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Head of hu mvs1 of Ukraine, Lvov region General Vasyl Mikhaylovych Pisnyi

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Head of HU MVS1 of Ukraine, Lvov region

General Vasyl Mikhaylovych Pisnyi

Dear Sir,

we turn to You with sincerity and ask for Your just solution. We are Greek-Catholic monks, we serve Jesus Christ and as monks and bishops we are subordinated directly to the Holy Father. We do not fall within the jurisdiction of Card. L. Husar.

For explanation we would like to add the following important information:

  1. By publishing the book “Discussions ...” in 2006 and 2007 Card. L. Husar committed an offence of public proclamation of heresies, wherefore, according to Gal 1:8-9, he has been spiritually excommunicated from the Church. L. Husar now occupies the Church post unlawfully, and the same applies to the bishops who have united with his heresies. A similar situation of the Catholic Church is seen in more states in the world, and therefore the global solution is expected of the Holy Father.

  2. We have revealed this state of the Church in Ukraine to all bishops of the Catholic Church as well as to the Pope. That is why we have become an object of Husar’s cunning revenge.

  3. Since his canonical punishments against us are invalid (mainly because we do not fall within his jurisdiction and he is therefore incompetent to judge or punish us), he resolved to abuse state organs for his purposes. It is a notorious fact that Card. L. Husar uses various forms of bribes and lies to achieve dishonest aims (see a document of L. Husar to state organs dated 6th August 2004 N. 399/2003).

Bribery: On his CD L. Husar states: “Unless we find protection in a lawful state, money will be the most important element, for what other protection do we have?”

  1. We know that in the present time he seeks again to abuse state authorities, the employees of UHIRFO2 in particular, to prevent those of us who are not citizens of Ukraine from staying here. Ukraine gives freedom of worship to Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhists, Hindus etc., and the more so it is obliged to guarantee this freedom for Christians, for it considers itself a Christian state. It would be a transgression against laws and a manifestation of religious intolerance and discrimination if one prevented us, legitimate bishops, from staying in Ukraine only because it is the desire of Card. L. Husar. We along with four Ukrainian bishops form an orthodox Catholic Synod contrary to the one of L. Husar which is in heresy. This internal religious problem can be dealt with by the Holy Father alone, personally, and not by the state.

Dear Sir, please, in compliance with the law of Ukraine on “Freedom of Worship and Religious Organizations”, art. 5, which speaks of separation of Church and state, do not open up to the pressure of L. Husar who is trying to make You an instrument of his religious persecution. Check whether we commit any crimes against the Ukrainian state. Supposing You discover that the matter is a mere conflict within the Church, then please, protect us against oppression and religious intolerance; otherwise we will be forced to defend ourselves publicly, which may also cause an international scandal. Who will suffer most therefrom will, of course, be state organs which L. Husar is now manipulating and hiding behind.

Dear Sir, thank You for Your understanding and justice.

In Christ,

+ Markian Hitiuk OSBM

Secretary of the orthodox Catholic Synod of the UGCC

Pidhirtsi, 1st April 2009

Copies to:


  • Letter to Mr. Taras Batenko, dated 30th June 2005

  • Letters from Ukraine 4/2009

Address: Pidhirtsi 19, Brody dist., Lvov reg., 80660, Ukraine; e-mail address: pidhirci.

1 HU MVS – Central Police and Military Forces Administration

2 UHIRFO – State Department of Citizenship, Immigration and Registration Affairs of Physical Persons

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