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Lorin Maurer Scholarship of Wilson Education Foundation Criteria and Application

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Lorin Maurer Scholarship

of Wilson Education Foundation

Criteria and Application

Lorin Maurer grew up in Berks County, Pennsylvania and attended Wilson High School where she was an outstanding student-athlete. She graduated with honors in June 1997 and during her tenure at Wilson was recognized with numerous accolades and awards. Academically she was a National Honor Society member in 11th and 12th grades attaining a class rank in the top 10%.

She also received the American Red Cross Science Award. In athletics she competed in three varsity sports: Swimming, Water Polo and Field Hockey. She excelled in swimming becoming

a multiple District 3 and State AAA Medalist and Champion, as well as being named to the Academic and Athletic High School All America Teams. She was also a member of the

1994 Swimming and Diving State Championship Team. She exhibited strong leadership traits through involvement in Student Council, Key Club, Spanish Club, Homecoming Committee

and the National Honor Society where she served as Vice-President in her senior year.

Upon graduation, she attended Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey where she continued to develop her academic, athletic, and leadership skills. She was on the Deans’ List each of her four years and graduated Summa Cum Laude. As a swimmer she was a multiple Metropolitan Conference Medalist, Champion and Swimmer of the Year. A list of her school activities includes being an Admissions Ambassador, columnist for the student newspaper, disc jockey for Rowan Radio and coach for the local age group swimming team. Significant accomplishments while at Rowan include the Evelyn M. Reade - Health and Exercise Science Award,

Collegiate Athletic Administrators of New Jersey Outstanding Female Student-Athlete Award,

Dr. Mary A. Rice Scholar-Athlete Award, Most Valuable Female Swimmer each of her four years of competition, Academic All America College Swimming and Gold Key National Honor Society.
She continued her studies at the University of Florida, where she was a Women’s Athletic Department Intern for 2 years while earning her Masters Degree in Sports Administration.

Upon completion of graduate school she became an intern with the NCAA for one year working in the Branding, Broadcasting, and Communications Department. This led to a position with the Mountain West Conference as an Assistant Director of Marketing. In 2005, she moved on to become the Athletic Friends Group Manager for Princeton University. Each academic and professional step she took was the result of her passion for sports and student-athlete achievement.

On February 12, 2009, Lorin boarded a plane in Newark, New Jersey en route to Buffalo,

New York to attend the wedding of her boyfriend’s brother. Tragically, that plane crashed during its final approach into Buffalo Niagara International Airport killing all passengers on board as well as one individual on the ground.

Lorin is remembered for displaying many admirable attributes during her short thirty year life. She exemplified selfless service, always putting other people first and genuinely wanting to improve the lives of those people around her. Her passion for life manifested itself in the way she was able to light up a room with her smile and personality. She dedicated her professional career to intercollegiate athletics, and truly believed in and embodied the concept of the student-athlete.

Lorin Maurer Scholarship Criteria
This scholarship has been established to carry on Lorin’s purpose and ideals. It will be awarded to a deserving senior student-athlete at Wilson High School who best exemplifies the character, passion and attributes that Lorin displayed throughout her short yet full life.
Recipients of this award will possess a strong balance of academic, athletic and leadership skills. Minimum requirements for the scholarship are a GPA of 3.0 and participation in one varsity sport. In addition to the attributes listed above, interested scholarship applicants should demonstrate exemplary teamwork, the ability to persevere through difficult obstacles and have a very strong work ethic. The selection committee will consider information provided by the applicant on the form below, one letter of recommendation, references from teachers or coaches and academic performance in making their decision to award the scholarship each year.
If in any particular year there are no suitable applicants, then the committee does not need to select an applicant and the allocated distribution should be returned to the endowment for future growth.
Complete the following and submit the application to your Guidance Department by April 20th.

Lorin Maurer Scholarship

Applicant Information

Name: ________________________________________________________________________

Street Address: _________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip: ________________________________________________________________

Phone: _________________ E-Mail Address: _______________________________________

Post-Secondary Education Information

Educational Institution you will be attending: _________________________________________

Intended Major: ________________________________________________________________

Awards and Scholarships

List any graduation awards/scholarships you have already received or anticipate receiving.

Do not include any loans that must be repaid.


School Activity Involvement

List any sports, school clubs or musical activities you have participated in throughout high school and any significant accomplishments you attained in those activities.


Leadership Involvement

List any community organizations you are involved in including your role and any significant accomplishments of which you are proud.


Ask your Guidance Department to attach a copy of your high school transcript.

  • Write a brief paragraph (no more than 200 words) on your accomplishments and character that best exemplify those of Lorin Maurer.

  • Please provide one letter of recommendation and the names and method to contact two references (such as a coach or a teacher) who would recommend you for this scholarship.

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