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White House Cabinet Secretary Chris Lu and Secretary Arne Duncan Read to Students

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White House Cabinet Secretary Chris Lu and Secretary Arne Duncan Read to Students

Please join me in welcoming the man in charge with helping us learn and succeed, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan. And the man President Obama charges with telling the Cabinet what he needs done, White House Cabinet Secretary, Chris Lu.

Thanks. Thanks, Daniel.
Luckily, we have a beautiful, beautiful day. And Chris is going to read his book first and I’ll read mine. And we'll take any questions you might have about the stories or anything else, about our job or anything else you might want to know. Okay?
The book I’m going to read to you is called--well, I took the cover off, but it's called "Stone Soup." Has anybody read this book before? Okay. Everyone sat down to eat. They had not been together for a feast like this for as long as anyone could remember. After the banquet, they told stories, sang songs, and celebrated late into the night. Then they unlock their doors and took the monks into their homes and gave them very comfortable places to sleep. "Thank you," said the villagers," With the gifts you have given, we will always have plenty. You have shown us that sharing makes us all richer." And the monks said, "And to think to be as happy, to be happy is a simple as making stone soup." The end.
I am America. I am what?
I am proud. I am diverse. I am soft-spoken and...?
Let me hear you.
That’s better. Okay. I am rhythm. I am blues. I am country. I am...?
I am jazz. I am hip-hop. I am grunch, rock 'n...?
I am America, and America is...?
The end. Great reading. Give yourselves a round of applause.
Well, I work in the White House for the president. And do you know who the president is?
Yes. Barack Obama.
Barack Obama. So I help President Obama everyday, and I get to talk to people like Secretary Duncan and some of the other important people in town. And when the president says, "We should do this," I then call up Secretary Duncan and I'd say, "The president says we should do this." And sometimes Secretary Duncan will call me and say, "Well, I want to relay. I want to give a message to the president about something I’m doing." For instance, I’m reading to school kids, and I'll go back and tell that to the president. So do you think we should go and tell the president that we read to all of you today?
Okay. We’ll do that.
And my job, I think I have the best job here. And my job is to try and make sure that every school in the country is a great school, and that you guys have great teachers and great principals. And if every child in this country have great teachers with them and great principals, I think that would just be fantastic. So we have lots and lots of great schools. We have some that aren't so great, and my job is to help those schools continue to improve. And I just want to make sure everyone of you has a chance to get a great, great education. I want to make sure that people are spending time at home every night reading. Turning off those TVs, turning off those Game boys and X-Boxes and reading for fun, whatever it might be: poetry or fantasy or fiction or non-fiction or whatever you like to read, mysteries. Please make sure you're reading every night at home. Okay?

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