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And that is the way it is

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I was recently reading about the horse Doc O Lena and found the story of his mother, the great Poco Lena, fascinating. After her unprecedented career as a cutting horse to beat all cutting horses, through a series of almost unbelievable events, she was left sick, close to death and severely foundered. She finally ended up with owners/breeders Dr. Stephen and Jasmine Jensen. They bred her twice to Doc Bar to produce the two wonderful stallions Doc O Lena and Dry Doc. It was a miracle in itself that she produced even one foal, let alone two, due to the fact that during her cutting career she had been given medications to keep her from coming into heat and, as it turned out, was considered “unbreedable”. But she did produce the foals and she was allowed to live out her remaining days in a special soft pasture to help keep her feet comfortable. In her last years she was tended to by loving, compassionate individuals. Even though I was studying Doc O Lena the story of his mommy fascinated me.
The Lord spoke to me through this story (He can use any vehicle He wants). How many times do we feel like that mare? Things are going great in our lives. The road is smooth, no big problems and we are really enjoying ourselves. Then all of a sudden disaster strikes in one form or another. We loose a loved one. We are struck (or a loved one is struck) with a devastating illness. Our finances are attacked. We feel deserted, alone, at our wits end as to how we are going to handle the situation. We feel lower that dirt convinced there is no way out, or around, or through the problem or situation we may be facing.
Well, praise God, there is a way. Look to the Lord.
I am pretty sure that poor mare was wondering what she had done to deserve the treatment she received. She had given her all to the people she served and yet she ended up in misery and pain. When the Jensen’s finally rescued her and cared for her I am certain Poco Lena probably thought she had “died and gone to heaven”.
When we have to face the “bad” things that come our way we, as humans, have a tendency to ask “why me, Lord?” Here’s a new flash for you--there is nothing in the Bible that says we will not suffer here on earth (take a minute to read the story of Job or study the life of the Apostle Paul). But what the bible does tell us is if we persevere we will overcome. We need to look to the Lord for our strength and comfort. We need to believe Him and to allow Him to be in control of the situation. We need to stand firm on His promises (His word) to us. The Lord will rescue us and care for us. He promises us this in His word.

All of Psalm 91 talks of how the Lord will protect us in time of trouble. It does not say we will not have times of trouble but we can find refuge in Him in times of trouble. We should not fear for He gives His angels charge over us. I love thinking of God’s angels around me!

Psalm 91: 14 and 15 states “Because he loves me,” says the Lord, “I will rescue him: I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.
Many people think the 23rd Psalm is something that is only read at funerals. They do not think to apply it to their everyday living. They do not realize it applies to the living. Read it. It tells us God is our provider. He will take care of us. He will keep us safe. He will give us peace. Even when we are in danger we can believe Him to protect us and see us through. He will show us goodness and mercy and when our life here is ended we will join Him in His house for eternity.
Just as poor Poco Lena had to trust the Jensen’s for her comfort, health and well being we must learn to trust the Lord in all situations of our lives. His word tells me we should. His word tells me we can. I believe it! Amen!
And that is the way it is.

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