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Wes duraman memorial match minutes

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DATE: 13th March 2008

Memorial match between current and ex Egerton FC (Masons Arms FC) players. To be held at Eagley FC at the end of the season. Other activities including kids entertainment and refreshments to be included.
It is hoped this will become an annual event with the Wes Duraman Memorial Shield remaining in the Masons Arms pub
The date of the game is confirmed as Sunday April 27th 2008 (2pm KO).

  • To provide a day for everyone who knew Wes to remember him.

  • To raise funds to provide a lasting tribute to Wes (e.g. Contribute to a headstone; provide a bench for the cemetery; a plaque for the pub)

  • A fun day for friends and families to enjoy

The current team will be managed by Andy Gleaves and the Ex team will be managed by Tony Jackson.
The match is proposed to Kick Off at 2pm, and will be the usual 45 minutes each half.
Ken has offered to referee the match FOC
Action: Andy Gleaves to put up nets and corner flags prior to the game
Substitutions will be organised by the respective team managers

Current Team Colours: Egerton FC Home Kit (Blues Shirts, Shorts & Socks)

Ex Players Colours: Egerton FC Away Kit (Red Shirts, Blue shorts & Socks)

All players to provide their own blue shorts and socks if they have them)

A Wes Duraman Memorial Shield will be presented to the winners
Action: Andy and Karl Holden to sort out with Wes’s stepdad
Other trophies will be presented to players after the match
Action: Karl Holden to organise

Kids play equipment such as trampolines, bouncy castles, sports equipment etc.
Action: Martin to pull together a list of what everyone has available

Action: All to let martin know what kids equipment they have available
The club bar will be open from 1pm – 6pm
A Special Guest will be sort to kick off the match.

Action: Andy Gleaves will contact BWFC

Action: Andy H to sort out 5 buckets for collecting on the day

Action: Martin to sort out legal implications and tickets for raffle

Action: Andy G to design and print programme
Andy Ormrod has started collecting prizes and so far we have:-

  • Soccer AM T-Shirt. (Andy Ormrod)

  • BWFC signed ball (Adam Barlow)

  • Dinner and B&B for 2 at Egerton House (Andy Ormrod)

  • Bottle of Whisky (Masons Arms)

  • Half Day gardening (Rick Stokes)

  • Dinner for 2 at Podium in Hilton Hotel, Manchester. (Martin Ashton)

  • Voucher for Campcraft (Ivan Crompton)

Pasties to be available. Estimate of 200 Carrs pasties. These will be sold at £1 each
Action: Martin to order and sort out delivery to Eagley FC on the morning of the game

Action: Ivan to look into getting a discount


Posters need to be put up around Bromley Cross and Egerton, and for the Egerton FC Website.

We have set a deadline on THE END OF MARCH to have these ready
Action: Jason to design a poster

Action: Martin to print a4 versions

Action: Ivan to get A3 posters printed

Action: All to distribute locally
Andy Blackburn will control all the money in and out for the event

£110 has been donated by a colleague of Wes’s mum and is being held by Martin

Pasties will cost approximately £150

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