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Tossups – the chronicles of riddick bowe trashmasters 2004 – ut-chattanooga

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Questions by Gerry Tansey and Adam Lipkin

1. People are decapitated by this device in the first Resident Evil and the second Final Destination movies. It's the focus of a classic video game of 1983, and a precognitive, sentient version of one can be found in the novel The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Glenn Close gives Michael Douglas a blow job in one of these in Fatal Attraction, and Anthony Hopkins jumps on top of one to escape prison in The Silence of the Lambs. Most memorably, Die Hard fills one with a body and a sign reading "Now I have a Machine Gun. Ho. Ho. Ho," and Stanley Kubrick's The Shining fills one with blood. FTP, what is this people-moving device, which Prince swore never to let "break us down?"

Answer: Elevator
2. Originally known as "Sweet Children," they changed their name two weeks before the release of their debut album, "39/Smooth." After two albums, original drummer John Kiffmeyer left for college; their new drummer wrote one of their earliest word-of-mouth hits, "Dominated Love Song." Their album Kerplunk! sold over 500,000 copies without a major label release, and led to their signing with Reprise, who brought in Rob Cavello to produce their Grammy-winning 1994 breakthrough album. Later albums included Insomniac, Nimrod, and Warning. FTP, name this San Francisco punk trio with drummer Tre Cool, bassist Mike Dirnt. and lead singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong, who hit it big with Dookie.

Answer: Green Day

3. A 1991 atlas placed this fictional city in Delaware, much to the surprise of most readers who assumed it was an analog for Chicago, New York, or the hometown of its creators, Cleveland. The city's major island is New Troy, and the West and Hobb's Rivers separate it from the suburbs, including Bakerline. The downtrodden neighborhood, Suicide Slum, is watched over by The Guardian, but the city as a whole has a more famous protector, who lives with his wife on the main island. A 1978 movie showed the Statue of Liberty located here, but more recently, the WB has implied that this city is in Kansas, only 100 miles away from Smallville. FTP, name this fictional city, home to Superman.

Answer: Metropolis

4. The final part is a backflip followed by a two-and-a-half forward tuck dive off the springboard into the water. That’s the easy part. It begins on the high platform, followed by a jump to a springboard, launching into a sideways double flip with knees tucked that lands the diver on a lower springboard. From there, a reverse single flip back to the first springboard sets up the final part of the dive. FTP, what is this amazingly hard dive, which has only been performed successfully by Thornton Mellon?

Answer: The Triple Lindy (From Back to School, of course) Lisa

5. He didn't play football until his senior year of high school, when he led Taylor Allerdice High with 1705 rushing yards. At Pitt, he led the team in rushing three years, but missed his senior year with an ankle injury. The tenth running back selected in the 1995 draft, he led the AFC in rushing and won Rookie of the Year. His touchdown in Super Bowl XXXI (31) was his team record fifth of that post-season, but injuries kept him out of the playoffs in 1997, and he soon signed an offer sheet that the Patriots refused to match. In 2004 he became his current team's all-time leading rusher, as well as cracking the list of top-ten all-time NFL rushing leaders. FTP, name this running back who holds the single-season rushing records for the Patriots and the New York Jets.

Answer: Curtis Martin

6. Season two saw the addition of four new cast members: intern Christine, former ILM employee Tory, model-maker Kari, and metal-worker Scottie, whose extensive tattoos were the focus of one episode. However, UCLA professor (and major Trekkie) Heather Joseph-Witham has left the show for the time being. Amazingly, Buster is still around, despite being dropped in 200 feet of water, having bricks dropped on his head, and getting blown up on multiple occasions. Recent episodes have dealt with an ancient Greek death ray, quicksand, and literally finding a needle in a haystack. FTP, name this Discovery channel show on which hosts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman attempt to debunk urban legends.

Answer: Mythbusters

7. Lisa worked as a backup singer for Frank Zappa and Weird Al Yankovic, and has made a career out of selling her "Total Singer" package on the Internet. Her daughter, Lauren, is a successful entrepreneur who, with Lisa, opened a web store to sell the family's products. The family patriarch, Sam, was a Depression-era inventor who put his children to work selling his wares to Woolworth's and Sears in Chicago. Sam's son Ron found that he could sell the inventions best by going to local tourist attractions and hawking them directly to the customers. With the rise of television, he started producing commercials for his dad's products, starting with the best-selling Veg-o-Matic. FTP, name this family of inventors, associated with the company Ronco.

Answer: The Popeils

8. He’s found success in at least four different media in four different decades. He created the AMC TV series Remember WENN in 1996, and has found his most recent success as a myster author, publishing novels such as Swing and Where the Truth Lies. In 1986, he conquered Broadway, giving us The Mystery of Edwin Drood, for which he won three Tony Awards. But he’s still best known for his musical success, which include songs for The Partridge Family and A Star is Born, as well as his own 1979 album, Partners in Crime. FTP, name this singer, whose biggest hit was “Escape,” also known as “The Piña Colada Song.”

Answer: Rupert Holmes

9. At the 1994 World Championships, he scored the tournament-winning goal in a shootout to give Canada its first title in 33 years. During his rookie year in the NHL, he scored 45 goals and 84 points to beat out Ron Hextall for the Calder

Trophy. He had 40 goals in eight consecutive seasons before being traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins prior to the lockout-shortened 1994-1995 season. In the 2001-02 season, he scored 30 goals for the Detroit Red Wings, picking up his 600th career goal and a Stanley Cup in the process. FTP, name this player who spent his first years in the NHL in Wayne Gretzky's shadow as the second-best player on the L.A. Kings.

Answer: Luc Robitaille [pronounced ROW-buh-tie, but accept other phonetically plausible answers]
10. A flop at the 1981 Chicago Video Game Trade Show due to the extremely difficult gameplay, this was the first arcade game to feature a world in which action could occur outside of the viewpoint of the player. A radar screen at the top made this easier to manage. Enemies include the incredibly fast Baiters, the harmless until detonated Pods, the tiny Swarmers, and the mine-laying Bombers. While all these enemies are trying to kill you, the Landers are grabbing humans and attempting to take them into the sky, where they turn into nasty mutants. Lose all the humans, and the planet explodes! FTP, name this 1981 Williams classic.

Answer: Defender

11. He voiced a water elemental in Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, and played the president of the United States in Megadiddo: The Omega Code 2. He’s played sheriffs in no fewer than four movies, including Switchback and the recent remake of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and he also played the police captain in Se7en. His military background has lead to such roles as Sgt. Hiles in The Frighteners and Sarge in the Toy Story movies. FTP, name this ex-marine and host of History Channel's Mail Call whose breakthrough came playing Gunnery Sgt. Hartman in Full Metal Jacket.

Answer: R. Lee Ermey

12. This series originally aired on CBS in 1955, and ran for six seasons before jumping to NBC. The first episode, “Revenge,” was the tale of a man looking to avenge his wife. A fifth-season episode, “The Man From The South,” starred Steve McQueen as a gambler, and was named one of the greatest episodes in TV history by TV Guide. A 1985 TV movie remade four of the original episodes, and led to an NBC revival of the series before it moved to the USA network. The revival was unique in that it was the first TV series hosted by a dead director. FTP, name this classic anthology series, produced by the man who gave us Psycho.

Answer: Alfred Hitchcock Presents

13. The headline at read, “It’s a horror movie, not an adult product.” They were referring to the fact that producer Neal Moritz has announced a remake of this 1959 classic. In the original, a pathologist discovers a strange creature that lives in our vertebrae and that grows when exposed to the fear of its host. One of the first films to depict an acid trip, it starred Vincent Price as the pathologist. FTP, name this classic William Castle film, best known for the hidden joy buzzers that would shock random moviegoers.

Answer: The Tingler

14. His post-retirement hobby of racing vintage motocross bikes has led many jokesters to ask him "Why are you riding a minibike?" He was drafted second overall in the 1988 NBA draft after scoring 45 points in his final game for the Red Foxes of Marist. He scored his playoff career high 34 points against New York in the 1995 Eastern Conference semifinals, and he recorded 12,871 points and 1,111 blocks for his career. Although, his ailing feet led him to consider retirement in 1999, he played on for one more year, helping his team reach the NBA Finals. FTP, name this 7-foot-4 "Dunking Dutchman" and longtime center for the Indiana Pacers.

Answer: Rik Smits

15. In 2002 he outed himself as being a Propecia user, although he's still pretty bald. He first appeared on television in 1976, and in 1978 he called Alice Cooper a "demented, sick, degenerate, barbaric, naughty freako" on national TV. In a 3-D show at Disney MGM, he promises as a finale “a salute to all nations, but mostly America.” He protested against the use of Elton John as a guest star, and he also unleashed a famous on-air rant against the government protecting endangered species . . . until he realized that he was one of the ones being protected. Sharing his name with the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics mascot ,FTP, name this Frank Oz-voiced Muppet and caricature of American jingoism.

Answer: Sam the Eagle (Accept Sam Eagle)

16. At his website, you can buy a hand-painted guitar that "sounds like crap but looks awesome" for $800, and underwear for $15 (skid marks not included). His real name is Robert John Burck, and although he was born in Ohio, he now calls

himself the third most popular tourist attraction in New York city. On a typical day, he makes between 700 and 1,000 dollars in tips, which he tells people to put in his boots, as there is no room in the underwear. FTP, name this long-haired street performer who plays his guitar wearing only briefs, boots, and a ten-gallon hat.

Answer: The Naked Cowboy (accept Robert John Burck before it is read)
17. One of his high school coaches in Kansas City admired his killer instinct and nicknamed him "Huckleberry Dillinger." He captained the U.S. Ryder Cup team in 1993, and he won the Colonial in 1998 at the age of 48. During the 1974 U.S.

Open at Winged Foot, he had a one-stroke lead going into the final round, but shot 79 to finish fifth. In 1977 he won the first of his six PGA Tour Player of the Year awards, as well as the first of two Masters titles. At Turnberry, he outdueled Jack Nicklaus by one shot, shooting 65 and 66 in the final two rounds to win the second of his five British Open championships. FTP, name this legendary golfer whose longtime caddy, Bruce Edwards, succumbed to ALS in 2004.

Answer: Tom Watson
18. Bianca, played by Cyd Charisse, has just married the supposedly widowed Nick (played by Dean Martin). Just as they're about to embark on their honeymoon, Nick's late wife appears. Seems she survived her horrible shipwreck and has spent the last seven years marooned with Stephen (played by Tom Tryon). Hilarious hijinks ensue, or at least they would have, if director George Cukor hadn't fired his star for her drug-influenced misdeeds on the set. Steve Allen and Phil Silvers were also left unemployed when this film ended production, and although star Marilyn Monroe was eventually rehired, she died before filming could complete. FTP, name this never-finished remake of My Favorite Wife, whose title sounds very similar to a 2003 Jack Nicholson film.

Answer: Something's Got To Give [Grudgingly accept if they say it “gotta.”]

19. A higher-end model of this piece of equipment is made by Tim Johnson, measures 1.625 inches on a side, and is included in games made by Bob Zavoral. Oswald Jacoby and John Crawford dedicated one of their books to the unknown "genius" who invented it. Some varieties have the name "Crawford" stamped on one face to indicate that it cannot be used in the next game, as one player has just reached a score one point away from a match victory. The man-in-the-box

usually has to accept at least half of the number of these that are offered if he wants to continue playing the present game in a chouette (shoo-ET). Typically labeled with the powers of 2 from 2 to 64, this is FTP, what six-sided object that is used to raise the stakes in a game of backgammon?

Answer: _doubling cube_ (accept doubler or doubling die, but prompt on "cube")
20. He's short, fat, and never mixes business with pleasure. He's been played on the small screen by James Coburn and Christopher Lloyd, and appeared in two novels and 37 short stories, including "Arson Plus," "The Big Knockover," and "The Girl With Silver Eyes." We never learn his real name, even in such full-length novels as The Dain Curse and Red Harvest, nor do we catch the name of his boss, referred to only as "The Old Man." FTP, name this Dashiel Hammett detective, known only for the fictional detective agency for whom he works.

Answer: The Continental Op

21. Vera is a middle-aged woman who has finally met Merrill, the daughter she gave up for adoption years ago. Nick's a nice guy who never takes risks. Duane and Blaine are brothers whose constant get-rich-quick schemes backfire. Randy is a family man who loves to gamble. Owen is a pro football referee who embarrassed himself on national TV. And Enrico is an Italian narcoleptic. All of them come together when eccentric millionaire Donald Sinclair, played by John Cleese, manipulates the ultimate cross-country treasure hunt. FTP, name this 2001 comedy and update of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World directed by Jerry Zucker.

Answer: Rat Race

22. His latest book is Who the Hell’s in It, a collection of biographical Hollywood essays. His directorial debut was with the 1968 film Targets , which he followed up with Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women before hitting it big. Other films include the TV movie Hustle, Noises Off, The Cat’s Meow, and The Thing Called Love. His acting roles have usually been minor, but he’s had a recurring part on The Sopranos as Elliott Kupferberg. Dr. Melfi’s therepist. FTP, name this director, whose breakout movie was 1971’s The Last Picture Show.

Answer: Peter Bogdanovich

23. It was originally a board game called The Case of the Elusive Assassin: An Ellery Queen Mystery Game, but 3M had it redesigned as a card game a few years later and retitled it without the license. Avalon Hill bought it when 3M left the gaming business, publishing their version in 1981. There are two decks of cards. The Search deck contains 54 cards that are used to narrow down the possible choices, and the Gem deck contains 36 cards, including opals, pearls, and diamonds in varying quantities and color combinations. Players use the search cards to interrogate each other and determine which Gem card has been stolen. FTP, name this Sid Sackson classic, often described as "Clue on Steroids."

Answer: Sleuth


Questions by Gerry Tansey and Adam Lipkin

1. The Incredibles is a great movie, but let’s face it – it’s still the second best film directed by Brad Bird. FTPE, answer the following questions about his first film,The Iron Giant.

(10) What star voiced the titular robot?

Answer: Vin Diesel

(10) Who wrote the book on which Bird based his movie?

Answer: Ted Hughes

(10) Finally, what film studio closed up their animation department after their criminally-neglectful mismarketing turned The Iron Giant into a flop?

Answer: Warner Brothers (accept WB)

2. Not every song that hits the pop charts is completely in English. Given a line of foreign singing, identify the hit song FTPE. If you need the artist and year, you’ll get five points.

(10) Hast du etwas Zeit fuer mich

(5) Nena, 1984

Answer: 99 Luftballons

(10) Esta undecision me molesta

(5) The Clash, 1982

Answer: Should I Stay or Should I go?

(10) Er war Superstar, Er war popular.

(5) Falco, 1985

Answer: Rock Me Amadeus!

3. New Wave was more than just a musical style. It was a major science fiction movement. FTPE, identify these New Wave Science Fiction authors.

(10) The New Wave got started when this man took over as editor of the science fiction magazine New Worlds in 1964. He’s known for creating the “Eternal Champion” and his “Multiverse.”

Answer: Michael Moorcock

(10) With Philip K. Dick, he authored Deus Irae. Like Dick, the influence of classic mystery and crime authors is undeniable in his works, which include the Hugo-winning novels This Immortal and Lord of Light.

Answer: Roger Zelazny

(10) This most famous member of the New Wave movement wrote Star Trek scripts (including “The City on the Edge of Forever,” and short stories such as “I Have no Mouth and I Must Scream,” but his biggest influence on the movement was as creator and editor of the two Dangerous Visions anthologies.

Answer: Harlan Ellison
4. Name these tennis playing siblings not named Williams FTPE.

(10) The brothers with this last name won the 1993 French Open doubles crown. Their "rock and roll" energy and style drew large crowds, though time has thinned their long hair.

Answer: Luke and Murphy _Jensen_

(10) These twin brothers won the Tennis Masters Cup doubles title in 2003 and 2004, as well as the 2003 French Open doubles championship.

Answer: Bob and Mike _Bryan_

(10) The three sisters with this surname once made up the entire Bulgarian Federations Cup team. All of them have been ranked in the top 20 in the world in singles, although only Magdalena still plays on tour.

Answer: Manuela, Katerina, and Magdalena _Maleeva_

5. 30-20-10 Identify this television name.

(30) It was the common last name of Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara, and their fictional family on the “Stiller and Meara Show.”

(20) It was the last name of Eugene Levy and TV son Seth Green on “Greg the Bunny.”

(10) It’s the name of Fry’s robotic roommate on “Futurama.”

Answer: Bender

6. _ [Moderator’s note: Feel free to sing the first few words of the bonus]

Flash! Aaaaa-aaa! Savoir of the Universe! But unlike Queen, we’re not talking about Flash Gordon here. We’re talking about Barry Allen, the Silver Age Flash. And he literally saved the universe in a huge 1986 DC Comics crossover. Answer the following questions about his heroics FTPE.

(10) First, what was the name of this crossover, featuring the merger of all the various DC Earths and the destruction of numerous characters, including Supergirl, Huntress, and good old Barry himself?

Answer: The Crisis on Infinite Earths

(10) Who was the villain of the Crisis, who had captured Barry in an attempt to prevent his heroics?

Answer: The Anti-Monitor (do NOT accept or prompt on “Monitor”)

(10) Who took over the name of The Flash one issue later, and remains the current man behind the mask today?

Answer: Wally West (Prompt on partial answer).

7. Revenge of the Nerds was more than a thinly-disguised Robert Carradine vehicle, you know! In fact, it seems as if every other actor in the movie went on to successful future endeavors. You’ll get ten points if you can identify an actor from his role in RotN. If you need one of his other roles, you’ll get five.

(10) Coach Harris.

(5) Dan Conner on Roseanne

Answer: John Goodman

(10) Greek Council President Stan Gable

(5) Charley Shanowski on Hope and Faith

Answer: Ted McGinley

(10) Gilbert Lowell

(5) Dr. Mark Greene on ER

Answer: Anthony Edwards

8. Phil Mickelson shot a 59 at the Grand Slam of Golf this year, making him a member of a very exclusive club. Identify these other folks who have shot a 59 FTPE.

(10) He was the first person to shoot a 59, nailing it at the 1977 Memphis Classic.

Answer: Al Geiberger

(10) He shot a 59 in January of 1999 at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, right after setting a record in 1998 for the highest PGA one-year earnings.

Answer: David Duval

(10) She’s hit the only 59 in LPGA history, doing so in 2001.

Answer: Annika Sorenstam
9. Now that Rent is getting turned into a movie, let’s see how much you remember about the original musical.

(10 Although they only got married last year, two original members of the Rent cast soon became one of Broadway’s hottest real-life couples. He originated the role of Tom Collins, and later appeared in the film version of Chicago. She was seen as Maureen, and won a Tony for Wicked. Name each, for five points apiece.

Answers: Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel

(10) FTP, name the composer and writer of Rent, who passed away three months before the show opened.

Answer: Jonathan Larson

(10) Finally, what utterly talentless director is bringing the movie to the big screen? Hint: the last good thing he did was writing the screenplay to The Goonies

Answer; Chris Columbus
10. For a guy known for comedy, Jack Black sure dies some horrible on-screen deaths. FTPE, identify these movies in which Black is killed before the final reel.

(10) Jack’s pot-smoking ways and horrible rasta wig make him one of the first targets in this 1998 slasher sequel.

Answer: I Still Know What you Did Last Summer

(10) In this film, Jack’s arm is shot off by the sadistic title terrorist, who then proceeds to shoot up Black and blow up his car.

Answer: The Jackal

(10) Jack’s not very dignified in this 1996 movie, offering his unconditional surrender before being zapped with a ray gun.

Answer: Mars Attacks

11. Do you know your ESPN networks? Answer these questions about various networks affiliated with ESPN FTPE.

(10) Launched in 2004, this is ESPN’s all-Spanish network.

Answer: ESPN Deportes

(10) Launching in March of 2005, this network will be dedicated to only college athletics.

Answer: ESPNU

(10) Known as ESPN Classic now, this was the original name of the network that ESPN purchased in 1997.

Answer: The Classic Sports Network

12. 30-20-10 Identify this common song title.

(30) In 1955, both Rusty Draper and the Fontaine Sisters had hits with a song by this title. A song of the same name appears on Foreigner’s Head Games.

(20) The Sex Pistols song by this title is sometimes subtitled “I’m a lazy sod,” and other punk bands with this song title in their repertoire include Jimmy Eat World and Rocket From the Crypt.

(10) Tim McGraw said it “only comes once in a lifetime,” and Winger has a song with this title as well.

Answer: Seventeen
13. Baseball teams have been uprooting themselves for decades, as any Brooklyn native will remind you. Unlike the Dodgers or the Braves, a lot of teams change their names when they get up and go. For FPE, given a franchise that’s moved, identify the current franchise (team name is all we’re looking for here).

(5) The St. Louis Browns (1902-1953)

Answer: Baltimore Orioles

(5) Washington Nationals/Senators (1901-1960)

Answer: Minnesota Twins

(5) Washington Senators (1961-1971)

Answer: Texas Rangers

(5) Baltimore Orioles (1901-1902)

Answer: New York Yankees

(5) Seattle Pilots (1969)

Answer: Milwaukee Brewers

(5) Milwaukee Brewers (1901)

Answer: Baltimore Orioles (again)
14. Are you man enough for this bonus? Identify these characters from various men’s adventure series, FTPE.

(10) The inspiration for The Punisher, this Vietnam Vet has taken his war on the Mafia into over 200 Executioner books.

Answer: Mack Bolan

(10) One of only two living practitioners of Sinanju, this operative for CURE has appeared in over 100 books, and was played on the big screen by Fred Ward.

Answer: Remo Williams (Prompt on partial answer)

(10) Donald Hamilton created this assassin, who appeared in over 30 novels starting with Death of a Citizen. He was played on the big screen four times by Dean Martin.

Answer: Matt Helm
15. Are you an old-school computer geek? Identify these pre-1985 personal computers, FTPE.

(10) This company produced many of the most powerful 8-bit computers, introducing the 400 and 800 in 1979. Their computers ran the Antic graphics chip, which allowed displays of up to 128 colors.

Answer: Atari

(10) Introduced in 1982, this is still the all-time best-selling computer model of all time, and was known for its advanced use of sprites and collision detection graphics, allowing for some great game design. It ran a 1mhz MOS 6510 CPU.

Answer: The Commodore 64 (accept C-64)

(10) The original Model 1 version of this 1977 computer failed the FCC’s RF emission test, but the Model III was a huge hit. Based on a Zilog chip, it was one of the first computers sold with a monitor and a cassette drive.

Answer: the TRS-80
16. Quirky Canadian Rock bands seem to be a dime a dozen nowadays. Identify these bands FTPE.

(10) These wacky parodists gave us the song “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate,” as well as “Carrot Juice is Murder” and “Canada’s Really Big.”

Answer: The Arrogant Worms

(10) This band had a hit covering “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate,” and also covered “Lord of the Dance” to the tune of Slade’s “Run Runaway.”

Answer: Captain Tractor

(10) This literary-minded Ontario band gave us “My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors” and “King of Spain.”

Answer: Moxy Früvous
17. If you’ve ever watched TNA Wrestling, you might have noticed that a lot of former WWE and WCW superstars end up there. See if you can identify these TNA champions and contenders, FTPE.

(10) This former WCW and WWE superstar is best known for smashing guitars over the heads of his opponents, a trick he used to claim at least one TNA heavyweight championship as well.

Answer: Jeff Jarrett

(10) This wrestler has made a career out of whining that he’s not getting the credit he deserves, and is known for quoting Edgar Allan Poe and wearing Sandman t-shirts to the ring.

Answer: Raven

(10) Jarrett’s former sidekick (as The Roadie) in the WWE, he also had a huge career there as half of the New Age Outlaws before joining the 3-Live Kru over in TNA.

Answer: B.G. James (accept Road Dogg or B-Jizzle)
18. Answer these questions about college basketball and academic fraud FTPE.

(10) He was ousted from his assisted coaching position at the University of Georgia after it was discovered that players were receiving credit for an ever-so-difficult basketball strategies course without attending.

Answer: Jim Harrick Jr._

(10) This Minnesota coach was banned from coaching until 2007 after Jan Gangelhoff admitted writing over 400 papers for players in the course of five years.

Answer: Clem Haskins_

(10) The Missouri Tigers will now play their home games in a renamed "Mizzou Arena" after Elena Martinez revealed that this Wal-Mart heiress paid her $20,000 to do her coursework while "earning" her degree at USC.

Asnwer: (Elizabeth) Paige Laurie_
19. FTPE, identify these recently published or updated cookbooks.

(10) The second edition of this book was often just referred to as “McGee,” the name of the author. Reviews of the third edition have this classic book that looks into the methods and theory of recipes claim that it’s even better now.

Answer: On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen

(10) Edited by Ruth Reichl, this book has over 1000 pages from one of the premiere cooking magazines in America.

Answer: The Gourmet Cookbook

(10) The latest tome by “Contessa” Ina Garten, this one focuses on French cooking.

Answer: Barefoot in Paris: Easy French Food You Can Really make at Home.
20. . There have been more bad super-hero movies than most of us care to recall. In fact, many heroes have been horribly portrayed by at least two actors. Given a list of actors who have portrayed a comic-book hero, identify that hero for the stated number of points:

(5) Val Kilmer and George Clooney.

Answer: Batman

(10) Tom Jane and Dolph Lundgren.

Answer: The Punisher

(15) Matt Salinger and Bob Burns.

Answer: Captain America

(Bonus Fun Fact: Matt Salinger is J.D. Salinger’s son. We only wish he’d stay as reclusive as his dad).

21. The last really good original Adult Swim show was, of course, The Venture Brothers. Identify these characters from the show FTPE.

(10) He’s the incredibly strong and loyal (if not happy) male bodyguard to Dr. Venture and father-figure to the brothers.

Answer: Brock or Sampson

(10) She’s The Monarch’s Jackie-O lookalike significant other, whose voice is deeper than any man’s.

Answer: Dr. Girlfriend

(10) Voiced by “Soul Bot,” this is the neurotic robot built by Dr. Venture’s father who has started to fall into disrepair.

Answer: H.E.L.P.eR.
22. Name these NFL players whose ancestors hailed from American Samoa FTPE.

(10) Now with the Jacksonville Jaguars, this former Steeler played very well while filling in for an injured Jerome Bettis during Pittsburgh's 2001 run to the AFC championship game.

Answer: Chris _Fuamatu Ma'afala_ (fu-ah-MA-too ma-ah-FA-la)

(10) This tight end for the St. Louis Rams has caught 10 passes for 103 yards so far this season. He caught 29 passes in 2003.

Answer: Brandon _Manumaleuna_ (MAH-noo-mah-lee-OON-ah)

(10) This left tackle played fifteen seasons and won three Super Bowl rings for the Dallas Cowboys. He died in 1999 from a heroin overdose.

Answer: Mark _Tuinei_
23. Jason Voorhies wasn’t the only person to wield a machete in the various Friday the 13th movies. FTPE, identify these other killers from the series.

(10) The killer in the first movie, we only learn that she’s Jason’s mom after she’s offed all but one of the teens.

Answer: Pamela Voorhies

(10) Like Pamela, the killer in Friday the 13th Part 5: A New Beginning is avenging a lost child. In this case, he’s an ambulance driver whose son is chopped up at the beginning.

Answer: Roy Burns

(10) Although the ending of Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter implies that he had discovered his own dark side, he heroically fought Jason, and is the only person other than Jason to have survived three Friday the 13th movies.

Answer: Tommy or Jarvis
24. Agatha Christie’s Tommy and Tuppance are best known for a short story collection called Partners in Crime. Each story was a parody of a popular mystery author of the day. If you know the subject of a parody from the title of the Christie story, you’ll get ten points. If you need a story title from the original author, you’ll get five. Reminder: We’re looking for the name of the author, not a character.

(10) The Case of the Missing Lady

(5) A Study in Scarlet

Answer: Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle

(10) The Man in the Mist

(5) The Man Who Was Thursday

Answer: G.K. Chesterton

(10) The Man Who was No. 16.

(5) The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

Answer: Agatha Christie (yes, she spoofed herself)

25. 40-30-20-10-1 Identify this person.

(40) This person was alive during the 20th Century.

(30) She played a picnic guest in Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle and Geena in Life With Mikey.

(20) She starred in Vibes, and sang the theme songs to Pee-Wee’s Playhouse.

(10) She’s best known for her ‘80s hits, including “Time after Time” and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”

(1) She’s the mother of Cyndi Lauper’s son.

Answer; Cyndi Lauper

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