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Basic criminal facts of Persecuting Falun Gong Practitioners in Weifang Labor Camp Case 1 Victim

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Basic criminal facts of Persecuting Falun Gong Practitioners

in Weifang Labor Camp
Case 1

Victim: Zhang Xinzhong, Falun Gong practitioner

Criminal suspect and orgnization: Weifang Labor camp, Shandong Province

Detail description: Zhang Xinzhong, 49 years old, the villager of Yeyuan Town, Linqu County, Weifang City, Shandong Province. He was illegally arrested by Yeyuan town police station on lunar calendar February 25, 2003. Later, he was illegally detained in Weifang Labor camp, Shandong Province. Police in the labor camp have not allowed his family members to visit him . They were told by Yeyuan town police station that Zhang Xinzhong could by released only after they submit RMB5000.



Case 2

Victim: Falun Gong practitioners

Criminal suspect and orgnization: Weifang Labor Camp, Shandong Province. Zou Jintian (Deputy Director), Ding Guihua (Chief Commander of the second team), Xu Shimin (Deputy Commander), Zhu Weile, Liu Jianguang, Song Xx, Liu Xx.

Detail description: Under the order of Song Jiwu, the head of 610 office in Weifang City, one brainwashing class was built on March 15, 2001 to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. More than 100 Falun Gong practitioners were persecuted there by police and rebels in weifang labor camp. The name was as follow( not include all of the name):
Wang Liping, Yu Shenghe, Fu Qingxia, Zhan Haigang, Chen Zhendong, Song Tingshan, Li Tongxiang, Shang Meiyuan, Yang Wenlan, Qi Shuzhen, Liu Lili, Yang Guilan, Wang Aiqin, Sun Kexiu, Li Ruilan, Wang Ailing, Li Guihua, Liu Guixiang, Wang Yanxia, Wang Yanmei, Feng Xiqin, Wang Hongfan, Wang Deqin, Xia Aixiang, Zhang Chengyu, Wang Fusheng, Sun Shuyun, Xu Qinrui, Zhang Juwu, Zhang Fenghua, Chen Shufen, Hao Ruiying, Li Ruimei, Liu Shuying, Liu Jincheng, Li Qingkong, Li Xiangrong, Zhao Yanhua, Zhang Yuxiang, Zhang Wengang, Xing Lanying, Liu Cuihua, Liu Huaying, Wang Yuexin, Gao Guangcheng, Wang Fuying, Xu Huiqin, Liu Xiulan, Zhang Wendong, Zhou Ruixiang, Qiu Quanpu, Song Zhilan, Bai Xiuying, Guo Supping, Song Cuiwen, Zhang Min, Wang Anmin, Liu Xinglian, Guo Sufen, Sun Yufang, Li Liguang, Li Liangyu, Liu Liangqi, Pang Xinlian, Yu Meixia, Zhao Qinzhou, Shi Wenying, Zhang Yicheng, Tian Ruizhen, Wang Huaiqin, Wang Donglin, Zhang Hongbo, Tan Jixian, Fu Wenyuan, Guo Min, Zhang Donglin, Guo Xianxin, Li Zhengxiu, Li Guifen.Etc.
Zou Jintian (Deputy Manager), Ding Guihua (Chief Commander), Xu Shimin ( Deputy Commander), Zhu Weile, Liu Jianguang, Song Xx, Liu Xx, were all involved in the persecution.
The persecution means were listed as below:
1. Limit the personal freedom: all of the Falun Gong practitioners kidnapped into brainwashing class would be under the close surveillance around clock.( the monitor was installed into every room). They were accompanied by their colleagues(one or two persons) 24 hours. They were not allowed to talk with others and go to other rooms.
2. After being kidnapped into labor camp, Falun Gong practitioners were forced to accept the propaganda of slandering Falun Gong and were threatened to be sentenced into labor camp if they did not give up their belief. The rebels also continually instilled the lies of slandering Falun Gong into practitioners’ minds.
3. Not allowed to sleep if they did not write the regretting statement (some were not allowed to sleep in 5 or 6 days).
4. When Falun Gong practitioners’mind were tortured not to be clear, they had to be forced to watch the video of slandering Falun Gong.

5. Use sentimental torture to transform Falun Gong practitioners. For those who had firmly belief, police would let their relatives to write letter to impress pressure to let them give up their belief.

6. Forcefully feeding: if some practitioners did hunger strike to protest the persecution, they would be forcefully fed by cops in the labor camp.

7. Amassed Falun Gong practitioners’money. After they were kidnapped into brainwashing class, they were forced to pay the living expense, accommodation fee, transformation fee etc. from several thousands to couples of thousands dollars.

Case 3

Victim: Falun Gong practitioners, vice-country level cadre, Shandong province, including Wang Ping, Wu Dajun, Cao Kechang, Zhang Xi, Wei Guoqing, Hu Xinming etc.

Criminal suspect and orgnization:

Weifang Labor Camp, Shandong Province. Zou Jintian (Deputy Manager, male, 52 years old), Zhu Anle( male, 41 years old, the vice manager of education department), Zhu Weile(vice Commander of the second team), Ding Guihua (Chief Commander of the second team), Liu Jianguang (the commander of No.1th squadron, No.2th team), Lu XX( the manager of the department of management and education), Ye XX, Zhu XX, Jiang XX( the doctor of labor camp).etc.

Detail description:

On November 2000, the second team was changed into the special team of persecuting Falun Gong including two squadrons. More than 150 practitioners were illegally detained there. More than 10 prisoners, the most cruel person in each squadron, were chosen to be the different position to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, such as group leader, monitor person, attendant person, etc. the following was one practitioner’s self-statement about how he was persecuted by the police in the labor camp:

He was forced to stripe all clothes and thrown into No. 1th squadron of the second team. Under the order of Ding Guihua (Chief Commander of the second team), Liu Jianguang (42 years old, the commander of No.1th squadron, No.2th team), Lu XX( the manager of the department of management and education) and Ye XX, he was beaten by the prisoners. They forced him to sit on the floor with double legs straight for long time. They pulled his toes forcefully. In order not to leave the bruise of the torture, they used wrapping tape to wrap his fingers with his toes, then they stood on his head, shoulder and his knees which had caused his right knee swollen about half of year.
One day, the police turned over the table and wrapped him on the top which called “tiger bench”. They wrapped his two knees onto the bench and put something under his knees, then they wrapped his two hands with his feet. He was told that he could be loosened only he gave up his belief. Because of long time wrapping, his right hand finger felt numb even no any conscience for long time. In the cold winter, he was stripped and pressed into the cylinder with cold water, sometimes they used broom cleaning the latrine to sweep his back, most of time, he was pressed onto the floor by several persons and other persons poured cold water onto his body continually. Sometimes, they used water pipe to spraying water onto his mouth and nose which had caused him almost not to breathe. After this torture, he was thrown into the warehouse and let me lie on the floor with naked body for couples of hours.

When he asked them why they persecuted him so brutally, he was told that they would also be punished by the cops if they did not persecute him. If Falun Gong practitioners wanted to report the torture, they would be face up to the consequence of more brutal torture.

They chose several dozens of the most cruel prisoners to torture Falun Gong practitioners which they called “use wicked person to deal with kind person.”
Wang Ping, Falun Gong practitioner( the worker in Gaomi City, 30 years old), in order to protest the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners, he was striped the pants and beaten with the leather whip by the prisons from the buttock to his feet which had caused his body blooded bruise.
Cao Kechang, Falun Gong practitioner, 66 years old, the farmer of Changle country, was forced to sit on the floor. They pulled his toes for long time and beat him and sat on his shoulder which had caused his keel awl seriously injured.
Falun Gong practitioners, including Wu Dajun, around 60 years old, the retired teacher of Changyi City, Zhang Xi, around 60 years old, the farmer of Anqiu City, Wei Guoqing, (around 40 years old, Anqiu city farmer), Hu Xinmin, around 50 years old, the farmer of Changyi city, were all experienced the torture with cold water.
Falun Gong practitioners were also injected the unknown medicament into the body. After injection, many practitioners showed the symptom of eyes swelling, kidnap painful, thought chaotic, weary, can’t sleep.etc.



Basic criminal facts of Persecuting Falun Gong Practitioners

in Zao Zhuang Labor Camp

Case 1

Victim: Falun Gong practitioner – Yu Ying Zhang, Zhang Peng

Criminal suspect personnel and their organizations: Xu Jing Gao (Principle of Normal College of Zao Zhuang), Sun Jing Rui, Du Xue Ping (Commissioner of Zao Zhuang Social Security Bureau), Zhang Bin, Yang Yan, Wu (Yue Lou Detention Center), Di Hao (Chief of “610” Office of Zao Zhuang City Center Police Department), Ji Feng (Functionary of “610” Office of Zao Zhuang City Center Police Department)
Detail: Yu Zhang Ying, born in 1935, instructor in Disability School of Zao Zhuang City, retired, National Supreme Grade Instructor. He’s been practicing Falun Gong since 1997. His son, instructor of Education College of Zao Zhuang, born in 1977, graduated in JUL, 1999 from Shan Dong Normal College, majored in biological. He started practice Falun Gong from 1996 while in the University. Since April 25th, 1999, his family was robbed for many times, he was being illegally detained, and was extorted for times.

Feb, 2000, Zhang Peng went to Bejing to appeal for the second time and was put in jail for 15 days by local police. JUL, 2000, Ze Cheng substation of Zao Zhuang City Social Security Bureau’s Political Security Department personnel:- Wang Qi Zhong, Xing Lin, Liu Jin Liang illegally broke in Zhang’s home and taken a computer which worth about 20000 Yuan.

On Oct 1, 2000 – the National Day of China, Zhang Peng went to Beijing to appeal the third time and was arrested in a jail facility at a detention center in Bejing Fang Shan Villege. Local police from his hometown went to collect him and put him in the Zao Zhuang The Second Detention Facility and extorted a 3000 Yuan so-called transportation fee, and 7000 other fees from his family. On Nov 6, He was transferred to Zao Zhuang Labor Camp for a 2 Year sentence.

May 2001, Zhang Peng and 16 other Falun Gong practitioners were taken to Zi Bo Wang Villege Labor Camp (The Third Substation of Shan Dong Labor Camp). During the time in there, Zhang Peng resist the persecution. Once, he alone shouted “Falun Dafa is Good!!!” during a ceremony of rising the Chinese national flag. Evil persecutors were shocked and scared. They dragged his hair and beat him up with fists, and hit his head with chairs. It resulted Zhang bleeding from both nose and ears, and even though, they didn’t stop torturing, and forcing him to sign “The Three Statements”.

Feb 22, 2001, Zhang Peng and two other practitioners (Xiu Ming from Tai Zhuang and Guo Jia Long from Xue Cheng) were transferred to Zao Zhuang Second City Hospital (A Mental Hospital), and stated being tortured mentally. Zhang Peng did not cooperate to take drugs, shots. He clarified the true to nurses, that Falun Dafa is good, but those hospital personnel said they should obey the orders from “The Top People” which is “Must taking shots, and drugs, not matter if you are sick or not”. Zhang disobeyed the orders, and those bad hospital staff then tied him up in bed and gave him transfusions, until there were no emotions reflected on his face, his mouth was dribbling, and became encopresis and lost bladder control. Even though, they didn’t stop either. And blame all of his body and mental situations on to so called “Lost control in practicing Falun Gong”, extremely evil.
April 30, 2001, police from local detachment and 5 other evil police officers broke in Yu Zhang Ying’s home without a search warrant, taken away all of her Falun Gong books and cassettes and put him in detention facility for 28 days.

After, Yu Zhang Ying was sentenced to labor camp for 2 years. Her husband used his connections and bailed her out for 3000 Yuan. But, evil police didn’t then let her go. They sent people from her work to make her 24/7 under their surveillance. Absolutely no freedom to go out door, and had to sign-in 3 times a day.

July 9, 2001, Zhang Peng was bailed-out for a 6800 Yuan so called “Treatment Fee” after 5 months both body and mental torture.

Sep. 24, 2002, Yu Zhang Ying was transferred to take brain wash classes by city officials Zhang Kai, Gao Tan and 2 others. They treaten her to take her job away and sentence her to labor camp to force her to sign statements that announce herself stop practicing Falun Gong.

Feb. 4, 2004, at night, Zhang Peng was arrested while giving out flyers of the truth of Falun Gong and put in jail ever since.

Feb. 11, 2004, noon, Zao Zhuang City Security Bureau, city center substation official – Di Hao, local detachment police – Kong, Zong, and Resident Administration Office personnel – Li, Wang, totally 12 people, broke in Yu Zhang Ying’s home without warrant, and search her home for 4 hours. Then took her away, put her in detention facility illegally, ever since.


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