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Transmittal Letter (rfp 1)

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State of Iowa

Department of Human Services

Transmittal Letter (RFP 4.2.1)

The transmittal letter shall be signed by an individual authorized to legally bind the bidder. The letter shall include the bidder’s mailing address, electronic mail address, fax number, and telephone number.
Any request for confidential treatment of information shall be included in the transmittal letter in addition to the specific statutory basis supporting the request and an explanation why disclosure of the information is not in the best interest of the public. The transmittal letter shall also contain the name, address and telephone number of the individual authorized to respond to the Department about the confidential nature of the information.
A Transmittal Letter signed by FOX’s Executive Vice President and including all required information is found on the following pages.

This page intentionally left blank.
January 6, 2006
Ms. Joanne Rockey, Issuing Officer

Iowa Department of Human Services

Contract Administration Office

100 Army Post Road

Des Moines, Iowa 50315
Re: MED-06-022, Impact Analysis of the HIPAA NPI on Iowa Medicaid
Dear Ms. Rockey:
FOX Systems, Inc. (FOX) is pleased to submit this proposal to provide an impact analysis of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) National Provider Identifier (NPI) on the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise (IME). FOX is one of the nation’s premier HIPAA consulting firms with extensive experience assisting government agencies at the county, state and federal levels. In February of this year, CMS awarded FOX a five year contract to serve as the NPI Enumerator.
FOX has been involved with HIPAA since the legislation was passed in 1996. We offer a broad range of HIPAA consulting services that includes Project Management Office (PMO) support, awareness, education and training, assessment and gap analysis, compliance planning and strategy development, and remediation execution and monitoring. In addition, FOX is a nationally recognized expert in Medicaid systems and has provided services to Medicaid programs in over three-fourths of the states, including the State of Iowa. Consequently, we understand how the HIPAA rules are impacting Medicaid systems and are in position to help states identify gaps and develop plans to close them.
Our HIPAA and Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) qualifications are very relevant to the requirements of this project. We have provided HIPAA consulting services for state Medicaid agencies in Alaska, Oregon, Nebraska, Illinois, and Maine, and for public health, mental health, and other agencies in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maryland, Mississippi, New Mexico, Tennessee, and Vermont. Services at the county level include Los Angeles County, California; San Diego County, California; Broward County and Hillsborough County, Florida; and Montgomery County and Henrico County, Virginia.
At the Federal level, FOX has been a key contractor on several projects to CMS and the US Department of Health and Human Services over the last 10 years. In addition to our current contract as the NPI Enumerator, we have provided HIPAA and Medicaid/MMIS technical expertise for the following Federal projects:

  • CMS Y2K – provided technical assistance to help State Medicaid agencies make the Y2K transition

  • CMS Medicaid HIPAA Compliant Concept Model (MHCCM) Project – helped state Medicaid Programs prepare for implementation of the HIPAA requirements;

  • CMS Medicaid Information Technology Architect (MITA) Project – providing state Medicaid subject matter expertise to establish guidelines for states to follow for future implementations of upgrades, enhancements, and replacements of the MMIS.

Transmittal Letter

Page 2

  • CMS MMIS Certification Manual – developing up-to-date MMIS certification review criteria, on-site review protocols, and a systems testing toolkit to validate the criteria.

  • DHHS Office of Civil Rights (OCR) – provided technical assistance in the development of documents and outreach services to assist the healthcare industry in implementing the HIPAA requirements.

Given our experience and expertise providing HIPAA services, and our knowledge and understanding of the HIPAA impacts on state Medicaid agencies, we are very confident in our ability to conduct a thorough and comprehensive analysis of the impacts of the NPI on the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise. We also will be able to leverage our knowledge and understanding of Iowa’s Medicaid program, based on our service as Iowa’s Medicaid Fiscal Agent procurement contractor.

As Executive Vice President, I am authorized to legally bind FOX to the performance of the services offered in this proposal. FOX’s contact information for this solicitation is:
Mailing Address: Barry DeKemper, Proposal Manager

FOX Systems, Inc.

6263 N. Scottsdale Road, Suite 200

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Electronic Mail Address:

Fax Number: 480.423.8108

Telephone Number: 480.423.8184 extension 5907
Pursuant to Iowa Code Section 22.7 (3) & (6), specific sections of our proposal are designated as Confidential and Proprietary. In accordance with the RFP instructions, we are submitting one copy of the proposal with the designated sections excised. Disclosure of this information would not serve the public purpose because the public is not in the business of providing NPI consulting services. If released, the information would provide an advantage to competitors that provide NPI consulting services, which would substantially injure FOX as well as the State because the purpose of the competitive bidding process—to get the best possible solution at the best possible price—would be diminished. If the State has any questions regarding this confidential information, please contact:
Mailing Address: Ms. Marne Woods, Corporate Counsel

FOX Systems, Inc.

6263 N. Scottsdale Rd., Suite 200

Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Electronic Mail Address:

Fax Number: 480.423.8108

Telephone Number: 480.423.8184 extension 5929
We appreciate the opportunity to respond to this RFP. This is a very important project that demands the services of a proven and effective contractor, and we believe that FOX is that contractor. Please contact us if you have any questions or need additional information. We look forward to working with the State again in the very near future.

Desh Ahuja

Executive Vice President

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