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This form must not be used for gce, gcse or cambridge nationals

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Notification of Lost Centre-Assessed Work Form
This form should be used for Functional Skills, Cambridge Progression, Cambridge Technicals

and all vocationally-related qualifications.


Centre number:

Centre name:

Candidate number:

Candidate name:

Qualification title:

OCR scheme code:


Claim number:

Date of incident:

Details of incident:

Details of work lost:

Assessment objectives/unit(s) covered:

Please complete either Section 1, 2, 3 or 4


The work was marked before it was lost and the grade achieved can be submitted in the normal manner.
The candidate’s grade for this/these unit(s) is:


The work was not marked before it was lost.
The estimated grade at the time it was lost is:


Some of the work was marked. The grade for this/these unit(s) only is:

Some of the work was not marked. The estimated grade for this/these unit(s) only is:


All of the work in the centre was lost or destroyed and actual/estimated grades are attached on a separate sheet. Please tick box.

I can verify that the candidate’s work was lost as detailed above and that it was monitored whilst in progress. I am satisfied that this loss was not a consequence of negligence on the part of the candidate and I support this application. I confirm that the information provided is accurate and that no enhancement has been made to candidate grades.



Name of Examinations Officer/Head of Centre


Notes on completing the Notification of Lost Centre-Assessed Work Form
NB: Applications for general qualifications, including Cambridge Nationals, should be submitted via Special Consideration Online, accessible through OCR Interchange.

  • Candidates are responsible for taking care of their coursework. This form should be used to notify OCR when coursework has been lost through no fault of the candidate.

  • If the work was marked before it was lost, the grade can be submitted in the usual way via Interchange and in Section 1. Marked work should not be in the candidate’s possession.

  • If the work was not marked, an estimated grade may be submitted, in Section 2, based on the assessor’s knowledge of the work whilst it was being monitored for authentication purposes.

  • The grade must reflect the level of achievement actually reached in the work and not what might have been achieved if the work had been completed.

  • If some of the work has been marked and some has not been marked prior to being lost, the real grade and the estimated grade can be entered in Section 3.

  • If all the unmarked work for the centre has been lost in a fire, for example, the form should be attached to a list of candidates showing the order, what was lost and the level of attainment known to have been reached in each case.

  • A copy of the form should be sent to the moderator.

  • A copy of the form should be sent to the Special Requirements Team, OCR, 1 Hills Road, Cambridge, CB1 2EU. Alternatively, electronic copies or scanned copies can be sent by e-mail to:

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