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Milan Milutinovic, B. Sc. Civil Engineering

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Milan Milutinovic, B.Sc. Civil Engineering

550 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02139




Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. 2005-2006

Degree Candidate for Master of Engineering in Environmental and Water Quality Engineering.

MEng Project: Sustainable Water Resources for Kuwait (44%RA)

Relevant coursework: Groundwater Hydrology, Water and Wastewater Treatment Eng.

Chemicals in the Environment: Fate and Transport, Concepts of Engineering Practice

University of Belgrade, Department of Civil Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia November, 2004

Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering; Major in Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering.

A 5-year program. Top 5% of the class.

Thesis: “Application of the Water Quality Model, Qual2E, to the Topcider River in Serbia.”

Work Experience:

Energoprojekt, Belgrade, Serbia 2004-2005

Department for Public Utilities and Sanitary Engineering

Design Engineer:

Final Design: 4 separate potable water distribution systems in the Cacak municipality, Serbia

Feasibility Study: Improvement of the potable water distribution system in Peyia, Cyprus.

Coauthor of a VBA program that has several applications in Sanitary Engineering

Purdue University Summer Internship, USA (student project) 2003

“Construction of an Excel-VBA Program that has several applications in Solar Irradiance Research.”

GEPS, Belgrade 2003

Team Member working on a study about wastewater treatment in Serbia

IPSI Belgrade (a spin off the IPSI Fraunhofer Institute from Germany). 2003-2004

Logistics assistant responsible for Microsoft Office.

M+M Cooperation; a small Belgrade firm active in building medical infrastructures. 1998 - 2002

Worked part-time as a construction worker and technical drawing assistant


Computer: AutoCAD, Excel, Visual Basic for Applications (Excel, AutoCAD), WaterCAD, SewerCAD,

Wesnet, Qual2E, Feflow, CorelDraw, PowerPoint.

Language: English = Fluent, Serbian = Native
NYU School of Continuous Professional Education (NYC, NY, USA), 2002

Certificate of attendance, Datamining for Engineering Applications

Presentations at International Conferences:

August 2003: “A survey of Water-Engineering-Oriented Datamining Applications for the Internet,”

by I. Toskov, M. Milutinovic;

The International SSGRR-2003s Conference, L’Aquila, Italy, July – August 2003 (

January 2003: “A Survey of Web-Based Sources of Information about Water and Environmental Engineering,”

By Milutinovic Milan; The International SSGRR-2003w Conference, L’Aquila, Italy, January 2003 (


1990 –Present: Sailing, Silver medal at the state championship of Montenegro in 1995, Class 470.

1989 – 1997: Waterpolo for the Belgrade Sports Club, drafted for the national junior team in 1996

1993-1989: Swimming for the West Lafayette White Sharks Swim Club. Awarded “The most outstanding swimmer of the generation in 1988”.

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