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Urban Wilderness Advisory Board Minutes of Meeting October 25, 2006 Members Present

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Urban Wilderness Advisory Board

Minutes of Meeting

October 25, 2006
Members Present: Al Will, Chair

Marcey Carabelli

Frank Dickinson

Harold Jackson

Jeffrey Greenfield

Pam Pavsner

Dan Ferstenberg
Staff: Carol Morgenstern

Gretel McCausland

Linda Briggs

Laura Frank

County Attorney: Michael Owens
The Urban Wilderness Advisory Board was called to order at 5:30 p.m., role was taken, a quorum was present.
Harold Jackson motioned to approve minutes from the May 31, 2006

Urban Wilderness Advisory Board meeting, with the amendment of a typo changing the word “would” to “wanted” in the 1st paragraph of old business and deleting “all in favor” after the motion to adjourn. Frank Dickinson seconds, all approved.

New Business:
Linda Briggs gave presentation and provided an overview of the resource management plan for site 456 (Helwig). (Frank Dickinson joins meeting at 5:35pm) Linda states that there are a couple of “firsts” for Broward County in regard to wildlife sightings at this site. Linda also illustrated there are several management issues with site 456 i.e. large sand pines have died and due to the soil condition, it will be difficult to replace them. ATV use was prevalent on this site which created very disturbed areas and it continues to be a problem. Individuals have been found on the property even though fencing has been installed. Finally, site 456 is adjacent to a Broward County Housing Authority development. Linda asked for questions, Al Will opened the floor for discussion and stated the presentation was very good, however, wanted to correct the identification of a plant shown to be Lyonia fruticosa And should be Lyonia ferruginea (Rusty Lyonia) Harold Jackson voiced concerns about proposed entrance to site and possible traffic problems getting into the park. Dan Ferstenberg asked what is proposed for parking. Carol Morgenstern stated that the Master Plan will go before the Board for approval before final decisions are made and that this is a preliminary proposal. Al Will declares the Resource Management Plan presented should clearly state Preliminary on its title. Linda Briggs shows parking to be on the far east side, which is the most impacted part of the site. Frank Dickinson states the site shows great positive and negative issues, with the parking and traffic etc. Linda explained that we are completing an environmental analysis before anything happens with the development. Harold Jackson suggested the possibility of access from Dixie Highway rather than traffic flow through the neighborhood. Carol stated property does not have boundary on Dixie Highway. Harold asked what is it? Carol - Developed. Harold suggested contacting the owner of the property. Al Will asked if the owner has been approached. Gretel said we are not there yet. Harold Jackson motions to accept with change of label to a preliminary master plan. Frank Dickinson seconds. All in favor.
Gretel McCausland presented Herman & Dorothy Shooster Preserve master plan. Harold Jackson motions to accept plan as presented, Dan Ferstenberg seconds, all in favor.
Gretel McCausland presented Site 33A master plan. (Marcey Carabelli joins meeting at 6:00pm) The Board proposed the naming of Site 33A to West Creek Pineland Natural Area. Harold Jackson motions to approve, Marcey Carabelli seconds, all in favor. Al Will asked if the Board will get a copy of the master plan. Gretel will mail copies. Al asked who will be designing the walkway. Gretel said visitors will be able to walk along the canal banks and that there is no need for another pineland trail with a one mile concrete trail at Helene Klein and a half mile at Saw Palmetto Natural Area, so there is no need to further impact the site. Harold Jackson motions to approve the master plan as presented for Site 33A with the proviso in that the Board gets copies in the mail. Dan Ferstenberg seconds, all in favor. Al Will asks for additional comments on the master plan. Harold Jackson would like to see the bridge moved as far away from the green-way trail as possible. Carol commented that this is a simple project and the Board is talking about major impacts and we were trying to avoid that. Al – How wide is the canal? Carol – Not constructed yet. Gretel – Could be approximately 100 feet and hope to have bank slope created. Have $140,000 for a simple plan for trails and bridge. Might have additional money for bridge….

Mike Owens asked if canal maintenance was outside our property boundaries. He is concerned another district might be involved. Gretel said that would be OES, which is part of Broward County and with whom no access easement would be required. Jeff Greenfield wanted to know if there would be parking to the east. Gretel – No, there is a mobile home park. The trail will start on the west. Harold Jackson asked if this was preliminary. Gretel - This is the final master plan.

No further items on the agenda. Carol asked the Board members if they have received their invitation to the National Recreation & Park Association reception. The reception is for the officials who are here for Broward County’s accreditation. Board should receive their invitations soon.
Carol advised Board that we have sites proposed to be placed on the inventory and have one more to add, site 403. It is not immediately adjacent to Pine Island Ridge, but near its northernmost edge. Approximately 0.96 acres. We would like to add the site separate from Pine Island Ridge because the site is County owned and Pine Island is State owned. We will present the site to be added to the other 6 sites approved for inventory at the next meeting.
Harold Jackson motions to adjourn.
Meeting was adjourned at 6:30 pm.

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