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Thaçi re-elected pdk leader (dailies) Kosovo, Pakistan establish diplomatic relations (dailies)

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Main Stories 28 January 2013

  • Thaçi re-elected PDK leader (dailies)

  • Kosovo, Pakistan establish diplomatic relations (dailies)

  • Northern Serbs attacked by firearms, no injuries (Koha Ditore)

  • New Czech Republic President opposes Kosovo’s independence (Koha Ditore)

  • Serwer: No border changes in Balkans (Epoka e Re)

  • Pantic: Pristina asking KFOR to intervene in the north (dailies)

  • Northern Serbs want administrative office (Zëri)

  • Protest in Deçan today (Epoka e Re)

Kosovo Media Highlights

Thaçi re-elected PDK leader (dailies)

Hashim Thaçi was re-elected leader of Democratic Party of Kosovo for another four-year mandate on the second day of the party’s convention. Out of 719 delegates present in the election convention, 718 voted in favour of Thaçi’s reappointment while only 1 voted against.

“I want to assure you that I will work with each and every one of you on our future successes,” said Thaçi in his reelection speech.
Though PDK deputy leader Fatmir Limaj and general secretary Jakup Krasniqi were not present at the convention, both of them were proposed to become members of the party’s steering council. At the same time, former head of SHIK Kadri Veseli and newly-joined KSF Minister Agim Çeku were also among candidates for the council.
Kosovo, Pakistan establish diplomatic relations (dailies)

Kosovo and Pakistan Foreign Ministers, Enver Hoxhaj and Malik Ahmad Khan, respectively, signed an agreement in Pristina to establish diplomatic relations between the two. The Pakistani minister pledged to help Kosovo increase their recognitions, and Hoxhaj thanked Pakistan for deciding to recognize the independence of Kosovo.

Northern Serbs North attacked by firearms, no injuries (Koha Ditore)

A hand grenade was thrown at Borislav Markovic’s house in northern Mitrovica early Sunday morning. No one was injured in the attack.

In other news, a vehicle was attacked with firearms by unidentified persons at approximately 15:00 hours in the center of Leposavic. Kosovo police spokesperson Besim Hoti said that the hand grenade was thrown at 01:20 hours at “Mesa Selimovic,” street, but only material damages were caused. At present, police does not have any suspects. Sources claimed that Markovic was employed at the Kosovo Administrative Office in the north.
Sources also claimed that the targeted vehicle belongs to the wife of Kosovo police lieutenant, Rade Radosavlevic, who is also commander at the border point at Gate 1 in Jarinjë, Leposavic. The vehicle was seriously damaged but there were no casualties. 
New Czech Republic President opposes Kosovo’s independence (Koha Ditore)

Milos Zeman, the former Prime Minister of the Czech Republic who described Kosovo as a “terrorist state funded by the drug mafia” was elected President. The Czech Republic, one of 22 EU member states that have recognized Kosovo’s independence, has its envoy in Pristina. Zeman, however, opposed Prague’s policy vis-à-vis Kosovo during his election campaign.

In an interview for CTK, Zeman said if he was to be elected president, he would not allow a Czech ambassador to be delegated in Pristina. “I would even withdraw our envoy that is currently there, let alone appoint an ambassador. I think Kosovo is a terrorist regime financed by the drug mafia,” Zeman told Belgrade-based Danas newspaper. 
Serwer: No border changes in Balkans (Epoka e Re)

U.S. expert for the Balkans Daniel Serwer told Serbian daily Vecernje Novosti that Serbia will not receive the green light for the European Union, even during the next ten years. “Normalization of relations with Pristina currently means an agreement for northern Kosovo. This will set the date, however, Serbia should move further on establishing diplomatic relations with Kosovo and exchange ambassadors.”

“Kosovo will be a problem in 35 chapters of the discussions. You will have to fulfill many other criteria for membership, in accordance with European standards. There are many tickets to the EU; you will need at least a decade for them,” said Serwer.
Pantic: Pristina asking KFOR to intervene in the north (dailies)

Krstimir Pantic, chairman of the parallel municipality of Mitrovica, said Pristina wants to trigger incidents in the north to result in an intervention by KFOR and prevent dialogue with Belgrade. Pantic told Serbian media that constant efforts are being made by EULEX and Kosovo police to deploy customs and border police officers to Jarinje and Bërnjak. 

Northern Serbs want administrative office (Zëri)

A poll conducted in northern Mitrovica, supported by the British Embassy in Pristina, demonstrates that there is great interest among Serbs to work on the Kosovo Government’s Administrative Office there. According to respondents, they want to be part of development projects. Adriana Hodzic, head of the Administrative Office, said she was encouraged by the poll and that it reflects the reality and situation on the ground. 

Protest in Deçan today (Epoka e Re)

Civil society organizations and political parties will stage a protest today in Deçan against the decision of the special chamber of the Supreme Court to grant socially-owned property to Deçan Monastery.


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