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To National Coordinator on Struggle against Human Trafficking Mr. Zahid Dunyamaliyev report of Civil Forum has been carried out by “Clean World” Social Union for Civil Rights in Mingachevir

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To National Coordinator on Struggle against Human Trafficking Mr. Zahid Dunyamaliyev

Of Civil Forum has been carried out by “Clean World” Social Union for Civil Rights in Mingachevir, Zagatala and Guba devoted to discussion of “National Activity Plan on Struggle against Human Trafficking has been brought into force by the President of Azerbaijan Republic on 6th May, 2004 year.

On 8-14 December 2004 “Clean World” Organization has carried out Civil Forum “The role of public support in resolution of trafficking in women problem” in Mingachevir, Zagatala and Guba. Forum was financially supported by OSCE. During the Forum has been discussed “National Activity Plan on Struggle against Human Trafficking”. Participants of the Forum were employees of law enforcement bodies, NGOs, media, teachers, young people, municipality members, doctors and other society members.

Copies of “National Activity Plan” and Organization information booklets have been distributed among participants.

The main goal of event was to inform public about human trafficking and its heaviest forms – children and women trafficking.

Across Mingachevir.

Event organization has been realized by MIDEO Youth Organization. Organization chairman is Azer Hajiyev (Phone: 3761877). In project took part 44 persons. 23 of them were women, 21 – men.

Organizations Participants:

Members of Executive Powers, municipality, law enforcement bodies, media, NGOs, teachers, doctors and lawyers.

Chairman of “Clean World” Organization Mehriban Zeynalova talked about global character of problem and its urgency in Azerbaijan. To a urgency of this problem testifies “National Activity Plan on Struggle against Human Trafficking”, activity of Department on Struggle against Human Trafficking and International Organizations. She has also talked about the meaning of the problem, the reason of its occurrence, unpleasant consequences and activities of the crime groups in this sphere.
The general part was followed up by discussions. During discussions the main topics was assesment of problem’s urgency in Mingachevir and its reasons.
Mingachevir population showed these reasons:

  • Reduction of «healthy family»

  • Loss of moral cultural values

  • Genofond problems

  • Brain drain

  • Social and economic hardships

  • Corruption

  • Activity of the crime groups

  • Low level of crime exposures

  • Absence of cooperation among different structures

  • Low level of legal enlightenment

  • Society indifference

  • Information absence

  • Absence of advocacy work in schools

  • Young people modern life search

  • Absence of exact sources

  • Low level of moral education

  • Weak will power

Participants have prepared their own slogans:

  1. “Let’s not be foreigners abroad!”

  2. “The future of the nationdepends on education of youth”

  3. Let’s stop human trafficking!”

4. “Not all gold that shines”

  • Cooperation with state structures, media and NGOs

  • Program preparation for successful cooperation

  • Suggestions to corresponding structures

  • Establishment of volunteer groups for enlightenment

  • Attraction of volunteers

  • Seminars

  • Establishment of Resource Training centers

  • Organization of actions and marathons

  • Advertisement preparation

  • Conditions for “National Activity Plan” realization and population enlightenment

  • All officials must be responsible in this activity. Because population future depends on it!

  • Interrogatories and surveys

  • Preparation and distribution of booklets and brochures

  • Support of International Organizations

Final results.
During the forum has been revealed that participants have no information about this problem. That’s why people are so aggressive to victims. At the end of event has been signed agreement among MIDEO and Executive Power for further cooperation.

Seminars have been carried out by ABA CELLI trainer Jafarova Tarana (7879088), and members of “Symmetry” Organization Gurbanova Sakina and Abdullayeva Bulul. They are going to cooperate with the law enforcement bodies, Executive Power and municipality. Event has been translated by two TV channels: “MTV” and “Lider” TV.

Event has been organized by the chairman of “Sevil” Women Organization Aybaniz Kalashova (Phone: 6325657). 43 persons took part in event. 31 of them were women, 12 – men. Regional heads created all conditions for event realization.
Participated Organizations:

Executive Power, members of municipality, employees of the law enforcement bodies, NGOs, health emplyees, teachers, students and media members.

Chairman of “Clean World” Organization talked about the urgency of problem, activity, meaning of “National Activity Plan”, human trafficking damage to Azerbaijan and etc. First of all participants disproved urgency of this problem in this region but then they have agreed.

Members of the law enforcement bodies disproved the actuality of this problem but another participants said that this problem was very actual in this region.

Discussions in Zagatala region showed that employees of the law enforcement bodies cannot discern prostitutes and victims. This is the rise of a new problem. At the end of Forum in Zagatala one young woman, Gulbaniz Ismaylova asked as for legal aid.

We have applied to Department on Struggle against Human Trafficking in Baku. Gulbaniz Ismaylova has met in Baku with Department Chairman Samad Jafarov. Gulbaniz Ismaylova has married with inhabitant of Telavi district of Georgia Bakhtiyar Ahmadov. They had small daughter. She has been turned out from home in March of 2004 year.

Zagatala district Prosecutor was indifferent to complaint of Gulbaniz Ismaylova. On December 2004 she has sent letter to Zagatala Department of the Ministry of Justice. Now she lives in her father’s house.

She said that her daughter has been sold to unknown person. Samad Jafarov said that there is no corresponding agreement among Georgia and Azerbaijan, and that’s why they couldn’t undertake necessary measures.

Local inhabitants have got copies of “National activity Plan” and information booklets.

Forum participants prepared their own slogans:

  1. «I have seen all the world, but it’s lovelier than the countryin the world was not present»

  2. «For walks – foreign land, for death – the native land»

  3. «The best in the world is Mother and Native land! »

Zagatala inhabitants showed these reasons:

  1. absence of working places

  2. poverty

  3. migration for marriage

  4. migration for earnings

  5. absence of information

  6. migration for education

  7. migration for tourism

  8. agitation of different activities under cover of religion

  9. unemployment

  10. education

  11. training

  12. absence of information

  13. deformation of moral values


  1. Enlightenment work among population

  2. Teaching of moral values in secondary schools

  3. Trainings in some villages of Zagatala

  4. Cooperation with the law enforcement bodies

  5. Information in media and local “Aygun” TV

  6. Enlightenment work in International Organizations

  7. Trainings in kindergartens, secondary and high schools

  8. Visit of employees of the law enforcement bodies in schools

  9. Public reproach

  10. Agitation in public places

  11. Meetings with young people

  12. Increasing of military-patriotic spirit

  13. Establishment of refuges

  14. Carrying out of cultural events

  15. Seminars and trainings in schools

  16. To invite employees of the law enforcement bodies, doctors, teachers and NGO members to these meetings

  17. Information about this topic in media

  18. Preparation and distribution of placards and booklets

  19. To carry out trainings and seminars in units of army

  20. To make meetings with religious people

  21. Control of brothels, restaurants and hotels

Final results.

The main achievement of seminar was agreement of the law enforcement bodies with NGOs and media members for further cooperation. Head of Department on Struggle against narcotism and profligacy Zeynur Gadirov said that he would undertake all measures.

Trainer Aybaniz Kalashova said that she wanted to carry out seminars but she couldn’t do it. Now she can realize these seminars.

Participants decided to continue their actiity together for getting of effective results. For example employees of the law enforcement bodies and NGOs decided to work together. Event translated by local “Aygun” TV.


In Guba district seminars took part 46 persons. 34 of them were women, 12 – men.

Event has been organized by the chairman of Guba National NGO Forum Resource Center Eynulla Heyrullayev (Phone: 3510448).

Participated Organizations:

Employees of Executive Power, municipality members, employees of the law enforcement bodies, media, NGO, teachers, Court and students.

Eynulla Heyrullayev talked about problem actuality and cooperation of NGOs and state structures.

Mehriban Zeynalova informed participants about human trafficking problem and then thanked local heads for conditiond creating. Then she talked about problem actuality, “National Activity Plan on Struggle against Human Trafficking”, activity of International Organizations and etc. She has also talked about the meaning of problem, activity of crime groups and danger for society.

Guba district judge Rasim Jafarov has also talked about this problem and as a main reason he has showed nearness of Russia. It create conditions for traffickers successfull activity. He has also announced the day of “open doors”.

Employee of Guba Police Ogtay Hasanov talked about this problem. As a main way he has showed human trafficking by the marriage way. The main reason was absence of information.

Copies of the “National Activity Plan” and information booklets have been distributed among participants.

Participants prepared their own slogans:

  1. «It’s better to beg on the Native land, than to dominate in another country!»

  2. «Don’t turn to slaves!»

  3. «Don’t forget! You are a man! »

Guba inhabitants showed these reasons:

  • unemployment;

  • imbecility

  • absence of education

  • corruption

  • absence of information

  • social problems

  • moral values loss

  • absence of enlightenment

  • parents’ irresponsibility

  • officials’ indifference


  • enlightenment of officials

  • cooperation of NGOs, media and state structures

  • preparation and distribution of booklets

  • preparation of advertisements on local TV

  • information work

  • people enlightenment

  • seminars in secondary schools

  • revealing of victims and attitude to them

  • attraction of victims to social organizations

  • discussions about moral values with young people

  • revealing of negative influence of this problem

  • cooperation with religious organizations

  • enlightenment of young people

  • attraction of TV and media to this activity

  • periodical meetings in schools

  • translation of events on local and other TVs

Problem main reasons:

    • hard social – economical situation

    • irresponsibility of responsible persons

    • absence of information

    • moral values problems

All groups choosed the main reasons and noted which structures it’s necessary to attract to this activity. These suggestions had to be real.

During working we can observe the following:

Some participants asked to organize OSCE seminars in their region in future. Local TV journalists decided to prepare program about human trafficking. That’s why they are going to cooperate with organization in future.

These seminars will be successful step on struggle against human trafficking problem. Because this problem was very new in Zagatala, people have no concrete attitude to this problem and these discussions were something new for them.

Law enforcement bodies, employees of Executive Power, municipality members, NGO and media members decided to cooperate. Law enforcement bodies employees changed their opinion about NGOs. Enlightenment work was very effective. Events translated on local “Gutb” and “Hayal” TVs. Central TVs have also been informed about events. By opinion of “Clean World” Organization it’s necessary to carry out such a like events in other regions.

Prepared by the Chairman of “Clean World” Organization

Mehriban Zeynalova.
Address: Baku, Ichari Shakhar, A. Zeynalli str. 14/33 apt.8

Phone/fax: 497-10-58, 314-35-15 (mob.)

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