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Milan Milutinovic, mit alumnus Version: 2007 10. a Master of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Milan Milutinovic, MIT alumnus Version: 2007.7.10.a

Master of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dalmatinska 55, 11000 Belgrade, Serbia

Phone: +381-64-1624296



Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA, USA June 2006

Master of Engineering in Civil and Environmental Engineering; Major in Environmental Engineering.

Thesis: “Water Demand Management in Kuwait”,

Team Project: “Sustainable Water Resources for Kuwait”

Relevant coursework: Water and Wastewater Treatment Engineering, Water Quality Control, Groundwater Hydrology,

Chemicals in the Environment: Fate and Transport, Waste Containment and Remediation Technologies

University of Belgrade, Department of Civil Engineering, Belgrade, Serbia (a 5-year degree) Nov. 2004

B.S. Civil Engineering; Major in Hydraulics and Environmental Engineering.

Thesis: “Application of the Water Quality Model, Qual2E, on evaluating the condition of the Topcider River in Serbia.”

Relevant coursework: Municipal Hydraulic Engineering 1&2, Water Quality, Environmental Engineering, River

Engineering, Hydraulic Structures, Water Power Engineering, Irrigation and Drainage, Water Resource Systems


Ehting, Belgrade

Staff Member Sep. 2006-present

Design, engineering, and consulting in environmental and hydraulic engineering, for foreign and domestic market.

  • Oman - Wastewater project in Ruwi: Mathematical modeling of the sewerage system with model calibration

  • Serbia - General solution of Belgrade sewerage system, up to 2021, Phase 1

  • Serbia - Preliminary Design and Feasibility Study for WWTP Veliko Selo, Belgrade

  • Serbia - Preliminary design and Feasibility Study for WWTP Cerevic

  • Serbia - Environmental revitalization of lake “Jezero” in Zlatibor

  • Serbia - Preliminary design and Feasibility Study for water supply, sewerage and WWTP for Ribnica

MIT, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Sep. 2005-May 2006

Research Assistantship

Thesis: Adaptation of water demand models described in the literature to Kuwait and simulations of the influences that

various pricing schemes would have on demand. Proposed a pricing schedule to address the immense water demand.

Results showed that the proposed pricing schedule would decrease the demand by around 35%.

Team Project: Besides water demand management, options for improving the water supply in Kuwait were studied, including desalination, importation, water reuse, rainfall harvesting, aquifer and surface storage.

Energoprojekt, Belgrade, Serbia Nov. 2004-Aug. 2005

Department for Public Utilities and Sanitary Engineering;

Junior Design Engineer:

for a total of about 1500 households. Focus on: site configuration, hydraulic modeling, reservoirs,

elevation zones, pipe sizing, and pump stations. System planed to be constructed in the near future.

  • Cyprus - Studied improvements of the potable water distribution system in Peyia, Cyprus. Provided solutions

for site configuration, undersized pipelines, reservoir capacities, elevation zones, and pressure reducing valves.

  • Coauthor of a VBA program that has several applications in Sanitary Engineering.

Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA July 2003

Summer Internship

“Construction of an Excel-VBA Program that has several applications in Solar Irradiance Research”.
Computer Skills:

AutoCAD, Excel, Visual Basic for Applications, InfoWorks, WaterCAD, SewerCAD, Wesnet, Qual2E, Feflow, EPA Help Model.

Presentations at International Conferences:

August 2003: “A Survey of Water-Engineering-Oriented Datamining Applications for the Internet,”

by I. Toskov, M. Milutinovic; The International SSGRR-2003s Conference, L’Aquila, Italy, July – August 2003


January 2003: “A Survey of Web-Based Sources of Information about Water and Environmental Engineering,”

by Milutinovic Milan; The International SSGRR-2003w Conference, L’Aquila, Italy, January 2003 (


1990-Present: Sailing, Silver medal at the state championship of Montenegro in 1995, Class 470

1989 -1997: Waterpolo for the Belgrade Sports Club, bronze medal at the 1996 championship of Yugoslavia

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