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Aasf executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11. 21. 2006 Participants

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AASF Executive Committee Meeting Minutes 11.21.2006
Participants: David Rudman (DR), Jack Kogan (JK), Robert Laducina (DL), Eduard Khaikin (EK), Yuri Birbrayer (YB), Boris Talis (BT), Felix Sverdlin (FS), Victor Tatarkin (VT), James White (JW), Vitaly Zaslavsky (VZ), Oleg Savitsky(OS), Tagir Syamiulin (TS), Vulf Sharkansky(VS), Alexi, Khachidze(AK)

  1. [DR]: Regarding passed World Championship in Sofia, BUL

    1. there were teams from 33 countries, from all 5 continents, over 300 participants (including 2 participants from USA)

    2. good media support

    3. F. Compte was elected as new FIAS Secretary General.

  2. [JK]: Regarding AASF Membership

    1. current status of AASF

      1. there are 297 members registered, 48 paid for their membership as of now

      2. we have our representatives in 7 states – NY, NJ, MA, FL, PA(pending), WA, CA

    2. members benefits

      1. membership for the next year is $50

      2. all members will receive (plastic card (picture id), ranking book(additional $10), secondary insurance, discount on all tournaments sanctioned by AASF

    3. membership terms – it was decided that membership will be for a calendar year (2006, 2007, etc)

    4. competition costs (those sanctioned and supported by AASF)

      1. local ($30 for members of AASF (including $5 that goes to AASF) and 40 for non-members (including $10 that goes to AASF)

      2. regional($40 for members and $50 for non-members)

    5. [JK] : we all need to explore all our contacts talking to the local businesses establishing partnership (discounts for members of AASF, banners and other types of advertisement on AASF website and AASF sanctioned tournaments)

    6. was decided to request from all club owners/coaches to submit there profile along with their club information. VZ will put all the information provided on AASF website.

  3. Regarding tournament schedule for the next year

    1. [YB]: I received a signed agreement with Kingsborough Community College for the next year tournaments: March 17 (Bambi) and May 19 (USA Open).

      1. VZ and JK will create tournaments applications and other required documentation and will put it on AASF website

      2. [VZ]: Invitation and Visa support will be provided based upon written request that should contain names of all participants, their passport numbers as well as dates of expected arrival/departure

    1. For our local clubs to submit the date of their “Club Open” tournament by Dec 10th, 2006
      VZ will contact J. Simrel (PA) for their schedule

  1. [VZ]: Regarding Referees

Was decided to ask every sambo club to prepare at least two referees for an official state certification (provided by AASF state representatives) so they could start servicing tournaments of a local level (“Club Open”). Then candidates could qualify for a regional level referee that can be achieved by completing regional level seminar and successfully passing regional level certification.

    1. For clubs to provide a list of referee candidates

    2. For AASF Executive committee to come up with a list of initiatives for referees

    3. Information regarding completed certification and achievements and rewards received to be posted on AASF web site.

  1. [JK]: Regarding AASF advertisement in media and more

    1. JK – will contact Nelson

    2. DR – will contact A.Brook-Krasniy, V.Gorny, A.Rappaport, E.Shnaider

    3. VT – will contact newspaper “Metro”, Davidson Radio, V.Gurvich

    4. FS – will contact newspaper “Kurier”

  2. Regarding Insurance

Was decided to require every club associated with AASF to provide their own insurance policy that could be claimed as a primary club’s insurance. By affiliating with AASF (paying annual club membership), club will receive additional insurance (provided by AASF) that could be claimed as a secondary insurance. Also, clubs are required to acquire additional insurance for their club’s tournament. While AASF will be held responsible for acquiring additional insurance required for the regional level tournaments.

    1. FS responsible for acquiring AASF insurance for the next year

    2. FS responsible for providing all necessary instructions to clarify use of insurance

  1. Regarding AASF Congress

Was decided to schedule next AASF Congress during next year’s USA Open Sambo championship that will be held on May 19, 2007

  1. Other

    1. In order to attract more attention and bring more people into a sport of Sambo [DR] will look for possibilities of conducting a Combat Sambo seminar during either Bambi open or USA Open scheduled for the next year.

    2. Executive committee approved text of “Letter of Termination” to be sent to Mr. Poliakov and Mr. Mirovich.

  2. Next meeting of AASF will be combined with New Year celebration party which is scheduled for December 29, 2006 at 7pm.
    Place will be announced.

    All sambo coaches, club owners and other Sambo enthusiasts are welcome!

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