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Saturday April 12th and Sunday April 13th 2014

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Modern Military & CMP GSM(Garand, Springfield, Vintage) Rifle and 600 Yard Rifle Matches

at Camp Blanding to benefit the Camp Blanding Museum

Location: Camp Blanding – Florida

Date: Saturday April 12th and Sunday April 13th 2014

Sponsor: Camp Blanding Museum

Event: Saturday:

Garand, Springfield and Modern Military Rifle Match (GSM) and

CMP style” Sniper Team Match (2 person teams, Scopes and/or Open Sights)


3x20 Midrange Prone Match

Time schedule: Match Squadding and sign-up/check-in will be starting at 7:00am til 7:30am on the KD-C range

600 yard line, a safety briefing will begin at 7:40am, firing will commence at 8:00am.

Range gate will open at 7:00am to 7:30am. & 11:00am to 11:30am (for those who

will only be shooting the Sniper match).

Squadding, sign-up/check-in & safety brief for Sniper only shooters will be at the 300 Yard line.

Sniper match will start at 12:00pm or shortly after the Garand Match finishes, if later then 12:00pm.

Equipment: GSM match open to open sighted: M1 Garand (as issued), unlimited M1 Garand, 1903orA3

Springfield, Vintage Military and Modern Military rifles (AR15, AK47, SKS etc.). Sniper match open to

: CMP Vintage Sniper Rifles, Vintage Open Sight Rifles, Open Sight Service (Modern Military) Rifles

& Modern Sniper Style Rifles (no muzzle brakes, suppressors permitted)

Modern sniper rifles will shoot on the F-class 300 and 600 yard targets

Midrange match is open to all NRA Match, Service & F-Class HP rifle types & Vintage Rifles

Ammunition: Participants are to provide their own ammunition.

Course of Fire: SaturdayGSM Match - Garand Match (A) 30 shot course of fire @ 200 yards

5 sighter shots +10 shots slow fire prone and 10 shots rapid fire prone &

10 shots slow fire standing.

Sniper Match – 2 person team match. CMP Vintage Sniper Match course of fire

5 min. for unlimited sighter period then 10 shots per team member at 300 and 600

yards. All firing must be done from provided rubber block rests or with a sling,

No bipods, or sandbags. A towel or rag may be placed over the rubber block to protect stock.

If you don't have a partner we will try make up teams match day from the individual participants

Sunday- 3 x 20 – 600 yard mid-range prone match – Unlimited sighter shots

for the first stage then 2 sighters for the next two stages, 20 shots for record at all the stages.

Open To: All - 14 years of age or older...Juniors must be accompanied by a parent

Rules: Match will be conducted under NRA & CMP Competition Rules,

CMP rulebook can be downloaded here:

All New Garand (GSM) participants must have a signed and notarized copy of the

CMP Eligibility Affidavit and Liability Agreement *. a copy can be downloaded here:

and must sign a Camp Blanding release from liability at the match

Awards: CMP Achievement pins will be presented to competitors that equal or exceed

established achievement award scores in GSM match that are listed in the CMP Competition rules.

Pins for “As Issued” M1 Garands, Springfields, Vintage Military Rifles, CMP Modern Military Rifles

A 1st. Place Medal will be given to the overall shooter in each match for the rifle classes each day.

Range Location: Camp Blanding, KD-A or KD-C range: range entrance gate is on the north side of Rt16,

500ft east of main gate, follow the road until it ends then make a right, continue until you see the range

Entry Fee: Fee is $30 per match if preregistered, or $35 if registering at match,

$50 if preregistering for both days.

Make check payable to “Camp Blanding Museum”

How to Enter: mail entry form & fee and notarized CMP Eligibility and Liability Agreement* to:

. Camp Blanding Museum

Attn: April 2014 Rifle Match 5629 SR 16 W. Starke, FL 32091 Contact: Camp Blanding Museum: 904-682-3196 Other: Participants need to bring: rifle, sling, 2-clips/magazines ,eye and ear protection, ammunition, spotting scope or binoculars, a mat or pad, food and beverages(none provided)and any additional shooting equipment you think you will need, also bring some means to transport your equipment from the parking area to the firing lines. Some base housing will be available, contact Greg Parsons at the museum, at the above number, for details.*“CMP Eligibility and Liability Agreements” only need to be submitted once in a lifetime, so if you have ever participated in any CMP match before you do not need to submit another one. Registration Form: You may shoot one or both days.... check one: Saturday: Garand Rifle: ____ Rifle caliber _______ Springfield Rifle: ____ Rifle caliber _______ Vintage Rifle: ____ Rifle caliber _______ Military Rifle: ____ Rifle caliber _______ Sniper match is included with Military/GSM fee Will you participate in the Sniper Team Match? Yes __ No __ Rifle Caliber_____ Will you have your own Sniper team? Yes __ No __ Sniper Match Only? _____ Rifle type: Vintage Sniper___Vintage Open___Service Open___ Modern Sniper ___ check one: Sunday: Service Rifle: ____ Rifle caliber _______ Match Rifle: ____ Rifle caliber _______ *Vintage Military: ____ Rifle caliber _______ F-Class T/R: ____ Rifle caliber _______ F-Class Open: ____ Rifle caliber _______ Match fee is $30 for single days or $50 if shooting both days if preregistered, $35 day of match Pre-registration must be received by the museum no later then Thursday April 10th.'14

Print clearly:

Name: ___________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________________
Email: ____________________________________________________

* Vintage Military will include:

M1 Garand, M1903 or 03/A3, M1917 or any unscoped vintage foreign military rifle

M1904A4, M1-C or D w/scope will shoot with Vintage Military

There will be a caliber limit of 300 Win Mag or less due to range safety limits

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