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Sanctioned M1 Garand/Springfield Match

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M1 Garand/Springfield Match

Date: Sunday ~ Sept. 21, 2014

8:30am squadding and safety briefing

9:00am first relay

Location: Detroit Sportsmen's Congress

200-yard Rifle Range

49800 Dequindre Road Utica, MI 48317 586-739-3500
Fee: $50 adults, $30 juniors under 18, includes

40-rounds of .30-06 Lake City Match ammo.

Rifle: M1 Garand, 03 & A3 Springfield rifles only

Must meet CMP Competition Rules 17 Edition 2013, effective 1 March 2013. Rules @ :

Club M1 Garands will be available for use to shooters that do not have their own rifle.
Course: Sighting: 5-shots slow fire any position


Stage 1: 10-shots slow fire prone


Stage 2: 10-shots rapid fire prone


Stage 3: 10-shots slow fire standing


Safety: 8:30am squadding and safety briefing

Eye & ear protection required for all

Empty Chamber Indicator required.

Items available for purchase at the range.

Shooters must sign DSC Release of Liability Form.

Notes: Range is covered and has a cement firing line.

No lunch break taken during match.

Lunch available in DSC Clubhouse

Participants advised to bring their own lunch, snacks and drinks (microwave available).

Coffee, water and soda are available for purchase at the range.
Contact: Jim Rhodes 248-568-0857,

or Jim Parsons 586-306-2724
Awards: CMP M1 Garand and Springfield Achievement pins, awarded to shooters that earn them.

Awards in clubhouse after match.

Registration: Register early to ensure a spot. Match capacity, 40 shooters (two relays).

Entries can be made by email. Entries close once range capacity is reached.

Second relay only if entries warrant. You cannot choose your relay.

Directions: D.S.C. is approximately 8-miles east of I-75 and 2-miles north of M-59.

Range is east of Dequindre, off Juengel Road (200-yards north of Hamlin Road).

Turn east on Juengel Road, go (500-ft.) to gate on north (left) side and follow road past the pistol ranges to the rifle range.

GPS, the range is: N 42° 39.442’, W 83° 05.311’

Shooting, at 200-yards at NRA target SR

2014 M1 Garand/Springfield Match Registration Form




Email:       Phone:      

Make checks payable to:  Junior (14-17)  Using our rifle Fees:  $30 Junior  $50 Adult

Detroit Sportsmen’s Congress

49800 Dequindre Road Fees Included:       or pay upon arrival 

Utica, MI 48317

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