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How to use Microsoft Publisher to create a book jacket

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How to use Microsoft Publisher to create a book jacket

Step 1: Open Microsoft Publisher

Step 2: In the “New Publications” menu click on “Blank Publication”
Step 3: Click on the new document for “Book Fold”

When asked if you want to automatically want to insert pages click “Yes”

Step 4: Choose a publication design on the left hand menu. This will

be your border for your book jacket. You may also use this

menu to choose different color schemes or fonts. Close out of

the menu when you are finished.

Step 5: The bottom left side of the program allows you to move from

page to page on your book jacket. #1 is the front, #2+3 are

the inside pages, and #4 is the back of the jacket.
Step 6: The sidebar allows you to add text

And word art to your jacket.

To add text

To add word art such as a

title or caption

To add arrows or shapes Use the size chart at the top of the page to make your jacket larger on the screen.

Step 7: Assemble your book jacket.
Using clip art from the internet:

Be sure to copy the image you want from the internet and paste it on the desired page. You may adjust the size according to your needs.

Printing: Your computer will print the pages on 2 sheets of paper. Pages #1 and #4 will print on one sheet, and pages #2 and #3 on the other. To get them to print on one page front and back you will need to have a printer that can accommodate that command.

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