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Name: Horse Riding Summer Camp 2012

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Rotary Youth Exchange


District 2230



NAME: Horse Riding Summer Camp 2012

WHERE: Wielka Lipa – close Oborniki Śląskie, (25 km North from Wrocław, 300 km East from Berlin)
WHEN: July 07 – July 16, 2011 Family Period, July 07 – July 09

Camp Period, July 09 – July 16

ARRIVAL: Train, bus station or airports in Wroclaw, July 07
DEPARTURE: Train, bus station or airports in Wroclaw, July 16
PARTICIPANTS: 5 boys and 5 girls - one participant from each country, with a good knowledge of English.
The participants should have the basic skills of horse riding.

AGE: 18 - 24 years
PROGRAMME: -Saturday 07st of July 2012
Arrival Day.

The camp starts on the 7st of July 2012. The participants arrive to the Train station, Bus station or airports in Wroclaw on the July 7st of 2012. We look forward to the participants in the arrival times on the station or airport. On the Station please look for the symbol of Rotary Wheel. From there, participants will be transported to host-families.

Dinner with Rotary families.
- Sunday 08nd of July 2012
Visit Wroclaw with host families and members of RC Wroclaw – Panorama Raclawicka, Ostrów Tumski

Dinner with Rotary families

Monday 09rd of July 2012

Visit Wroclaw

Aquapark Wroclaw

At 7 p.m. departure to Rotary Club meeting place – Dwór Polski – for the Rotary meeting.

Welcoming evening with the members of the RC Wroclaw. Departure to the Wielka Lipa – Arkadia
-Tuesday 10th of July 201
-Osrodek Jezdziecki Arkadia. Short lecture about the safety rules when working in the stables and riding. Lesson of the topography. Time for get to know all camp participants. Working in the stables.

-Welcoming evening campfire in Arkadia- singing to the sound of the guitar

-Wednesday 11th of July 2012
Horse ride. Work in the stable. In the afternoon carriage ride around the area.

Golf play in Brzezno Castle

Asia Evening – dinner prepared by Asian participants. (This may change)
-Thursday 12th of July 2012
Trip top to Lubiąż, Oborniki Śląskie, Trzebnica, Bagno

Horse ride. Work in the stable.

-Friday 13th of July 2012
Horse ride. Work in the stable. Europe Evening – dinner prepared by European participants. (This may change) Evening with the campfire and music.

-Saturday 14th of July 2012

Horse ride. Work in the stable

-Sunday 15th of July 2012
Horse ride. Work in the stable. Saying goodbye to the horses. Goodbye dinner in Arkadia

- Monday 16th of July 2012
Saying goodbye to the camp participants and departures from Wielka Lipa to the Train, Bus Station or Airport in Wroclaw.

COSTS: Participation fee – 50 € paid after arrival.

The participants will cover their travel costs to Wrocław and back home. Be prepared to have some pocket money.

INSURANCE: Participants must have a valid travel insurance.
APPLICATION FORMS: Must be sent to the following address by May 31st , 2011 at the latest. Please note that the number of participants is limited and the acceptance will be on a “first come – first served” basis.

We prefer scanned AF’s.

Other: Breakfast 7.30 - 8.30
Lunch 14.00 - 15.00
Dinner 19.00

Zdzisław Kiedrowski - coordinator


phone +48 601 676 680

D-2230 RYE website:

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