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Sunyit student Association Senate Meeting Minutes for February 5, 2009 revised

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SUNYIT Student Association

Senate Meeting

Minutes for February 5, 2009

Called to order at 12:39
Roll Call: Present: Jeremiah Edwards, Christopher Roberts, Chris Spahn, Stephanie Bugenis, Zachary Hoffmann, Zachary Cummings, Jeanyhwh Desulme, Christopher Landy, Gordon Jeffery, Duane Morrison, Jean Thelusme, Mike Dann, Krutarth Mithawalla, John Borner, CAB, Wildcat Media, Factory Times, CFB, Genesis

Excused: Crystal Gheen, AHAB

Unexcused: Katie Aiello, Alves Duffus
Approval of Minutes: With Amendments

Motion – Zack H. 2nd – Zack C.


  • No announcements.

President’s Report

  • No President’s report

Vice President’s Report

  • Provost search committee narrowing down the list. Should have a name to give to President Yeigh by the end of February.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Put together a calendar including the 1 on 1’s with organizations, stipend packet due dates, etc. on Google Calendar.

  • Found a vice-treasurer.

  • Put together a how-to fill out purchase vouchers sheet for clubs.

  • Budget committee will be talking to Factory times about their budget.

Swearing in new positions for Factory Times and V.P. of CAB
Confirmation of Darius Arrendell as Publicity Coordinator

  • Zack H: Will he be getting a stipend?

  • Jeremiah: Yes

  • Mike: What would you be doing?

  • Darius: I would like to get the information about different events out to the students.

  • Zack H: Would you be coming out with a new posting policy?

  • Darius: Yes

  • Unanimous

Swearing in Darius Arrendell
Committee Reports

Bylaws Committee – Handed out the CFB bylaws draft to the committee and will be going over them at the next meeting.

Senior Gift – Mike can take over the committee for Evan. Talk to him if you’re interested.

Public Relations – It will be easier now that we have a Publicity Coordinator.
Organization Reports

CAB – Already had 3 events with really good turnouts. Casino Night next week with Residence Life. Have a new craps table for the event.

AHAB – (given by Jeremiah) Starting events this weekend. Going to be hard to get events done in March because of all the stuff going on.

CFB – There were a lot of people at the meeting today. Jacob getting into the swing of things.

Genesis – Doing the layouts for student and faculty photos. Setting up more times to take more student and faculty photos. Looking into getting photos of clubs.

Wildcat Media – Programming software for TV scoreboard. Working to produce on and off campus events. Shows will be returning soon.

Factory Times – Have had 3 meetings so far. Most of the positions have been filled. The 1st issue coming out on the 18th.

College Council – Asked for an SA representative to give a report on the state of the student body at the next meeting. The focus now is to get the council more informed about the school. Meeting was recorded and is available online.

Web Coordinator – Need to get with Jen O for an updated club list. Also need an updated senator list. Lynne Brown wants to make a new Wildcat page and is looking for student input. Would also like to re-design the front SA page.
Old Business

Bill 0809-37: Transfer of funds from Phi Beta Lambda to the Business Club

  • Jeremiah: I would not like to give the funds to anyone and just let it dissolve.

  • Jen O: Business Club had not fulfilled the qualifications of Phi Beta Lambda to be able to get these funds.

  • Jake: Phi Beta Lambda’s former advisor said not to give Business Club the funds.

  • Vote: 0-9-0

New Business

Bill 0809-38: Transfer $20,000 from unallocated funds to SA Misc. line #999

  • Motioned by: Jean D

  • Second: Mike

  • Zack H: Does this mean we have lines going into the red?

  • Chris S: Money from last year’s class gift went into unallocated.

  • Zack H: What’s the extra $10,000?

  • Jeremiah: Just to replenish misc. for people asking for funds.

  • John: Should have a projection on what it could be used for.

  • Tyler: Some clubs have already asked for money from CFB so they may ask for more from SA.

  • Chris R: These funds are being taken from unallocated and not from the reserve.

Bill 0809-39: SA needs more name recognition

  • Motioned by: Jean T

  • Second: Zack C

  • Zack H: There is no plan to implement it this semester, but we should put it into the budget for next semester, and it doesn’t have to be a bill.

  • Darius: SA does a lot of stuff but does not get recognition. This would give SA the recognition.

  • Motion to postpone indefinitely: Zack H

  • Second: Mike

  • Withdraw motion: Zack H

  • Motion to send to the budget committee: Jean D

  • Second: Mike

  • Vote on Motion: 9-0-0

Bill 0809-40: School improvement fund

  • Motioned by: Duane

  • Second: Jake

  • Darius: This fund would be make to make improvements to the school.

  • Jake: I don’t think this is the right approach.

Bill 0809-41: Amend the bill format

  • Motioned by: Jake

  • Second: Zack C

  • Darius: This bill would eliminate the repetition and redundancy in the bills.

  • Motion to send to the bylaws committee: Jean D

  • Second: Chris L

  • Vote on Motion: 9-0-0

Bill 0809-42: Spring ’09 Club Activations – Immediate Attention

  • Motioned by: Zack H

  • Second: Jake

  • Tyler: Cricket Club already has a line.

  • Vote: 9-0-0

Open Forum

  • New disabilities task force forming.

  • Recommend making a bill for a disabilities transportation line.

  • Search as started for replace Wassie’s position

  • Propose a zip car program so students who don’t have cars can get around. The cars would be stationed around campus.

  • Veterans Club is now nationally recognized.

  • Community service days: April 25th and 26th.

  • February 19th is IEEE rock show. It is $3 for students.

  • Club Lava may not be good for us to fund because they don’t pay state taxes and also have land disputes that force people out of their homes.

Adjourned at 2:05

Respectfully Submitted: Stephanie Bugenis

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