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Inco-ct-2004-003321 foodlink linking Associated Candidate Countries and eu member States food sectors with a view to higher level of participation in the fp 6 projects

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Linking Associated Candidate Countries and EU Member States food sectors with a view to higher level of participation in the FP 6 projects.

Instrument – Specific Support Action

Thematic Priority – INCO

Final report

Period covered: from 15 April 2004 to Date of preparation: 1 December 2005

15 October 2005

Start date of project: 15 April 2003 Duration: 18 months

Project coordinator name: Paweł Bartoszek

Project coordinator organisation name: Adam Mickiewicz Uniwersity Foundation –

Poznan Science and Technology Park

Project execution
The aim of the FOODLINK project was to promote among the researchers and industry operating in the ACC food sector the participation in the EU 6th Framework Programme research and development projects. ACC institutions active in a field of food industry were not sufficiently experienced in coordinating such projects as well as cooperating with leading institution in the EU. They were also not enough informed of the results and achievements of previous EU projects and other ACC successes in a food sector.

In order to improve the situation following activities were realized:

  • the series of information days in different ACC and NMS. Each ACC and NMS partner conducted one info-day and will carried out the action of potential partners profiles collection. During these info-days the researchers, enterprises, including SMEs representing the food sector familiarized themselves with the results of EU and research projects and with issues of research and industry in ACC and NMS and with the FP6 participating opportunities.

  • the brokerage event organized on the basis of previously collected profiles of ACC and NMS organizations interested in FP6 participation during the International Trade Fair for Food Industry POLAGRA-FOOD,

Through its 18 months duration, FOODLINK provided leaflets on each info-day (also in national languages). Moreover, the specific website was created as well as database of ACC institutions (research and SMEs) active in food sector which is a basis for future collaboration partner search. The final outcome is the long list of the projects to which ACC and NMS partners were joined.
The specific goals achieved by FOODLINK

The objective of FOODLINK project was to increase the participation of ACC and NMS countries from food sector in FP6 projects, establish cooperation links between them and make ACC researchers and companies more visible in the European Research Area, additionally:

  • rising awareness in ACC countries about FP6,

  • identifying potential participants of future FP6 projects,

  • formulating cooperation profiles

  • brokering partnership for future consortia

  • assisting the proposers in proposal development

  • promoting ACC researchers competence all over Europe

Contractors involved

In the project realization 11 partners were involved:


  1. Poznan Science and Technology Park – Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation, Poland


  1. Archimedes Foundation; ArchF, Estonia

  2. Oost-NV, The Netherlands

  3. Kaunas University of Technology Regional Business Incubator; KFC, Lithuania

  4. Baltic Chapter of SPIE - the International Society for Optical Engineering; SPIE, Latvia

  5. Institute of Food Bioresources; IBA, Romania

  6. The Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey; TUBITAK, Turkey

  7. University of Plovdiv "Paisii Hilendarski"; UoP, Bulgaria

  8. Slovak Agriculture University, SAU, Slovakia

  9. CARTIF, Spain

  10. Szent István University, Budapest (SzIU),Department of Applied Chemistry, Faculty of Food Science; SzIU, Hungary

Work performed
WP1 – Provision of information

The aim of WP 1 was to promote the project among target groups in partner countries, to provide potential partners with practical knowledge on “Food quality and safety” priority objectives, to encourage partnership between researchers and companies from food sector across Europe and to promote ACC food sector achievements all over Europe. Main tool to achieve above objectives were organization of information days in each Associated Candidate Countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey) and New Member States (Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia, Hungary). In total 9 information-days were organized attended by 789 people. Participants mostly represented project target groups: research institutions, small and medium enterprises and governmental institutions.

Date: 29th June 2004

Place: University of Agriculture in Poznan

No of participants: 24



Introduction - objective of FOODLINK project
Elzbieta Ksiazek – Poznan Science and Technology Park


Possibilities of FP6 participation
Ewa Kocinska - Poznan Science and Technology Park


Coffee break


Next call of 5 priority „Food Quality and Safety”

Pawel Bartoszek - Poznan Science and Technology Park


Presentation of realized FP6 project

University of Agriculture in Poznan

18th May 2005

Place: University of Agriculture in Poznan

No of participants: 34






University of Agriculture in Poznan - representative


6th Framework Programme – a range of activities

Ewa Kocińska, Poznan Science and Technology Park


POLFOOD i FOODLINK – results presentation

Paweł Bartoszek, Poznan Science and Technology Park




4th call in 5th priority „Food Quality and Safety”

Paweł Bartoszek, Poznan Science and Technology Park


Benefits from FP6 participation

Piotr Goliński, University of Agriculture in Poznan


Instructions from the expert how to write the proposal

Zbigniew Krejpcio, University of Agriculture in Poznan


Date: 05-06 May 2005

Place: Comfort Hotel Oru, Tallinn, Estonia

Number of participants: 32

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