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Masada College – Senior School More Masada Careers News (April 7) stat— Special Tertiary Admissions Test

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Masada College – Senior School

More Masada Careers News (April 7)
STAT— Special Tertiary Admissions Test

A number of tertiary institutions use STAT results as part of their admissions procedures for certain courses and categories of applicants e.g. University of Sydney, Pharmacy.

Students can register on-line through the UAC website—, from 9 April 2009. The first test date for 2009 in Sydney will be on Saturday 23 May.
UMAT (Undergraduate Medicine & Health Sciences Admission Test)

Many undergraduate medicine, dentistry and health science degree programs require a UMAT Score as part of their selection criteria. This test assesses a range of abilities considered important in a health professional. It is not a test of academic knowledge and does not require any special understanding of science or mathematics.

Registrations for UMAT 2009 will open in early April and will close at 5.00pm AEST on Friday 5 June. The test will be held on Wednesday 29 July 2009.
You may download a copy of the UMAT 2009 Information Booklet from their website.

It is ONLY available online.

A number of private companies offer UMAT preparation but you may purchase preparation materials from UMAT. Practice Questions Volume 1 and 2 are $18 each and the Practice Test $35. Order online.
Queenstown Resort College, New Zealand

Career Weeks for 2009: 14-17 April, 7-10 July, 29 Sept-2 Oct. Cost $200 inclusive. Offers Diploma Courses in Adventure Tourism and Hospitality Management.

Blue Mountains Career Focus days

April 21-23 ($325) and July 20-22 ($325) OR October 6-9 ($425) and November 24-27 ($425). I have applications. Phone : 1800 257 360 or email,

A sign of the times ??

2009 Business Cadetships Program has been cancelled.

Student Exchange Australia

Scholarships are open to students between 15-18 years and offer the opportunity to live and study overseas for a semester or year. The deadline for Early Bird applications is 30 April 2009. Visit or Ph: 1300 135 331.

United World Colleges—2009 UWC Scholarships.

Successful candidates are usually in Year 11 or 12. They must be Australian citizens or permanent residents currently living in Australia. Visit NSW applications close on Thursday 9 April.

2009 Riverview Careers EXPO on Monday 4 May from 5.00pm—8.30pm

Career Topics include Business, GAP Options, Sport Management and Fitness, Engineering,

Information Technology, Law, Design, Teaching, Science and Medicine, Media and Journalism. All traffic is to enter by the main gates at the Tambourine Bay Road roundabout.
Mrs Karen Pisk

Careers Adviser

Masada College

Monday, Thursday and Friday


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