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International young architects ideas awards and exhibition

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“Urban Interaction Areas In 2023: Public Squares”

Article 1: the Aim and Extent

Public squares are the first public areas mankind used. They have become an important part of urban life with the different roles they played during history. Public squares provide interaction between residents of the urban area and people coming from other places and also people within the city itself. Those areas providing equal usage to all people are a common platform for many activities.

Those areas bounded by buildings are identified as rooms covered by sky as a ceiling. In accordance with the urban texture, rather than forcing people to a permanent and oriented movement pattern, public squares are the spaces that provide the potential for human interaction.

In our country, public squares are held in a wrong manner and lost their functions. The destruction process, which is effected by ideological reasons, eliminates public squares and consequently creates a loss of identity in cities. The importance of interactive communication becomes more and more important in today’s virtual world where technology develops dramatically, interaction among people decreases and many of our needs are satisfied via internet. One of the most effective ways of developing interactive transmission is creating lively public squares in our cities.

The aim is to design the square of the future by using developing technology. The scenario of the projects to be submitted to the awards and exhibitions programme will be determined by participants. The target audience, scale, function and location of the square will be determined by participants, too. All design criteria should be clearly indicated on the report.

Article 2: Organizers

The event is organized by the Chamber of Architects of Turkey and the Antalya Branch under the auspices of UIA.

Article 3: Type of the Event

This single stage ideas awards programme is open to young architects worldwide in accordance with UIA-UNESCO regulations. .

Article 4: Terms for Participation

  • To be born after 1971 and to be architect,

  • To be a member of the Chamber of Architects of Turkey for participants from Turkey,

  • To be a member of an organization of architects in their own county for the participants from abroad.

  • It is free to participate in the event.

  • It is possible to participate as a team.

  • People who are relatives of jurors or the Technical Committee can not participate in the event.

Article 5: Language of the Event

Turkish and English are the official languages for projects and documents.

Article 6: Schedule of the Event

  • Announcement: November 30, 2009

  • Deadline for questions: January 23, 2010

  • Deadline for answers of the questions: January 30, 2010

  • Deadline submission of projects: April 10, 2010

  • Evaluation of the Jury: April 17, 2010

  • Announcement of the results: May 22, 2010

  • Exhibition of the projects: May 22, 2010

  • Award ceremony: May 22, 2010

Article 7: Questions & Answers

All questions about the event will be asked by using the question-answer form on the web site up to January 23, 2010.

Questions will be answered by the organizers of the competition up to January 30, 2010. All questions and answers will be published on the Young Architects Meeting web site on that date.

Article 8: Anonymity

All projects will be presented and adjudicated anonymously. Participants will chose an identity code that will appear on each document submitted. This code will be made up of 5 numbers (non-consecutive) and 2 letters.

The technical committee will mask these identity codes with a serial number for the duration of the jury meeting.

When the jury has made it final selection, the identification envelopes will be opened and anonymity lifted.

Article 9: Submission of the Project

  • Entries will be submitted anonymously.

  • Submission will be made by a closed envelope which includes their personal information. The identity code of the participants will be written outside the envelope in which applicants’ name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address, communication address, photocopy of their identity card and their register number to their Chamber will be clearly written.

  • In case of attending by team, all team members’ information will be in this closed identity envelope.

  • Project boards, CD and identity envelopes will be packed in paper on which “INTERNATIONAL YOUNG ARCHITECTS IDEAS AWARDS AND EXHIBITION” is written clearly, will be sent or delivered to the address below:

Ms. Mürüvvet UÇAK

 Meltem Mahallesi 3808 Sokak No: 16

00 90 533 436 67 71

  • For the projects submitted from abroad, a maximum of 7 days will be allowed for delivery after the submission deadline. For the projects from Turkey it is limited to 3 days after the deadline for submission. The deadline for submission is April 10, 2010.

  • The receipts and the confirmation of the carrier company about the posting date of projects should be faxed to the awards secretariat and should confirm that the projects are posted at latest on submission date 10 April, 2010 at 17.00.

  • The carrier service cost will be paid by the participant.

Fax: 00 90 242 237 58 20

  • Personally submitted projects have to be submitted by 10 April 2010, 17.00 at the latest.

  • Applications which are not received on time will not be accepted.

Article 10: Presentation requirement

  • Project scenario will be sent in written format with maximum 500 words and the project will be presented on a maximum of 2 sheets (sheet dimensions are 50cmx70cm).

  • The scenario and the sheets will also be delivered on a CD with at least 300 dpi resolution. The scenario will be written as a word document.

  • Presentation technique is free.

  • Each participant can present with only one project.

  • Each participant will identify his/her project with an identity code

  • The identity code will be formed of 5 numbers (the numbers will not be consecutive) and 2 letters. They will be written on the 15mm/50mm white background with black letters and it will be written on right upper corner of the documents making up the entry.

Article 11: Jury and Rapporteurs


Mr. BEKTAŞ Cengiz, M.Sc.Architect TÜRKİYE


Mr. DE MONCHAUX Nicholas, Architect USA

Mr. LAZZARI Luciano, Architect ITALY

Mr. RANDIĆ Saša, Architect CROATIA


Mr. ALTINDAL Şevket, Architect TÜRKİYE

Mr. Dejan Štampar, Architect SLOVENIA
(In alphabetical sequence of last name.)


Ms. Deniz BÜYÜKKURT HORDACI , Architect Ms. Funda ALYANAK KAYA, Architect

Ms. Özge AÇIKALIN, Architect

Article 12: Presentation of the Results and Exhibition

The first, second and third prize winners will be determined by the Jury evaluation on April 17. The Jury will transmit 10 leading projects to the organization committee so that at the young architects meeting on May 22, those 10 projects will be presented by their owners to all participants, whose votes will determine a “Participant Award” after the presentation.

The results determined on April 17 by the Jury and the “Participant Award” will be announced to the public together during the 5th Young Architects Meeting.

The report of the jury will be sent to all participants and UIA.

Article 13: Prizes

  • First prize : 2500 euro

  • Second prize : 1500 euro

  • Third prize : 1000 euro

Participant award : 1500 euro

Awards will be paid within one month after the announcement.

Article 14: Copyright and Giving the Projects Back

Although the copyright of the projects sent belongs to the participants, they are considered to accept that UIA and the Chamber of Architects of Turkey have the right to publish the projects. None of the projects which are submitted will be given back.

Contact :


Meltem Mahallesi 3808 Sokak No: 16

PHONE    :

Ms. Deniz BÜYÜKKURT HORDACI : +90 533 436 67 71

Ms. Funda ALYANAK KAYA : +90 505 453 25 88

Ms. Özge AÇIKALIN : +90 555 613 17 92

FAX        : 00 90 242 237 58 20

E-MAIL       :


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