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A beautiful story about becoming a wonderful tennis player. Maria Sharapova…

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a beautiful story about becoming a wonderful tennis player.

Maria Sharapova…

Maria Sharapova is one of the top tennis players in the world. To cut a long story short, she is three times Grand Slam singles champion. As of October 26, 2009, she is ranked World No. 14.

To begin with, when Maria was seven, she and her father moved from their life in Russia to the United States, to enroll in the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. Sharapova and her father, neither of whom could speak English, moved to Florida in 1994. Sharapova's father took various low-paying jobs, including dish washing, to fund her lessons before she was admitted to the academy. In 1995, she was signed by IMG and finally enrolled in the academy. After rising rapidly through the junior and professional ranks in the years that followed, Sharapova won her first Grand Slam title at Wimbledon in 2004 at the age of 17. In the two years that followed, Sharapova won eight titles on the WTA Tour and had two brief stints as the World No. 1. Sharapova's public profile extends beyond tennis. She has been featured in a number of modeling assignments, including a feature in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. In July 2008, as a result of her success both on and off court, she was the world's highest-paid female athlete.

Sharapova is an aggressive baseliner, with power, depth, and angles on her forehand and backhand. Instead of using a traditional volley or overhead smash, she often prefers to hit a powerful "swinging" volley when approaching the net or attacking lobs. At the beginning of 2008, some observers noted that Sharapova had developed her game.

I can surely say that she is an achiever. As a child she was brought up in a strict manner because she knew only one thing, tennis. Though she was always the centre of attention (she is the only child in the family) she didn’t have enough toys to play. In the United States she became extremely popular and famous for her wonderful playing. To see her play, you would think, she wants to kill everybody, against whom she plays. She went in for sport not to get money and become famous but play tennis very well. That’s why she possesses a number of sport qualities, I mean she is competitive because there are so many temptations around us and tennis in general is not always fun but mostly hard work. That’s why she lets us realize that she is industrious, self-possessed and optimistic. I can’t help saying that she always tried hard to become a good player. She never gave up the idea of becoming a number one. That’s why I can suppose that she is confident, open-minded, stubborn and adventurous. She can’t live without tennis. But a big reason for her not playing was a right shoulder. She couldn’t make a serve that’s why she decided to take a break starting in August. It didn’t sound fine because fans didn’t have the opportunity to see her playing. But in any case she was reasonable and patient because she made good progress at her tennis.

She has an opened, light and kind face that can always involve people. It is very pleasant to see her beautiful smiling. Her eyes are shining and honest. Well she possesses a sense of sympathy and can make a good impression on everybody.

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