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Page of Resume-Makedon


Alexander Makedon

Home Address:

1325-C Blumentritt Street

Sampaloc, Manila 1088


Cell: (63) 906-202-4995
Job Objective: Educational Foundations: Philosophy of Education, History of Education, Sociology of Education, International Education; Modern Greek Language and Culture.
Ph.D., 1981-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Major: Education: Philosophy of Education, Educational Foundations

Foundations areas: Philosophy of Education, History of Education, Sociology of Education, Comparative Education

Doctoral Degree Dissertation Title: “Theories of Play”

M.Ed., 1976-Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

Major: History & Philosophy of Education.

Master’s Degree Thesis Title: “Freedom Education: Toward an Educational Synthesis of John Dewey’s and Jean Paul Sartre’s Philosophies of Freedom and Education”

B.A. with Honors, 1974-Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.

Major: Philosophy. Honors in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Honors Essay Title: “The Military in Politics: Greek Military Junta 1967-74”

Other Skills:
Microsoft Office; Web page design, including HTML; BASIC programming language (self-taught)
Language Fluency:
Excellent: English, Modern Greek

Rudimentary: Spanish, French, Italian, Tagalog

Work Experience Summary:
11 years as teacher, educational director, and school principal in private and public elementary and secondary schools and institutes, including Greek bilingual elementary schools and Modern Greek Studies Institute in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

36 years as teacher of Philosophy of Education courses at the higher education level, including undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral levels. Over the years had the opportunity to occasionally teach educational foundations courses other than philosophy of education (History of Education, Sociology of Education, Comparative Education). Recently started teaching Modern Greek Language classes at Arellano University in Manila, Philippines.

Tenured in 1993.

Full professorship in 1997.

23 years of participation in departmental, college and university committees, including the chairmanship of the following committees: Department Personnel Committee, Department Foundations Committee, Department Student-Faculty Interaction Committee, University Faculty Excellence Awards Committee, and University Honors College Committee.

37 years as member of professional societies, including the presidency of the Society for the Philosophical Study of Education (previously “Midwest Philosophy of Education Society”). Recently elected president of the Society for the Philosophical Study of Education-Philippines Branch for a two year term, a society founded by Dr. Makedon.

14 years of uninterruptedly designing, managing, and updating the official web site of a major philosophy of education society

8 years of service as academic editor elected by peers, mainly in the field of Philosophy of Education. Editorships include chief editorship of a peer-reviewed philosophy of education e-journal; editorship of a peer-reviewed philosophy of education Proceedings; and editorship of a non-peer reviewed departmental newsletter.

Since May 2011: Retired in 2011 moved to tourist island Boracay in Philippines until July 2012. Moved to Manila in July 2012. Applicant was employed in October of 2012 as a professor of Modern Greek Language and Philosophy of Education until presently (joint appointment at two different university departments, Arellano University, Manila, Philippines). Continue to serve Society for the Philosoph9ical Study of Education (SPSE) as webmaster, member of Board of Directors and editor; and Athens Institute for Education and Research (ATINER) as Education Research Unit Chair, including chairing presentations of a forthcoming international education ATINER conference in Athens, Greece (forthcoming May 20-23, 2013).

*Please see the attached Curriculum Vitae for a detailed chronology of work-related events.

Refereed: Published 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Non-refereed: Published 28 scholarly articles and other academic works (such as instructional packets) through ERIC; posted on line; or through Abacus Publishing. Recently compiled three self-published books in Educational Foundations (Philosophy/History) and Modern Greek Language learning, two of which are for distribution among Dr. Makedon’s students and the third serving as personal library enrichment.

Conferences: Presented 33 papers at professional conferences, mainly (but not only) the Society for the Philosophical Study of Education..

Other professional meetings: Presented 13 papers at professional meetings.

Family Status:
Divorced with full legal custody of a 16 year old son born in the Philippines but raised in USA with American citizenship (Philip Makedon).
Citizenship status: Citizen of Greece, holder of Greek National ID and Greek passport. Naturalized US citizen, holder of US Passport (applicant is using US passport in his travels).
Alien Certificate of Registration in Philippines: No. F1211000504TV. Valid until Nov. 6, 2013.
Work Permit Status in the Philippines: Work permit that allows applicant to work legally in the Philippines issued by Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) on 11/28/2012 under the auspices of Arellano University (Permit No. NCR-2012-11-7342).
Son Philip Makedon: US Citizen born in Makati City, Philippines (1996). Student Permit issued that allows Philip to remain in Philippines with a student visa.

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