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Sunyit student Association Senate Meeting Minutes for December 4, 2008 Called to order at 12: 30 Roll Call

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SUNYIT Student Association

Senate Meeting

Minutes for December 4, 2008
Called to order at 12:30
Roll Call: Present: Christopher Roberts, Chris Spahn, Stephanie Bugenis, Ryan Pick, Zachary Hoffmann, Katie Aiello, Zachary Cummings, Jeanyhwh Desulme, Christopher Landy, Gordon Jeffery, Duane Morrison, Evan Berg, Mike Dann, Krutarth Mithawalla, Jeffery Trapp, CAB, Wildcat Media, Factory Times, AHAB, CFB, Genesis

Excused: Jeremiah Edwards, Crystal Gheen, Jean Thelusme, John Borner

Unexcused: Alves Duffus
Approval of Minutes: Motion – Krutarth 2nd – Zack C

  • The bus trip went well.

President’s Report

  • Need someone to sit on the committee for the Chancellor Award.

  • Need three students for the presidential inauguration.

  • The bookstore credit card policy was repealed.

  • New smoothie shop in New Hartford by the Marquee Cinemas, trying to work out a student discount.

  • Leadership conference planned.

Vice President’s Report

  • Stipend checks will be available tomorrow. Pick them up at College Association.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Purchase vouchers need to be handed in no later than Monday at 4pm.

  • Looking for more help next semester.

  • Clubs and organizations need to get ready to do inventory next semester.

Handing out certificates of appreciation for those leaving this semester.

Committee Reports

Bylaws Committee – Met Sunday before the break to go over the CFB bylaws. They are going to be different in a lot of ways. There is a bylaws amendment in. Will be reviewing of all club constitutions next semester.
Organization Reports

CAB – Relaxation night was yesterday. Finishing up the contracts for next semester.

AHAB – Brainstorming for next semester.

CFB – Tyler will be stepping down as chair, Jacob will be taking his place.

Genesis – Had photography for the yearbook, will have more dates next semester.

Wildcat Media – Shut down the studio on the 30th. Getting ready for next semester.

Factory Times – Issue 4 is out.
Swearing in new Factory Times positions
Questioning of new publications director of Factory Times

  • Unanimously in favor

College CouncilMeeting is Monday, will not be able to report anything until next semester.

Web Coordinator – Jen Hookway will be the new coordinator next semester.
Old Business

Bill 0809-28: Correction of two-thirds vote language (Bylaws amendment)

  • Chris R: Need a two-thirds vote or above.

  • Vote: 11-0-0

Bill 0809-29: Create new stipend position in Wildcat Media

  • Vote: 11-0-0

Bill 0809-34: Club Freezing

  • Tyler: Bing Bong can get taken off.

  • Motion to remove Bing Bong from the list: Zack H

  • Second: Jake

  • Motion to temporarily remove PNO from the list: Jeff

  • Second: Mike

  • Vote: 8-0-3

Bill 0809-35: Club Activation

  • Jeff: Constitution for business club was amended.

  • Jake: What does it say now?

  • Jeff: It changed from business students to undergrad business students.

  • Vote: 8-3-0

Open Forum

  • Suggest re-forming a committee to get events more accessible to handicapped people.

  • Zack H: Would like to recommend making a disability line in the budget.

  • Thinking about creating a LARP club next semester. Anyone that is interested can see Eric Button.

  • Would like to investigate the accounting service being used and possibly changing it to the accounting club.

  • Zack H: The accounting service is chosen by the college and not by SA.

  • Think that an air filtration system for the game room is a good idea for the senior gift.

  • You break it you buy it policy for the game room.

  • ITS beginning a search for new employees. Contact Tyler or the help desk with any questions.

Adjourned at 1:12

Respectfully Submitted: Stephanie Bugenis

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