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FSU Human Resources Dept.


To: Leave Accruing Employees and Supervisors

From: Denise Brown-Hart, Associate Vice Chancellor for Human Resources

Re: Campus Leave Reporting Guidelines

Date: March 12, 2013
On January 1, 2011, Fayetteville State University went live with EPA employees entering their leave time via the web (Banner Self Service). SPA Exempt employees went live with web leave entry in August 2012. However, everyone is not reporting their leave through Banner Self Service.
Fayetteville State University risks encountering audit findings due to our current leave reporting practices. In order to strengthen the University’s internal controls and reduce liability, the following leave guidelines are presented:
SECTION A: Process - effective April 1, 2013 (with the March leave reports/timesheets)

  1. All supervisors are required to obtain written documentation (i.e. campus leave form) from their employees requesting campus leave.

  2. All supervisors are responsible for maintaining the request for campus leave documentation in accordance with the State and University Record Retention Policy (UNC System Records Retention Policy).

  3. Campus leave request forms will no longer be accepted at Human Resources, with the exception: for Community Service, Jury Duty, and Military Leave must be submitted to the Human Resources Office.

  4. All leave taken, or leave certification, must be reported through Banner Self Service for EPA and SPA Exempt employees. Paper timesheets must still be completed for SPA Non-Exempt employees.

  5. If the department supervisor is not available to approve their employee’s electronic leave report, then the supervisor must assign a proxy. The Leave Coordinator will only approve electronic leave reports in rare circumstances, and only if supporting documentation is submitted. If the supervisor is not available to sign the paper timesheet, then the employee should follow the chain of command.

SECTION B: Deadlines

  1. For EPA and SPA Exempt Employees

  1. It is recommended that employees enter their leave taken on a daily or weekly basis. All leave taken, or leave certification, must be entered in Banner Self Service and submitted to their supervisor on the last working day of the month.

  2. Supervisors must review and approve their employees’ electronic leave reports by the 5th calendar day of the following month.

  1. For SPA Non-Exempt Employees

  1. Employees must complete a paper timesheet for all hours worked and/or leave taken during the month, sign and submit timesheet to their supervisor by the last day of the month.

  2. Supervisors must review and approve their employees’ paper timesheets, sign, and submit to the Human Resources Office by 5:00 pm on the 3rd calendar day of the following month.

  1. The above deadlines must be firmly adhered to otherwise delays occur with the Leave Coordinator’s data entry and review processes; which has a domino effect on the entire payroll process.

SECTION C: Rationalization for Change

  1. Decentralizing responsibility for leave compliance to the individual departments, will limit the University’s potential audit findings, by ensuring that employees’ supervisors are approving all leave entries or leave certification.

  2. Decentralizing responsibility shifts the ownership of maintaining and minimizing the University’s financial liability to department supervisors. Department supervisors, not the Leave Coordinator, are responsible for ensuring employees are accurately reporting leave via Banner Self Service, and completion of paper timesheet for SPA Non-Exempt employees.

  3. Increased efficiency of Leave Coordinator by reducing the amount of time spent entering individual employee’s leave records from campus leave request forms; allowing more time for monitoring leave compliance reports; and shift focus to enhancing leave processes and other leave programs (i.e. FMLA), educating, and auditing.

Deadlines Summary:

Action Required


Due Date

Memo Reference

Compliance with New Leave Reporting Guidelines

All Supervisors

April 1, 2013

Section A: 1-5

EPA and SPA Exempt Web-based Leave Report Approvals

All EPA and SPA Exempt Employee Supervisors

5th Calendar Day of Each Month

Section B: 1

Time Record Completion

SPA Employees

Last Working Day of Each Month

Section B: 2

SPA Nonexempt Time Record Approval

All SPA Nonexempt Supervisors

3rd Calendar Day of Each Month

Section B: 2

Questions regarding the above leave submission guidelines can be directed to Theressa Graham at extension 1823 or, or Kristie Juda at extension 1828 or

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