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Election of 1836 Big Woes of the “Little Magician”

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Presidency Chart – Martin Van Buren (1837-1841)


Election of 1836

Big Woes of the “Little Magician”

  • Democrat – Martin Van Buren 

  • The Whigs suffered from disorganization – couldn’t decide on one candidate

  • Whigs chose several candidates –

    • Hopes were that no one would win a majority of electoral votes and the election would thus be thrown to the House of Reps - Here they could possibly win

    • Their scheme failed

  • Van Buren won -

  • Many Dems hated him because they felt he was smuggled into the presidency by Jackson

  • A rebellion in Canada in 1837 threatened to plunge America into war

  • Van Buren also inherited the

Panic of 1837

Texan Immigration (Gone to Texas)



    • “Wildcat banks” loans

    • the

    • Specie Circular stating that debts must be paid in specie (gold or silver) - no one had

    • Failures of wheat crops – Hessian fly

    • British banks close – call for foreign loans back


    • Pet Banks close –

    • Factories close – unemployment

    • Whigs call for more government involvement – tariffs, bank

    • Van Buren says no -

Divorce Bill

Independent Treasury Act (1840)

  • Govt funds will now be put in Treasury building and subtreasuries


  • 1823 - _______________ had gained independence from Spain (includes Texas)

    • Texan land granted to _________________________ - had to bring _______ American families with

  • The stipulations were:

(1) must become

(2) must become

(3) no ________________allowed

These stipulations were largely ignored by the new settlers.

  • Sam Houston – leader and ex-governor of Tenn.

  • Mexicans and Texans disagreed over:

  • 1833 – Stephen Austin went to talk with _________________ (dictator of Mexico)

    • Houston put in

  • 1835 – Santa Anna wiped out all rights and started to raise an army to suppress Texans

Lone Star Rebellion

  •  1836 – Texans declared

  • Santa Anna and 6,000 Mexicans

  • Americans slaughtered at

  • Turning pt – Houston led army

    • Santa Anna further away from supplies

    • Houston attacked Mexicans during _____________– wiped them out &

  • Santa Anna forced to sign treaty – withdraw troops and recognize ____________________ as southern border of Texas

    • Later negated it saying he was under duress

  • Texas was supported in their war by the

  • Texas wants to be a state

    • North says

    • State in 1845

Presidency Chart – William Henry Harrison (1841)

Election of 1840 and Log Cabin Campaign

Democrats –

Whigs –

Log Cabin Campaign

  • W.H. Harrison:

    • was a _________________________, not the most able

    • Popular from Battle of __________________ and Battle of the Thames

    • 68 years old, issueless, enemyless

    • No official platform – didn’t offend anyone

  • A Democratic editor called Harrison a poor farmer who should be happy with his

    • This helped Harrison and got him the

    • Whigs use log cabin and cider as campaign symbols

    • Whig slogans - “______________________________________________” and “poor man’s president”

    • In fact he was a wealthy man who lived in a mansion (FFV)

  • Popular election was close

  • Harrison blew Van Buren away in the Electoral College –

  • Election was a protest against the hard times of the era


  • Gave the longest inaugural address in history –

    • Caught pneumonia and

    • VP ______________ becomes president (#10)

Significance of the Age of Democracy

Two changes from this era:

  1. Triumph of Democracy

  • Democracy seen as

  • Politicians now had to bend to appease and appeal to the masses

  • Popular ones were the ones who claimed have

2) Two-party system

    • Democrats – more about

      • Poorer, from

    • Whigs – more about society, power of

      • Wealthier, from

**Both parties were composed of mixed people from everywhere

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