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Reading Comprehension

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On Monday afternoon, Liza’s husband got into an accident. He was driving under a bridge when the truck in front of him lost its load. A huge metal pipe with spikes rolled across three traffic lanes. Liza’s husband couldn’t stop in time and rammed his car into the metal pipe. The spikes damaged the bumper on his car. Liza’s husband couldn’t drive his car away. Fortunately, he wasn’t injured.
Liza’s husband phoned the police but the phone was busy. He phoned his insurance company but they were busy too. He had to wait a long time before he got any help.

Liza’s husband had to go to the police station to make a police report. It was a very frustrating day for him. He was very frustrated.

When you have an emergency, phone 911. When you need the police, but it’s not an emergency, phone #377.

If you call 911 for a non-emergency situation, the person who really needs help may not get through and die. Only call 911 when there is a true emergency like a fire or when someone is dying.

Reading Comprehension

  1. Where was Liza’s husband when the accident happened?

  1. Was he in front of the truck or behind the truck?

  1. What was the truck carrying?

  1. What fell off the truck?

  1. Why couldn’t Liza’s husband change to another lane?

  1. Did Liza’s husband hit the metal pipe lightly or did he hit it very hard?

  1. Did Liza’s husband get hurt?

  1. Why was it a frustrating day for Liza’s husband. List all the reasons you can find.

  1. What number do you call when there’s a fire or when someone is badly hurt?

  1. What number do you call when you lose your wallet with your credit cards in it?

  1. What does a true emergency mean?

Who/Whom (subject /object)

Liza’s husband the police the insurance company


On Monday morning when the truck in front of him lost its load

In time before he got any help

What? (What happened? What did he do?)

Got into an accident lost its load rolled across 3 traffic lanes

stop rammed his car damaged the bumper

drive phoned the police wait a long time

Go to the police station make a police report

What? (things: subject or object)

an accident the truck in front of him its load

a huge metal pipe spikes three traffic lanes

the bumper his car his insurance company

the police station a police report a frustrating day


Under a bridge in front of him across three traffic lanes

Into the metal pipe on his car away

To the police station

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