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Galston District Garden Club

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Galston District Garden Club

PO Box 163, Galston, 2159

Galston Community Centre, 37 Arcadia Rd, Galston

Jan-Feb 2016 Newsletter

President: Mark Sutherland-Harris 9651 1924 redcreek

Secretary: Kate Stanley 9653 2202

Web Site: www. au
Next Club meeting: Annual General Meeting Wednesday, 10th February, 2016 8pm start

(No 7 pm open garden planning meeting in Feb. First one in March 2016)

Our speaker in February: Club Patron Judy Horton
Annual Subscriptions due in February.

Please fill in the form at the end of the Newsletter and attach it to your cash or cheque payment

in person on Club night in letterbox on “Sign In Table.”

If you are paying by Direct Deposit please ensure you post your form in to P.O.Box 163, Galston

or post in letterbox on “Sign In Table”

As mentioned at the end of last year, no receipts will be returned to member but stapled to your form in the membership registry(unless requested)

Regular Club Information
Single membership: $20 ($10 after July) Family membership: $25 ($12.50 after July)

(The discounted rates only pertain to new members)If you are depositing money for social event or magazine please write abbreviation to indicate that. (eg, mag, lunch, ramble)and surname and initial.

Our Garden” Magazine: Is now being directly posted to members for the cost of $15 annually. Please see secretary if you wish to order this way. Payment in advance. Those members who have already been contacted and reordered their magazine can do so via Direct Deposit (please put surname and “mag” in specified banking field) OR in an envelope clearly marked with name and put in envelope into letterbox on Sign In table or post. (You are welcome to combine with subs just specify)
Club Badges: See Secretary, after the main meeting, to order a badge and pay a small fee. The badge will be available at the next club meeting from her.

Position Vacant: Publicity Officer for Galston Garden Club-
A member who can email an article with a photo attached for ¼ page in Galston Community News by 15th of each month for March to November. You may like to work in a pair.

Please let Secretary know urgently, if you would like to know more about this very important role.

SIGN ON” TABLE- Just inside the door. All members please sign your name next to printed name which are alphabetized. This is for Insurance purposes and also an important way messages can be passed on to individual members. If you are a visitor, sign the Visitor’s book and clearly print your name and contact details. There will be a letterbox on the table for members to post their subs/mag sub/membership form. PLEASE provide your own envelope and have your name and item/s intended for payment. The Secretary will be seated at the table at the beginning and end of meeting. If you are running late, please don’t forget to sign on. There may be a note next to your name with a message so please follow up.

SUPPER-Sue Montgomery has kindly offered to be the Supper Coordinator. We have one person who has offered to help with supper in Feb. There are two people needed each month to help hand out supper and clear up. The coordinator is in charge of stocking the supper box and providing milk and supper. You are welcome to bake instead/also, if it is your turn on. Please phone Secretary on 9653 2202, if you can help and nominate a month you can help. Or you can email her on A roster will be sent around at the Feb meeting but it would be wonderful if it was full already!
CUTTINGS CORNER- There is a table left of stage for you to bring cuttings to share. Ensure you put them in a bucket/container to keep hydrated. Please label with your name and plant name .(It helps with presentation)
SINGLE EXHIBITS- These can be put along front table. Could you attach a label so we can let members know name of flower/plant/fruit and you may like to tell others about it. It may be a specimen that is flowering on the day of meeting. This is the member’s favorite section. You will be invited to talk about it or President can read out label and show specimen (if you are shy!)
TRADING TABLE- You may have a surplus of produce from your garden, that you can bring to the Trading Table at the back of hall. You may have seedlings that you have pulled out when gardening, that you can also bring. If you are able label them that makes it easier for the Trading Table helpers. Include colour of flower if appropriate. All items sold, raises money for the Galston District Garden Club.
ADVERTISING- Many members enjoy sharing “what’s on”. Please email or phone secretary ahead a day or so before club meeting with clear details, so they can be announced at the meeting. Or few days before mailout and it can be mentioned in the Newsletter. (Now going out 1st month)It is difficult if these items are given to Secretary at the last minute before meeting.

******************PLEASE RESTRICT notices to plant/garden related items only********************************************

APOLOGIES- Members could you please notify Secretary, if you are unable to attend a meeting. This can be done by ph:9653 2202 or email: or simply write in visitors/apologies book with a little note, if you know ahead of time.
WELCOME- We are a big club with 70-75 members coming each month. (165 on roll) Regular members please note when visitors/new members are announced, so you can introduce yourself over supper. Visitors should be wearing a sticky name badge. A garden club is more than just coming to listen to speakers and purchasing a bargain plant. You will be rewarded by making new friends and sharing plant tips and ideas. We are also spoilt at this club by having many plant experts such as Judy Horton and Elizabeth Swane. If you have a problem or need some help with garden ideas, feel free to send in your query to the Secretary and it can be answered in the Newsletter or meeting.
Congratulations to one of our members, Lyn Martin

for winning 1st prize Class 2 -1 cut Aust. native flowering tree

3rd prize Class 6 -1 cut bulb,corm/rhizome

2nd prize Class 11 - 3 cuts same flowers

2nd prize Class 12 Cut Flower ;

at the RHS Show over the Galston Open Garden Weekend at the end of last year.

Dates for your diaries 2016

  • March 19th & 20th

Bromeliads Australia wholesale nursery will be open to the public for this weekend only.

Two acres of bromeliads. 49 Ruttleys Road, Wyee.

  • March 4-6

Castle Hill Show

(Look up on google to see Horticultural section-it would be great to have members compete with their produce and flowers from their garden. Cash prizes.)

  • March 12-13

NSW Begonia Society Annual Exhibition & Sales (Sat 10-4) Sun(10-3) Entry gold coin.226 Annangrove Rd, Annangrove.

  • April 9th & 10th

Collector’s Plant Fair (under new management of Linda Ross –all old favourite nurseries will be there.)

Hawkesbury Race Club.Clarendon

  • 17th April 10am -4 pm - 45 Parklands Ave, Lane Cove North.

Huge Plant Sale. All proceeds to Breast Cancer Foundation. All plants are propagated by Keith and Maureen. Excellent quality. Get there early for the rarer plants. Over 300 varieties of plants for sun and shade.

Galston District Garden Club Inc. 2016 Members Form
Club mailing address: P.O. Box 163, Galston, 2159 Annual Dues: $25 per family $20 per single
Person 1:First Name_____________________________Surname_______________________________
(Person 2: First Name_____________________________Surname______________________________)
Street address:_________________________________________Suburb: Post Code:________
Postal address (if different)_______________________________________________________________
Ph: number: ________________________Mobile:_____________________________
E-mail address ___________________________ @____________________________________
I / we hereby continue as member/s of the Club and I / we agree to be bound by the Constitution of the Galston District Garden Club Incorporated.
Signature/s__________________________(1) __________________________(2)Date______________
Payment method: Direct Deposit _______________ Cash______________Cheque_________________(tick)

Galston Garden Club Newsletter Page

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