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No may club meeting: a short business meeting at the picnic on April 28 will suffice for the May club meeting

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NO MAY CLUB MEETING: A short business meeting at the picnic on April 28 will suffice for the May club meeting.

GREAT SOUTHERN KNIFE SHOW update: At the April club meeting, Jack Jackson agreed to be the chairman for the GSKS. Now let’s all give him our support and get involved!
The best opportunity the club will have to advertise the GSKS will be at the Blade Show on June 8 – 10. We need volunteers that will walk around the Blade Show and talk to vendors regarding setting up a table(s) at the GSKS. Please call Jack Jackson to help do this sometime during the show: 678-877-4605.
David Prowell will make the Benefit Knife for the GSKS. Stay tuned for more details in future newsletters!
The month of OCTOBER is still open for any member wanting to be responsible for the program for the club meeting for that month. Remember, you do not have to do it yourself; you may ask some one else to give a presentation or demonstration relating to knives. Contact the secretary, Cheryl Mullikin at 770-719-3486 or
KNIFE SHOW in PALMETTO, SC, May 4 – 5 sponsored by the Palmetto Cutlery Club. Call Don Stroud for details: 770-242-6498 or
Coming October 13 & 14! Don’t forget the

Great Southern Knife Show!
PROGRAM PRESENTATION: Mike Mullikin gave a presentation at the April club meeting on military knives from World War II to the present. He started with the famous Gurkha Kukri, a knife that can trace its design back to the ancient Greeks and Celts. He also displayed and talked about the Fairbairn-Sykes commando dagger, the V-42 dagger, the famous Kabar combat knife and the Applegate-Fairbairn combat knife, as well as a number of other important military knives. Mike also quoted Captain William Ewart Fairbairn on the essential qualities of a successful military knife— “keenness of blade and balance.”

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