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Session Title: msk – Case 5 Inflammatory Low Back Pain Learning Objectives

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Learning Framework

Session Title: MSK – Case 5 Inflammatory Low Back Pain
Learning Objectives:
By the end of the session, learners will be able to:

  1. Identify inflammatory versus non-inflammatory signs and symptoms

  2. List 3 assessment tools that may be useful

  3. Identity appropriate investigations

  4. Appropriate access of RACE line


  • Patient Questionnaire

  • MSK Differential Diagnosis

  • Investigations

  • RACE

Patient Populations:





Jonathon, 31 years old

Low Back pain x 6 weeks not resolving with appropriate care and associated with prolonged morning stiffness.

Stiff and limited range of motion with > 2 hours of morning stiffness
Not responding to appropriate care.
Identification of inflammatory versus mechanical low back pain.
Need for investigations and RACE referral

Patient Questionnaire to identify history and function.
Core Tool Q 4 Red Flag

MSK Differential Diagnosis for Inflammatory conditions

RACE Line Access

Time: 30 minutes

  • Facilitator laptop connected to internet and projector with display screen

  • Wireless Network connection instructions projected on display screen

  • Power point slide deck

  • Tools (1 each per attendee)

  • Session Evaluation Forms (1 per attendee)

  • Handout (1 per attendee)


  1. January 2013, Current Clinical Care, Low Back Pain

  2. Top Low Back Pain Guidelines




Delivery Format

3 min

Introductions and Session Overview

Didactic presentation

1 min


Didactic presentation

15 min

Case study

Facilitated conversation

10 min



2 min

Review and Wrap-up

Didactic presentation, Evaluation forms


  • How many participants can identify the appropriate pattern and explain the supporting history and physical findings.

  • Can participants list 3 assessment tools that may be useful?

  • Can participants screen for inflammatory low back pain signs and symptoms ?

  • Can participants access RACE line with appropriate reason for referral?




Slide Showing

[10 min before session starts]

Pre-session facilitator preparations

Slide 4

3 min

Introductions and Session Overview

  • Welcome, encouragement to learn and appreciative of time commitment

  • Use Tent cards with learners name and practice location.

  • Session Facilitator introduces profile of group and asks that each participant introduces self on first time speaking.

  • Show Slide 2&3 and briefly go over disclosures

Slide 1

Slide 2&3

1 min


  • Show Slide 4 and review intended learning objectives:

By the end of the session, learners will be able to…

  • Identify inflammatory versus non-inflammatory signs and symptoms

  • List 3 assessment tools that may be useful

  • Identity appropriate investigations

  • Appropriate access of RACE line

Slide 4

15 min

Case Study (Jonathon ,31 – Inflammatory Back Pain)
Present case information one slide at a time, pausing where appropriate to solicit participant input
Slide 5- what else would people want to know from history (before slide 6)

Slide 6- ask audience- what assessment tools would they use?

Slide 7- before physical exam slide, ask the audience what kind of things they’d look for

Slide 14

Slide 17- Ask audience about determination of appropriate referrals for investigation and consultation.

*Use the handout resources which will help guide you in facilitating participant questioning and discussion at key points

[Timing reminder: you have about 2 minutes to cover each slide]

Slides 5-18

10 min


Slide 18

1 min


  • Briefly summarize session

  • Give overview of resources

  • Review learning objectives and ask if they were achieved

  • Hand out evaluation forms – ask participants to complete before leaving room

  • Thank participants for their participation and provide take-home resource

Slide 19-21

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