASM Driver for Mitel Express ISDN adapter. EXPRESS.COM F965.INC Fujitsu 86965 (EtherCoupler) definitions. GETDIG.ASM Subroutine to convert an ASCII character into 0..15. GETEA.ASM Subroutine to convert an ASCII Ethernet address into six bytes. GETENV.ASM Subroutine to get a string from the environment. GETNUM.ASM Subroutine to convert ASCII digits into four bytes. GOPHER.DOC Notes on UMinn's Gopher, a distributed document delivery service. GPL.DOC Notes on the GNU General Public License, by Craig Burley HEAD.ASM Resident device independent generic code. HEXOUT.ASM Subroutines for debugging code HOWTOGET.IT Instructions on obtaining that which you already have. HPPCLAN.ASM Driver for HP EtherTwist. HPPCLAN.COM HPPCLANP.ASM Driver for HP EtherTwist, HP27242B and HP27250A. HPPCLANP.COM IBMTOKEN.ASM Driver for IBM Token Ring Adapter. IBMTOKEN.COM IBMTOKEN.NOT Notes on installing the IBMTOKEN driver. INSTALL.DOC ASCII installation documentation. INSTALL.PS PostScript installation documentation. INTCHK.ASM Subroutine to compare against the packet driver signature. IO16.ASM Subroutine for 16-bit I/O loops. IO8.ASM Subroutine for 8-bit I/O loops. IPXPKT.ASM Driver for Novell IPX code (IP over IPX). IPXPKT.COM IPXPKT.DOC Instructions for using IPXPKT. IPXPKT.NOT Some notes from the author. IPXSTAT.C Statistics for the IP over IPX packet driver. IPXSTAT.EXE ISOLAN.ASM Driver for BICC Isolan 4110-0. ISOLAN.COM ISOLINK.ASM Driver for BICC Isolan 4110-2/3. ISOLINK.COM KODIAK.ASM Include file for Kodiak's drivers based on SEEQ 8005 KODIAK.INC Definitions for Kodiak's drivers based on SEEQ 8005 KODIAK16.ASM Driver for Kodiak Technology's Kodiak~16 10BT KODIAK16.COM KODIAK8.ASM Driver for Kodiak Technology's Kodiak~8 10BT KODIAK8.COM KODIAKK.ASM Driver for Kodiak Technology's Kombo KODIAKK.COM LANCE.ASM Include file for drivers based on AMD's LANCE and PC-Net/ISA. LANCE.INC Include file for the NTI16 driver. LINE.ASM Subroutine to draw a graphics line. LOCALTLK.ASM Driver for Apple LocalTalk PC Card, Sun/TOPS FlashCard. LOCALTLK.COM (requires a modified version of Phil Karn (KA9Q)'s NOS. LOCALTLK.NOT MAKEFILE Makefile. Uses tasm and tlink, but MS may work. MAKEFILE.AWK AWK Script and batch file to keep makefile in sync with itself. MAKEFILE.BAT I use MANIFEST.DOC This file. MANIFEST.AWK AWK script to help create this file. MEMTEST.ASM Subroutine to test for the presence of RAM. MOVEMEM.ASM Subroutine to quickly do a memory-to-memory copy. MULTICRC.ASM Subroutine to calculate a 64-bit hash table for multicasts. MYLEX.ASM Driver for Mylex's LNE-890B MYLEX.COM NB.ASM Driver for NetBIOS. NB.COM NB.NOT NetBIOS instructions. NCRET105.ASM Driver for NCR ET-105. NCRET105.COM NE1000.ASM Driver for Novell NE1000. NE1000.COM NE2.ASM Driver for Novell NE/2. NE2.COM NE2000.ASM Driver for Novell NE2000. NE2000.COM NE2100.ASM Driver for Novell NE2100 and other PC-Net/ISA adapters. NE2100.COM NI5010.ASM Driver for Interlan NI5010. NI5010.COM NI5210.ASM Driver for MICOM-Interlan NI5210. NI5210.COM NI6510.ASM Driver for Racal/Interlan NI6510. NI6510.COM NI9210.ASM Driver for MICOM-Interlan NI9210. NI9210.COM NOVELL.DOC Instructions for running NetWare over packet drivers. NOVELL.NOT Brian Meek's explanation of ECONFIG for Novell users. NTI16.ASM Driver for NTI 1002/DP-16. NTI16.COM OCCUPIED.ASM Subroutine to test for occupied memory. ORDER.DOC Packet driver support order form. PACKET.DOC Joe R. Doupnik's "Packet drivers made simple" PACKET_D.109 Packet driver spec version 1.09 PDIPX103.ZIP Intel's packet driver shell for IPX-over-packet-drivers. PI.ASM Driver for the Ottawa PI Amateur Radio board. PI.COM PI.DOC PIINC.ASM PIXEL.ASM Subroutine to draw pixels on EGA/VGA screen. PKTADDR.ASM Program to get/set the packet driver address. PKTADDR.COM PKTALL.ASM Program to receive and discard all packets. PKTALL.COM PKTCHK.ASM Source of the packet driver installation checker. PKTCHK.COM PKTD35.SYS SunSelect's PC-NFS drivers. PKTD40A.SYS SunSelect's PC-NFS drivers. PKTDRVR.C Turbo C interface code. PKTDRVR.H Turbo C interface code. PKTERR.ASM Subroutine to print packet driver error messages. PKTMODE.ASM Program to get/set the packet driver receive mode. PKTMODE.COM PKTMULTI.ASM Program to get/set the packet driver multicast list. PKTMULTI.COM PKTSEND.ASM Program to send arbitrary packets. PKTSEND.COM PKTSTAT.ASM Program to print the statistics. PKTSTAT.COM PKTTRAF.ASM Program to display traffic graphically. PKTTRAF.COM PKTWATCH.ASM Program to display packets as they arrive. PKTWATCH.COM PLIP.ASM Parallel port IP. Very similar to SLIP, except that it has the PLIP.COM Ethernet header and connects two PC's via parallel ports. PLIP.DOC POPF.ASM Include file to fix the early 80286 POPF bug. PRINTEA.ASM Subroutine to print Ethernet addresses. PRINTNUM.ASM Subroutine to print a number in decimal and hex. PROMBOOT.NOT Notes on booting off Novell and switching to the packet driver. QUEUE.ASM Subroutine to queueing things in a FIFO. READ.ME A Very Important File. SEEPKT.C Source of a sample program to print packets. Shows how you can SEEPKT.EXE interface to packet drivers from C. SERSUB.ASM Serial port debugging code, used by Express. SKELETON.ASM Skeleton for a packet driver. SKIPBLK.ASM Subroutine to skip past blanks. SLIP8250.ASM Driver for SLIP driver using IBM-PC 8250. SLIP8250.COM SLIPMERG.ASM Include file for SLIP drivers. SMC_WD.ASM Driver for Western Digital WD-80?3*, SMC Elite series, and SMC_WD.COM IBM Ethernet Adapter/A. SNMP.NOT Notes on Bob Crosson's free SNMP monitor. SOFTWARE.DOC Notes on software that works with packet drivers. SUPPORT.DOC How to get support for packet drivers. T7231.ASM Include file for drivers based on AT&T's T7231. TAIL.ASM Non-resident device independent generic code. TCENET.ASM Driver for Thomas-Conrad's TC5045 adapter. TCENET.COM TERMIN.ASM Source of the packet driver terminator. TERMIN.COM TIARA.ASM Driver for Tiara LANcard/E. TIARA.COM TIMEOUT.ASM Subroutine to check for excessive time spent looping. TRACE.ASM Source of the packet driver tracer. TRACE.COM UBNICPC.ASM Driver for Ungermann-Bass PC/NIC. UBNICPC.COM UBNICPS2.ASM Driver for Ungermann-Bass NIC-PS/2. UBNICPS2.COM UUNET.DOC Notes on getting sources from via UUCP VAXMATE.ASM Driver for DEC's Vaxmate. VAXMATE.COM VERIFYPI.ASM Subroutine to verify the packet interrupt. WD8003E.ASM Points people to the new name for the driver, smc_wd. WD8003E.COM WINPKT.ASM Shim for Windows Enhanced mode. WINPKT.COM WORKERS.DOC People who've put effort into the packet drivers. ZNOTE.ASM Driver for Zenith Data Systems' Z-Note. ZNOTE.COM

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