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Upper-class Scholarships Application Please type or print

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2016-17 Upper-class Scholarships Application

  • Please type or print (Do not type signature)

  • Deadline: Friday, April 15, 2016

  • Any application received after the deadline date will not be reviewed. No exceptions given.

  • Return completed application to the Financial Aid Office by mail, email, or in person.

Name Student ID Number

Corporate Employer Major Grade Level during 2016-2017
Please list below (or on a separate sheet of paper if needed):
Kettering Student Organization Involvement or memberships you have been or currently are involved in.

Organization Name

Member or Officer

Office Held

Number of Years

Ex: Society of Women Engineers

Firebirds Club






Kettering Academic Honors & Accomplishments

Academic Honors & Accomplishments

Number of Years

Ex: Pi Tau Sigma- ME Honors Society

Dean’s List


3 terms

Community Service & Volunteer Experiences



Number of Years

Ex: Volunteer at Children’s Museum

2 hrs. per week


***Check the scholarships you are applying for on page 2 ***

Please check only the scholarships for which you meet the qualifications:

African American Scholarship

McKeachie – Wallace Endowed Scholarship

Zora-Arkus Duntov Memorial Scholarship

Donald Miles Memorial Scholarship

Astbury Scholarship

Louis & Florence Millon Endowed Scholarship

Richard C. Balmer Endowed Scholarship

Frank and Joan Mitchell Scholarship

Bennett Memorial Scholarship

John R. Nasi Scholarship

Rodney & Rosemary Briggs Scholarship

Gus C. Nick Scholarship

Marsha C. Brown Alpha Sigma Alpha

Florence and Robert Nulty Scholarship

Build a Bulldog Scholarship

Omron Scholarship in Engineering & Science

Richard R. Burgett Scholarship

William E. Oram Scholarship

Chenoweth Chevrolet-Muncie

Parent’s Association Scholarship

Computer Science Scholarship

Howard A. Peterson ’48 Scholarship

Connie John Memorial Scholarship

David Piper Scholarship

Darlington Scholarship

Jack and Amy Qualman Scholarship

Richard G. “Dickey” Deane Scholarship

John M. Samuels Scholarship

Family Day Scholarship

Schlotterbeck Annual Scholarship

General Endowed Scholarship

Lance Stefanyk Memorial Scholarship

General Motors Ability Scholarship

Steinke-Seignac Scholarship

Lucien F. Govaerts Scholarship

Clayton R. Smith Memorial Scholarship

Janette M. and Robert J. Grant Endowed

Karen Stewart Endowed Scholarship

Dr. David Green Scholarship

Dana White Stickley Endowed Scholarship

Randall Robert Hamkims Memorial Scholarship

John E. Storer, Jr. Scholarship

Harris Family Scholarship

Reverend Leon Sullivan Scholarship

Jack Hartzell Memorial Scholarship

Jan Tannehill Memorial Scholarship

Kristin Ansted Harvey & Steven William

Harvey Memorial Scholarship

Alan W. Thebert Scholarship

Ralph K. & Sharon M. Hillquist Scholarship

James Throop Endowed Scholarship

Hoagland Scholastic Achievement Scholarship

Diane P. Torres-Perreault Scholarship

Barthold and Dorothy Hoemann Scholarship

Frederick G. Wacker Jr. Scholarship

Joseph Hudson Memorial Scholarship

Bill Waddill Memorial Scholarship

International Scholarship

Martin D. Walker Scholarship

Howard and Mary Kehrl Endowed Scholarship

Leonard Wocholski Scholarship

Dorothy Jane & V. Jay Martin Scholarship

Bob Wolforth Memorial Scholarship

Harry W. Lange Scholarship

Herman J. Wolfe Scholarship

Kenneth F. & Brenda E. Lingg Scholarship

Frank & Joyce Young Endowed Scholarship

Robert W. Martin Scholarship

Hans and Gertrude Matthias Scholarship

The Stephen and Joan McEwen Scholarship

Brian McHale II Memorial Scholarship

If financial need is included as criteria for a scholarship, students must submit the 2016-2017 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
I certify that I have carefully read, understand, and meet the stated eligibility requirements of each scholarship for which I have checked on this application. I further understand that misrepresentation of my eligibility may result in my disqualification for any of these scholarships during the 2016-2017 academic year.

Student Signature _______________________________________ Date __________________________


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