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Email and Hardcopy Edition Summer 2005 service and program schedule

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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

of Missoula - Volume 15 Issue 10

Chairperson: Bonna Graham-Hall

Secretary: Ellen Strommen

Vice-Chairperson: Margery Fels Palmer

Treasurer: Barbara Berens

Email and Hardcopy Edition

Summer 2005

June 5

10:30 AM

Will Farrington, “The Legend of John Ware, Black Cowboy”

June 12

7:00 PM

Lois VanLeer, "Living into an Interfaith Community"

June 19

7:00 PM

Cyndy and Ray Aten

June 26

7:00 PM

Marleen Ochs, “Divine Design: Your Auditory Sensory Cells”

July 3

7:00 PM

Potluck Picnic in St. Ignatius. Let’s car pool; sign up at the Fellowship.

July 10

7:00 PM

Michelle Fields

July 17

7:00 PM

Barbara Cragg

July 24

7:00 PM

Bill Flanery

July 31

7:00 PM

Josh Davis

August 7

7:00 PM

Bonna Graham-Hall

August 14

7:00 PM

Harry and Joan Sheski

August 21

7:00 PM

Monte Jewell

August 28

7:00 PM

Margery and Mac Palmer

September 4

7:00 PM

(Labor Day Service – to be announced)

New Member Ceremony


June 5 will be our last member sign up for this church year. If you would like to become a member, we will have the recognition ceremony during the service after "Joys and Concerns." Following the service, there will be an introductory class for the new members. Please contact Bonna if you are planning to become a member: 549-4808 or


UU Minister Leads 1st Summer Service


June 5 is our last morning service. Again this year, we start the summer evening schedule June 12, at 7:00 pm, with a service presented by Lois Van Leer, the Bozeman UU minister. There will be a potluck to welcome Lois, starting at 6:00 pm before the service. Sign up at the church. Come join in for the evening services and interesting discussions.

Divine Design for June 26
Marleen Ochs will lead the service by discussing the topic, “Divine Design: Your Auditory Sensory Cells.”  This presentation will encourage you to see the divine in the ordinary, and appreciate the positive and beautiful things in everyday experiences. (It will teach you some auditory anatomy as well.)
July 3 Picnic


Marleen, Duane, Chris, and Leon Ochs are inviting everyone to come to their place at St. Ignatius the evening of July 3 in lieu of the evening service. Please sign up at the church or RSVP to them so they know how many folks to expect.  Marleen asked everyone to bring potluck dishes such as a salad or dessert. They will grill hamburgers.  Contact the Ochs at 745-2548, or


Book Order


Let Bonna know if you would like to purchase a hymnal for your own use. A great price at $28!

Calling All Books
If you borrowed any books this past year, please finish reading them and return by June 13.  If you would like to keep a copy of the three new titles we purchased for your own library, you can buy them at a 20% discount at the following prices: "Redeeming Time" $5, "A Chosen Faith" $10, "Unitarian Universalism, A Narrative History" $10. All three are inspiring reads.


Thoughts from the Chair

June is upon us, and, we hope, a glorious Montana summer is ahead. What a year it has been. I want to thank all of you for your support and involvement. It has only been because of the willingness of so many members and friends to contribute and be involved that we have had such a fun, productive year. In ways large and small, our congregation has joined together, and, in the process, has built relationships that are helping our community blossom.
Behind the scenes, we also have quite a number of longtime members who continue to support the Fellowship, sending pledges, staying connected through the Newsletter, and, on occasion, leading a service, or joining us on a Sunday. I greatly appreciate the many and diverse contributions.
Our continuing involvement at the Food Bank has been very satisfying. Our work crews have been enthusiastic and much appreciated by Dorey and her team. Working on the basement apartment renovation has been another great opportunity to combine our energy for a worthwhile project. Many have responded to the call for help to have the apartment ready for our renter to move in June 1.
Steady attendance, and input to the Long Range Planning Committee, is the next phase of strengthening our church. Let’s continue to grow our spirit. UU is a vital religion, and we can share its message of thoughtful questioning about the meaning and mystery of life.

Bonna Graham-Hall, Chair

Awesome Apartment Update
By the time this newsletter is published, we will have completed the remodel of the apartment in the basement of the Fellowship House and our new tenant will be in residence. The apartment now has carpet throughout (made from recycled material and fully recyclable when it is worn out), laminate flooring in the kitchen, real walls instead of wood
paneling, fresh paint throughout, a new refrigerator, and much more. It is clean, bright, and consistent with our principles.
After our two-bedroom apartment became vacant last February, Lambros Property Management recommended some upgrades to make the apartment more marketable. As rental liaison, I had long felt that the condition of the apartment was inconsistent with our principles. I was pleased that the Board of Trustees approved a project budget of just over $5,000 at their April meeting.
Most of the work was done by volunteers, and members of the Fellowship gave generously of their time and skills. I’d like to thank Mac Palmer, Barbara Cragg, David Werner, Steve Allison-Bunnell, Camas Allison-Bunnell, Carla Siqueland, Josh Davis, Carol Gordon, Ellen Strommen, Dick Twilde, Marcia Bishop, Will Farrington, Ray Aten, Lisa Thomas, Bonna Graham-Hall, Frank Hall, Marlene Ochs, and Deborah Hyde for many hours of demolition, painting, running errands, putting trim back in, and so much more. We all enjoyed the camaraderie and conversation as we worked together many days and nights.
We are grateful to Bruce’s Drywall for a job well done and Mark at Pierce’s Flooring for finding us a good price on the carpet. And we owe special thanks to Stephen Fox of Fox Floor Covering, who not only installed the carpet and laminate, but stayed around after he was done to assist with the door trim and lent us his tools--for no extra charge!
The apartment provides the UUFM with significant income. It rents for $650 a month including

utilities. After we pay $150 in utilities and $65 in management fees, this brings us $435 in income each month. Of this, $180 a month is transferred to the building reserve, which is used for long-term

building improvements and repairs. The remaining $255 a month ($4800 a year, or 23% of next year’s budget) helps pay for our programming and general operations.
We can be proud that we have lifted ourselves from Missoula slumlord status and have had a good time doing it! Thank you all for your generous support of this project. It couldn’t have happened without you! Jodi Allison-Bunnell
Kudos for Jodi


We want to express our appreciation to Jodi Allsion-Bunnell for organizing the renovation of the apartment over the last month: for keeping track of the myriad details, for meeting workers and waiting for materials to be delivered, buying supplies, calling people to make up work crews and working on the projects herself. She kept us on schedule and able to meet the June 1 move-in date for our new renter. Thank you very much, Jodi! From everyone


New District Executive at MDD
The search committee of the UU Mountain Desert District recently announced the selection of a new District Executive (DE) following the resignation of Ellen German-Melosh earlier this spring. Ellen resigned in order to join her husband in their move to Germany. Nancy Barton, former DE of the Clara Barton District, was confirmed recently as the person selected to take over the reins at MDD. We welcome her and send our best wishes for a successful tenure and smooth transition.
Annual UU District Conference
The 2005 Mountain Desert District Annual Conference and Delegate Assembly will be held Oct. 7-9 in downtown Grand Junction, Colorado.
Newsletter on Vacation


This June newsletter is the last one until September. If you want to refer to the Summer Service Schedule in future weeks, don’t Trash this issue after reading it!


Officers & Committee Chairpersons


Bonna Graham-Hall, 549-4808


Kevin Hyde, 543-8405


Ellen Strommen, 251-3441 


Barbara Berens, 542-2370



Barbara Cragg, 251-5016

Barbara Berens

Bonna Graham-Hall

Social Justice

Ethel MacDonald, 549-9722

Arnold Finklin (tape) 543-8705

Barbara Cragg (piano)

Marta Meengs, 207-5252 (piano)


Position open


Margery Fels Palmer, 251-5418


Joel Shechter, 728-2815

Barbara Berens

Care and Concerns

Position open


Position open


Position open


Children’s Religious Education
Lisa Thomas, 327-7894

Bonna Graham-Hall

Adult Religious Education

Position open


House & Grounds

Position open

House Scheduling

Ethel MacDonald

Tenant Liaison

Lambros Property Management

Chalice Lighters

E. Macdougall Palmer

Denominational Affairs/

UU Service Committee

Bonna Graham-Hall


John Garrity

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