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Match date: Saturday, April 16, 2016. Registration closes at 8: 30 am. First shot is at 9: 00 am

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Hosted By:

Des Moines Rifle and Revolver Club

The Iowa State Rifle & Pistol Association

MATCH DATE: Saturday, April 16, 2016.  Registration closes at 8:30 AM.  First shot is at 9:00 AM.


Van Meter, IA.  Take I-80 to Van Meter exit (#113).  Turn South towards Van Meter.  Cross the railroad tracks and take the first left to the range entrance.


Proceeds from this match will be donated to M1 for Vets and Camp Valor.  

Immediately after the match, a drawing will be held for numerous door prizes.  All competitors are eligible, but must be present to win. Door prizes have been generously donated by these companies:

IASRPA, Nosler, Sierra Bullets, Hornady, Bass Pro, MidwayUSA, Brownells, Krieger Barrels, Criterion Barrels, Springfield Armory, Accurate & Reliable Rifle, and Hodgdon Powder

The match will be a CMP sanctioned state championship competition.  Two state championships will be fired simultaneously – one for the Iowa Unlimited Garand State Championship and a second for the Iowa As-Issued Garand State Championship.  The match will consist of 50 shots for record and 5 sighting shots fired in accordance with the CMP Military Rifle Course B course of fire.  All shots will be fired from a distance of 200 yards from the prone, sitting, and standing positions.  

The match will follow the CMP Competition Rules for CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Matches, 3rd edition, 2015.  Competitors will start rapid fire stages from a standing position, except as allowed in rule 3.7.8, in which case rule those competitors must comply with rule 3.7.9.

Each division must contain at least 5 competitors to qualify as a state championship.  

Empty Chamber Indicators are required, and will be available at the range.

Alibis: All CMP Games matches are “no alibi matches.” Refires are not allowed.


In addition to contributing some very nice door prizes, the Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association (IASRPA) will provide 5 M1 Garand as-issued rifles for rent as well as ammunition for purchase.  Rifle rental fees will only be $15 and ammunition sold at $.50 per shell with a maximum purchase limit of 200 rounds per competitor.  Rifle rental is not a requirement for ammunition purchase.  Due to the limited number of rifles available, you will need to contact the match director and provide payment for the match and rifle rental prior to April 1 if you wish to reserve a rifle.  Rifles not reserved with payment will be available on a first come first serve basis the day of the match.

Checks should be made payable to “IASRPA”.  To pre-register for the match and reserve a rifle, complete the registration form at the bottom of this bulletin and return with payment to Neil Harber, 20014 Kluesner Road, Holy Cross, IA 52053.  Again, payment is required to reserve a rifle.  


Iowa residents must be members of the Iowa State Rifle and Pistol Association (ISRPA) to be eligible for state awards.  ISRPA Annual Memberships will be available at the range for $20.00.

REGISTRATION FEES:     Registration will close at 8:30 AM, April 9, 2016.

Match Fees                    $25.00

Match Fees – Junior        $15.00
DIVISIONS:  There will be three divisions for this match.  

  • M1 Garand, As Issued – State Championship

  • M1 Garand, Unlimited – State Championship

  • Modern Military (M1A, AR, et al)

RIFLES ALLOWED:  Competitors will be allowed to participate, and their division will be determined, based on the following CMP rules.

  • 4.2.1 General As Issued Military Rifle Requirements

  • 4.2.2 M1 Garand, As Issued

  • 5.2.2 General Rules for Modern Military Rifles

  • 5.2.6 M1 Garand, Unlimited

  • 5.2.3 Modern Sporting Rifles, Class A (M16 or AR requirements)

  • 5.2.4 Modern Military Rifles, Class B (M14, M1A requirements)

TARGET OPERATION AND SCORING:   All matches will be squadded.  All competitors will be required to operate targets and score.  A qualified substitute target operator will be allowed.  Failure to complete target and scoring duties will result is disqualification and loss of match fees.  

GENERAL INFORMATION:  Lunch and drinking water will not be available.  Portalets are available.  Camping is allowed on the range, and the smallbore range on top of the hill at no charge.
COURSE OF FIRE: The course of fire will be the Military Rifle Course B, shown below.

Table 4 -- Military Rifle Course B



Type of Fire

Firing Position

Shots Fired

Time Limit


200 yds. 1




25 min. for sighting & prone slow 2


200 yds.





200 yds.


Prone from Standing


80 sec.3


200 yds.


Sitting or Kneeling from Standing


70 sec.


200 yds.




10 min.

  1. The 200-yard SR target, Rule 4.3.5, is used for all stages.

  2. Competitors are given a combined time limit of 25 minutes to fire a maximum of five sighting shots and 20 record shots in the prone position.

  3. The time limit for the rapid-fire stage is 80 seconds for both semi-automatic rifles (M1 Garand) and manually operated rifles (Springfield and Vintage Military Rifle).

AWARDS:  Awards will be presented to the top competitors in each division.  


Entry Form
NAME:      _________________________________________________________________
ADDRESS:  ________________________________________________________________
CITY:   ____________________________________STATE__________ZIP____________
CMP #   ___________________________________________________________________  
E-MAIL:   _________________________________________________________________  
DATE OF MATCH ENTERED____________________________ FEES______________

For additional information regarding the match, please contact Neil Harber at 563-663-3589 or at

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